岡山 山陽マルナカの挑戦 デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携 !デジタルサイネージとは・・ (岡山の商店街に欲しいね!) 

デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携   デジタルサイネージとは・・
Cooperation and broadcasters super , such as communication in the information dissemination of digital signage

May 8 , regional consumption information distribution services using digital signage Sanyo Marunaka , Street Media , NTT West is a supermarket that ground Okayama Broadcasting Fuji TV series (OHK), Okayama Prefecture, the " OH! Marunaka TV" it has announced it will start from may 9 . In addition , Street Media , also announced that due to the start of this service , including funds of 200 million yen total energy investment environment , DBJ Capital , from SMBC and venture capital .

I promote " know-how and management technology of digital signage ," the " reliability of local information " that OHK terrestrial TV has , street media has cultivated , aimed at the creation of new life culture in Machinaka "Smart light Town Concept" the combination of NTT West "Network" , and to provide information delivery service for consumers in Sanyo Marunaka all 54 stores in Okayama area . The video and audio , community information for each store around the installation services and information products and digital signage in super , program of OHK, content to be delivered , he and local information . In Marunaka TV, and that in the field of consumption where there is pedestrian traffic of tens of thousands every day , anyone , easy to understand , and to provide information easy to use , and that aim to contribute to the revitalization of behavior and consumption of local .

In addition, the plans in order to achieve a more convenient , more fun shopping , and will continue to expand as well as services that have linked the smartphone and signage in the future . Then, it will promote the Omni channelized to achieve an environment that is allowed to cooperation with local information programs online supermarket or O2O, of OHK signage , you can buy items in the same way from anywhere according to the situation of the consumer .



Digital Signage : The ( British Digital Signage = digital signage ) , it is an advertising medium that displays images or information by such as a projector or flat display with the help of digital technology to communicate with the display .
That the reception is possible at any time the display content in digital communications, such as a moving display to switch the display content in seconds if necessary by holding the display a lot of information in the built-in storage device , to deploy a variety of video advertising I could .

And , rather than passing a same ad in an unspecified number as TV CM, to set the audience target that takes into account the regional characteristics of the site , advertising messages that focus on that particular layer can be outgoing .
Operation real time is possible using a communication network , the distribution and changes may be needed ad what is displayed . Therefore, the gaze of the audience increases for up-to-date information can be provided. In addition , information such as the delivery of real-time campaign in line with the geographic region is possible.
Time of replacement of printed material such as roll- screen posters and billboards is not applied .
In order to be able to display video , attention of the audience increases .
To multiple advertisers , I can peddle in seconds advertising display frame display in a single machine .
It is possible to develop as well as the use of the illumination and video wall .
In view of the above , compared with the video display ( on a small screen relatively ) only played repeatedly roll screen sign of just switching the same still image posters and conventional paper , the same motion video , advertising excellent effect but I can be expected .

Installation site
The location , on a wall of the building , department stores , supermarkets, banks, hotels , movie theaters , amusement spot ( pachinko parlor ) , hospitals , airports , stations , and museums , and the like . It has been established as a general system already in Europe and the United States , can be found here and there everywhere in the city . In addition , the range is not limited to only public , its application range is expanding as a digital bulletin board in the office of the company from the campus Information highway SA, university .
In the example of Japan , there are a huge street vision of four facing the scramble crossing in Shibuya , the train channel in the car of JR East Yamanote Line , etc. .

Use in other than advertising
It is used as promotional tools and advertising of commercial applications primarily , guidance and counseling tool hotel concierge like ( usher ) , guide plate at the airport or train station , a communication tool within a company or school , in the local community use is possible even as .

Digital Signage recent
In addition to the digital signage function of conventional , and the AR process in real-time HD camera footage , by the face recognition technology , to decide, on the fly, age and gender , to generate an instant video that matches the viewer . Digital signage which can display the items suitable for viewers has increased .

Use of new technology in the future
Not the flat-screen TV , likely to be a testing ground for new technology is high. Device which emits a scent that matches the video and stereoscopic video technology contrived to change the display content are detected by image recognition the number and presence or absence of a viewer , and coordination information of the mobile phone is planned . Since it is an advertisement , has the advantage of catching it only if there is a novelty in the art . You are selling 4,000 units a year towards the global market of 3D display products in the U.S. NewSight Corporation.


デジタル・サイネージ(英: Digital Signage=電子看板)とは、表示と通信にデジタル技術を活用して平面ディスプレイやプロジェクタなどによって映像や情報を表示する広告媒体である。


設置場所としては、ビルの壁面、デパート、スーパー、銀行、ホテル、映画館、アミューズメントスポット(パチンコ屋)、病院、空港、駅、美術館などがあげられる。 欧米では既に一般的なシステムとして成立しており、街の至るところで散見できる。また、その範囲は公共だけにとどまらず、高速道路SA、大学のキャンパス・インフォメーションから企業のオフィスにおけるデジタル掲示板としてその活用範囲は拡大している。




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イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超? のニュースがあったが・・。イオンの戦略は・・ 岡山にどう影響? 以下の記事

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超? のニュースがあったが・・。イオンの戦略は・・ 岡山にどう影響? 以下の記事

There was a news "coming by car" ion Okayama than 70%? .... What impact to Okayama, and strategies of the ion? The following article
Co-existence and co-prosperity and crustal deformation of local commercial sphere ions , positive opening call , and local aiming at Glocal management

Opened at the end of last year , " Aeon Mall Makuhari New City " ( Chiba City) . 16 days fleeting , March , opened in Nankai Wakayama pre-university Station ( Fujitodai ) " Aeon Mall Wakayama " is it called the topic as ( flagship store ) castle ions built headquarters nearby ( Wakayama in words as a shopping mall Kusudani ) is realized quality in Japan , and is attracting attention in the distribution industry .

