岡山駅セブンイレブン6月開店 JR西と業務提携

岡山駅セブンイレブン6月開店 JR西と業務提携
Business alliance with Okayama Station Seven-Eleven June opening JR west

For station operated business that JR West Group is deployed , Seven and the company - received this spring , Eleven Japan from signed a business alliance agreement , convenience store which is the first store in the prefecture " Seven - Eleven Heart -in JR Okayama Central Station ticket gate noon June 4 , mouth shop "is reopened . Scheduled change of dress of the same is carried out sequentially in about 30 stores and convenience stores shop inside the station in Okayama , Fukuyama district around the third year after .

First store is about 140 square meters in size. In addition to handling lunch strong needs , a side dish and rice balls private brand of " Seven Premium " in the station yard , to sell self-service drip coffee using dedicated equipment . I also provided confectionary corner of Okayama . The seven days a week at 5:30 to 0:00 business hours .

JR Okayama service net that deal shop " kiosk " , convenience stores and " Heart -in" ( Okayama city north district Ekimaecho ) is operated by franchise agreement . The company is " enrich the foods Oden and side dishes , such as fried foods , also want to capture new audiences , such as women working " he said.

JR West plans to renovated five years about 500 stores in China , Kinki , Hokuriku region . Shop Okayama , Kurashiki , Kasaoka , such as Tsuyama Station has become a candidate in the house Okayama branch pipe , and that decide where to renewal actually in consideration of the profitability .

It was a common railway company is to operate the shop inside the station , but the movement of the leading convenience store and railway company Lawson and ( Tokyo ) Tokyu Corporation , such as Family Mart and JR Kyushu to business alliance has spread all over .
岡山駅セブンイレブン6月開店 JR西と業務提携

JR西日本グループが展開する駅店舗事業について、同社とセブン―イレブン・ジャパンが今春、業務提携契約を結んだのを受け、県内1号店となるコンビニ「セブン―イレブン ハート・インJR岡山駅中央改札口店」が6月4日正午、リニューアルオープンする。同様の衣替えは、3年後をめどに岡山、福山地区にある駅構内の売店やコンビニ約30店で順次行われる予定。




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岡山のEV技術を結集、4輪モーター内蔵のギャラン (オーべックワン) OVEC-ONE

岡山のEV技術を結集、4輪モーター内蔵のギャラン (オーべックワン) OVEC-ONE
The bringing together of EV technology Okayama , Galant four -wheel motorized OVEC-ONE ( Kkuwan should O )

The booth of Okayama next-generation automotive technology research and development center , which was established in the automobile related companies in Okayama Prefecture , in addition to Products and technology of participating companies , EV , which is prototype research and development projects were on display .

In fact, it had already passed through the booth and I thought was held in January in the " Automotive World 2014 " , whether of mere EV . This time , not you have to observe the vehicle slowly and carefully , this Mitsubishi " Galant Fortis " base " OVEC-ONE " It was a EV , which has been crafted quite . That attention is said to be four-wheel -wheel motor first .

Brake comes equipped with disc brakes on the inside of the hub , I have completely reworked the suspension and upright . Is a double trailing arm type that supports the upright arms of the four rear , front strut 's what . In the case of EV running at high speed , support stiffness becomes necessary in its own way wheel part becomes heavy in-wheel motor , and to the strut structure a lightweight and simple suspension is difficult fine.

But since it was finished in light weight and the weight of 33kg per one by distributing four-wheel motor , yes was finished in suspension good ride enough .

Vehicle weight has finished in the relatively light given the EV of the base vehicle and 1650kg. Given that it is equipped with 2 car batteries " i-MiEV " It seems to say that pretty good number. And about 300km, in the practical range sufficiently range .

Based on the results in this car , and have started to develop the EV to be a second edition now . Mitsubishi Motors has been cooperation and guidance and technical supply of parts last time , in the form of joint research , it seems to support more strongly in the second edition .

Further , the size or weight of the technology developed in OVEC-ONE, and advances the commercialization by costs in the second phase . I'd expect the EV launch of Okayama departure .

岡山のEV技術を結集、4輪モーター内蔵のギャラン (オーべックワン) OVEC-ONE







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不思議な「虹の木」鮮やか 岡山・鏡野  / 岡山 ちょっとお得? たこ焼き屋に9本足のタコ入荷

不思議な「虹の木」鮮やか 岡山・鏡野
Mysterious bright Okayama Kagamino "tree of the rainbow"

"Nanairokashi (Nanairogashi)" (about 16 meters high, about 1.5 m trunk circumference) prefecture natural monument of Kagamino-cho showy orange is changed to the color of the leaf, it shines brilliantly conspicuously green surrounding have. And that will change yellow, yellow-green, green, blue and green in the future.

Nanairokashi is 350 years old estimation, a rare giant tree that changes the color of the leaves in seven colors in one year, and is referred to as the "tree of the rainbow" alias.

It changes to orange gradually from red spring now, reflected in the paddy field of rice planting before "upside down rainbow oak" can enjoy.

Had turned their cameras eagerly "I feel the wonder of nature" is (68) men who came from Tsuyama.
不思議な「虹の木」鮮やか 岡山・鏡野




岡山 ちょっとお得? たこ焼き屋に9本足のタコ入荷
岡山駅前商店街内ss牛窓海鮮たこ焼き よすが.jpg
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