法然が植えた木 DNA鑑定で裏付け (岡山奈義のイチョウ、同DNAの個体)

法然が植えた木 DNA鑑定で裏付け (岡山奈義のイチョウ、同DNAの個体)

Backed by tree DNA test that Honen planted
( Ginkgo Okayama Nagi , individuals of the same DNA)

The 28th , the country natural monument and large ginkgo of about 900 years old estimated that the family temple ( same town park ), is the same as the DNA of ginkgo Amida ( same town Kosaka ) of about 4 km to the southeast Okayama Prefecture Nagi -cho Board of Education I announced it was individuals with .
Large ginkgo , had been a branch of the tree of Amida that the founder of the Jodo sect , Honen ( 1133-1212 Years) planted in the temple precincts of training destination has bud . Town board of education to " support academic was obtained to legend ," said policy is to continue to make the tourist .
Honen was apprenticed in the family temple who was born in the town of Kumenan current , uncle , maternal KanSatoshi chaired Inju . Around 1141 , when you go to the temple , staff broke and walked up to the temple in the staff tree branches Amida According to Nagi -cho Board of Education . Hoping the academic accomplishment , was inserted in the precincts has grown to big tree now - old tale of the remains.
2010,11 fiscal year , the town asked Harada TeruFutoshi 's tree doctor in ( 74 ) = Maniwa = under Japan Society director tree doctor the diagnosis of large ginkgo , which has been pointed out to the townspeople decline of tree vigor . Was recommended DNA testing " If you're really have the same roots , leading to hints of tree vigor maintenance in the future ," and from that Harada -san know about the existence of tradition , state of the tree of Amida good .
A remote location 13 meters from the giant tree is also transmitted to the precinct , branches were broken large ginkgo Sasari on the ground , and grew up . The town was the site investigation and asked the Harada genetic testing a total of three , in August last year , and collect the young leaves three Shiraishi Susumu professor of Kyushu University Graduate School ( forest genetics ) we also applied .
Shiraishi Professor brought back to the university , the collected data is analyzed for approximately 7 months . As a result, all the DNA is the same has been found .
To take measures such as a rope around so that it is not stepped on the base , is in a relatively healthy state large ginkgo . Town Board of Education has said " I want to help so that the tree is related Honen becomes three , to attract people to . Town valuable tourism resources has increased ."
法然が植えた木 DNA鑑定で裏付け (岡山奈義のイチョウ、同DNAの個体)

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フジテレビ山崎夕貴アナ 体調不良で番組休む (岡山県出身。岡山大学経済学部卒業)

心配だなー! 岡山県民としては・・・。

フジテレビ山崎夕貴アナ 体調不良で番組休む (岡山県出身。岡山大学経済学部卒業)
山崎 アナ スケッチ.jpg

Rest a Fuji TV program Yuki Yamazaki Ana poor physical condition (Okayama Prefecture. Okayama University Faculty of Economics graduate)
The 28th, Yuki Yamazaki announcer of Fuji TV "non-stop!" Has served as MC for the poor physical condition - rested (Monday Friday, 9.55 before) a.

Hitomi Nakamura Anna explained, "I am acting by fever, Yamazaki that poor health today," and standing in the place of Ana Yamazaki next to the MC Shitara integration at the opening of the program.

Nishikawa Fumiko doctor asked "flu?" In the regular cast, Shitara is answered, "might be. Do not know yet. I want you to bless you" he said.


More than Katopan " program nomination rate " . The ability of unknown Yuki Yamazaki Ana ?

Speaking of signs Ana Fuji TV , it's that Katopan Ayako Kato Ana , but there are women Ana trying to Obiyakaso the seat .

" There are Mikami Mana Ana rookie Kei and Yuri Mita Ana three years at the company as a growth stock of the young , but it is surprising more people"

Speak so suggestively is , it's mid-level officer of the agency . In Dako tension , such as special number associated with the reorganization of the program this spring , from the producer " appointment rate " that surpass even the Katopan . On earth , and ...... and the girl Ana .

And "It is Yuki Yamazaki Ana . Daring character not to girl Ana the other I have been appreciated " ( The officer , supra)

I have demonstrated conspicuous in appearance program certainly . The Ihanachi " game underwear Nantes not exist . If you would date , and would work , it will wear from those dry by washing ," said she was asked about the game underwear " !? TV Decca Homma " is " non-stop ! It 's defiant shrimp I broke out If I had made ​​a " fried shrimp . But what of cooking and solid ! " Do you bad in " . Also, this episode .

" Be sure to tell the on-air doze of" TV alarm " , was hit by the dickens . Anything , it seems to have too much to drink the day before ( laughs) " (program stakeholders )

But , she is not just a colored article . That 's a talented best in the announcement section .

" Confrontation original reading of the program , Katopan I've been won also Makihara, Toshiyuki Ana , let alone the chief announcement . Potential is tremendous ," ( The officer , supra)

This year , it's likely a large flower bloom .

■ Yuki Yamazaki

Born August 4, 1987 , Okayama Prefecture . Okayama University Faculty of Economics graduate. It was the activity is a goodwill ambassador in Kurashiki as the " 25th generation Kurashiki Komachi " school days . 2010 Fuji TV joined . The current " TV alarm ", " non-stop ! Appeared in the "etc. .

Yuki Yamazaki Ana from Okayama University. It is unusual from the National University of rural women as announcer. Key station of Tokyo to adopt a national university graduates of local rare, it seems to have been first time in 16 years what Fuji TV.





確かに出演番組では異彩を発揮している。『ホンマでっか!? TV』で勝負下着について聞かれた彼女は、「勝負下着なんて存在しない。デートだろうと、仕事だろうと、洗濯して乾いたものからはいていく」と言い放ち、『ノンストップ!』では「エビフライを作っていたらエビが燃えだしたんです。でも、料理ベタの何が悪いんですか!」と開き直ったのだ。また、こんなエピソードも。









なでしこ初のアジア女王 サポーターら40人歓喜 岡山のPV(W杯へ)

なでしこ初のアジア女王 サポーターら40人歓喜 岡山のPV(W杯へ)

PV of 40 people delight Okayama Asia queen from supporters of Pink 's first

25 the night of the Japanese representative " Nadeshiko Japan " has decided to first victory of the long-cherished wish in Women's Asian Cup final soccer , local - Mimasaka of Nadeshiko League Okayama Yunogo Bell both players MF Aya Miyama of captain , of GK Fukumoto Miho belongs the city , is performed (PV) public viewing to cheer the players , supporters , et al gathered was boiled in delight .

The PV made ​​the city Yunogo spa town in the "old Sakaguchi-ya inn " , about 40 people participated from supporters from outside the city . Pour the hot look to the movement of the player to be displayed on a large screen , and sent the crowd behind " Japan , Japan" on the one hand megaphone .

28 minutes into the first half , hot air climax in opening goal DF Iwashimizu Azusa players ( NTV ) . First victory is determined 1-0 continued good save Fukumoto, players , venue was broke into cheers . Miyama player was elected Most Valuable Player of the tournament .

Was talking excitedly , " I believed to be an absolute win . I'm glad to be able to share the excitement with everyone ," said ( 53) company employee , sister脊多Ikuko of Tsuyama . The power " venue everyone become one , strong support could be . Want to send the ale from local in Women's World Cup next year in this momentum " said Kinoshita , Tomohiro director of Yunogo Hot Springs youth who opened the PV (41 ) I put .
なでしこ初のアジア女王 サポーターら40人歓喜 岡山のPV





次は、男子だ! W杯!




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