However , big project that seems topic of this huge mall also or not than would hazy immediately is in progress now . Is scheduled to open in November this fall is " AEON MALL Okayama " . If completed , it becomes a shopping mall in western Japan maximum . For ion mall that has revolved around the suburbs , it is urban store first is located in the center of the front of the station prefectural capital .

Number of visitors per year are expected to more than 20 million to more than the " Aeon Mall Kurashiki " . It is currently under construction from Hayashibara is a biotechnology company of Corporate Rehabilitation Law proceedings , get the land south of Okayama Station . Aim to avoid conflicts of location ion mall Kurashiki Metropolitan out-of-town to the west about 15 km straight-line distance . 8 floors above ground and two basement , 46,000 square meters site area , 250,000 square meters total floor area , business area of ​​88,000 square meters . It is located at the flagship store , along with Makuhari New City store . Plans to start a 350 store specialty stores , studio cinema complex , of Okayama Broadcasting , hall of about 600 seats also move .

Because one that belong to private laboratories and the University of National Kobe , and has served as a professor at a private university in Okayama , every week , I have been commuting by Shinkansen to Okayama Station from Tokyo Station . Therefore , from both the perspective of local city and metropolitan area , can be grasped from the point of view relatively economic and social phenomena of the latest . Now it gets into advanced information age globalization is advocated , it is something that you get information wherever you are is likely to be , but because most of the major media are concentrated in Tokyo now , you are aware of the political situation in Ukraine also , Business Person of Tokyo knows little about what is happening in the prefectural capital of the country. Very likely 'll see anything if searching the Internet as well , It can be said that a blind spot of the big data era .

The valuable as there is no information that people in the metropolitan area sees almost Among them , the program would be of local TV stations . Various video is said to be seen in the video search sites like YouTube, or living in the region , it would not have the activity base , tend to overlook the important information unexpectedly . In addition, it is to talk with the local people about the contents immediately after watching a program is difficult that you go to visit soon , let alone to the site , to see with their own eyes .

● I lead to economic revitalization ion mall opening
From 19:00 on April 2 , ( San'yohoso ) TV or capitalize Okayama, of five years ' major cities 2 hours special program RSK Okayama local ! I was live the big opportunity . " I had discussed the activation shopping center table town of Okayama city that spread around the local well-established department stores, Tenmaya and economic effects of ion mall opening of Okayama (Table butterfly) . By the way , Italian wood Ryuta , the current Governor of Okayama in Tenmaya - former president , his father Kazue Mr. Chairman , saving five , who is the younger brother has served as president now .

In various places the ion mall could be , crustal movement of commercial land is occurring . It is a situation that not only shopping street around , Takashimaya , Ito-Yokado in front of the station and Tenmaya in Okayama also not help as tranquility . The sense of crisis was also a theme of the show . Omote-machi shopping district is showing a positive attitude to promote the co-existence and co-prosperity with ion mall , promotes the migration of shoppers , and do not activate this opportunity . Same shopping center boasts a history of 400 years , that aims to " Ginza of Okayama " to improve the brand .

Okayama 's emerge as the fourth batter of ion mall , as the leading hitter of how earn RBI before that , since last year , ion has been opening new stores the mall like a surging wave . In addition Makuhari New City described above , in Wakayama , this fall forest of Tamadaira well as Okayama (Tokyo , (open plan Aichi / June ) toe (Mie ) , Tendo ( Yamagata) , Nagoya Chaya I'm planning to open Kyoto Katsura (Kyoto , ) ) , of Kisarazu ( Chiba) . In addition , it plans to open a Higashimatsumoto ( Nagano) in the fall and JR Asahikawa ( Hokkaido ) Kitanakagusuku ( Okinawa) , '16 in the spring of '15 . It seems that it also seems to expand Tanaka , former Prime Minister raised spotted " the Japanese archipelago remodeling theory" Naranu , the "Japanese distribution remodeling theory" .

● overseas expansion , new entrants also accelerating field
Ion not only in Japan , and has accelerated the globalization in Asia further . Expand financial and business retail business , and services business in China and ASEAN countries , such as a total of 14 countries . In addition , set up a head office functions each Japan , China , ASEAN , and is expanding its business become a unified group to a new country or area . It is no exaggeration to say that to practice " Global Distribution remodeling theory" exactly .

In addition , from April 1 , was launched in the mobile phone department low-cost smart phone that has a set of communication services general merchandise (high -performance mobile phone ) of " ion" , diversification strategy of the company has been noted again Ion . Terminal ( the same tax , below ) ¥ 34,080 body price Korea and LG Electronics U.S. Google has been developed in the " Nexus 4 " . I combine mobile phone for IC card to 1560 yen net straight-line and basic fee to it "SIM card " . Including the net interconnection charges and fees terminal basic price , flat-rate , and started the book with ¥ 2,980 per month less than half of the mobile phone giant .

And business groups , including retail , developers , financial , services , in Japan made ​​products and IT to support this , such as logistics , from the common function companies across the Group "comprehensive distribution group " ions , February ( 14 years period consolidated operating income was 6 trillion 395.1 billion yen , to 112.5% ​​) year-on-year . The synergy is born by which they are mobilizing organically , I'm trying to accelerate further growth .

● Promotion of community-based management
Recently , " Glocal " is now commonly used as a coined word indicating that you are deploying a global activities , even while emphasizing the region . Exactly , ion is aimed at Glocal enterprise . By with local customers , food culture inheritance and local environmental protection , and also participates in community events , and to provide a facility , to address the inheritance of the local culture . In addition, the promotion of community-based management in order to contribute , such as the conclusion of a comprehensive cooperation agreement with local governments and job creation , to the activation of the local economy . Then, actively marketed with the help of store network to spread abroad the products of excellent region , and is committed to the promotion of the local economy . It sold in stores overseas food excellent in Japan, are appealing the beauty also worth noting that in recent years .

The management philosophy of Aeon Mall Co., Ltd. , it is written as follows .

"Ion Mall , aims to town development " that " shine .
We will continue to contribute of people with partners , to create a city with the brightness , to living in the community , to the realization of a life with more color .
※ With the city with the brightness , which refers to the town there is a new life full of charm by life offices in a " surprise , excitement , joy" of what we create .
※ I will refer to the local community , government , NPO, tenant companies , partner companies , landowners , investors and others , everyone involved in urban development and partner "

It is a well-known motto of " Let him in the car mainstay " in the founding family Okada shop ion . It means " pillar that supports a house is something that you should not move the original , but it is just to move the house to put the car at any time " and . You are taught to respond flexibly era , changes in customer needs , the flow of people , whether moving the shop , and , Na dwell on past successes .

Some media , points out that to ridicule this motto , even making a huge shopping mall , or to withdraw as soon as becomes not profitable , So to be , or not does not play a social responsibility as a company .

The local city ions mall has advanced , it has been established as an infrastructure completely . As well as shopping , receive the benefits of ion groups in various aspects of life " Ionisuto " is growing . As far Once established in the area , local people in trouble when it is certainly withdrawal . That's why , sustainable growth is required to Aeon Mall . I believe want to be so too ion .

However , ion is no rock-solid . About 70% of the ion mall , the hotel is located in the populated area is reduced by 5% or more by '25 , aging also remarkable is such a region .

At any age , there is no reason that business of the same shape last forever . Given the life cycle of commercial facilities is said to be 20-30 years long , one would be forced to move the mainstay of this infrastructure . However , it is essential is how move the pillar . It may be gone in the form of withdrawal . For example , right now , even in the New Town of family entity , in 20-30 years , turn into the Old Town of the elderly center . However , it would be the automatic operation of the vehicle has become widespread in that time , and by using it , rather , it is expected for the inspiration to be get old , and so go to the shopping mall . For the elderly that tiring to walk and too broad ion mall , services connected with a net break space or home , and the department , such as relaying the shopping is also conceivable.

Regardless technology , whether in services , new ones emerge , tend to go eye to negative aspects in many cases . View " prospered ion , perish town " and would also be one of them . By Rather , we focus on aspects of positive , assuming the composition " prospered ion , prosper even town " and , all parties to " co-creation " , society is not born again and distribution , of Japan I wonder .






 4月2日の午後7時から、岡山ローカルのRSK(山陽放送)テレビが2時間特別番組『政令市5年の岡山・生かせるか! ビッグチャンス』を生放送した。イオンモール岡山開店による経済効果と地元老舗百貨店・天満屋を中心に拡がる岡山市街の商店街・表町(おもてちょう)の活性化について議論していた。ちなみに、伊原木隆太・現岡山県知事は天満屋・前社長で、現在は父・一衛氏が会長、その実弟である省五氏が社長を務めている。




 また、イオンは4月1日から、通信サービスをセットにした低価格スマートフォン(高機能携帯電話)を総合スーパー「イオン」の携帯電話売り場で発売し、同社の多角化戦略があらためて注目されている。端末は米グーグルと韓国LG電子が開発した「Nexus 4」で本体価格は3万4080円(税抜、以下同)。これに基本料とネット定額を1560円にした携帯電話用ICカード「SIMカード」を組み合わせる。端末代金と基本料、定額のネット接続料を含め、携帯電話大手の半額以下の月額2980円で予約を開始した。

 イオンは、小売、ディベロッパー、金融、サービスをはじめとする事業群と、これを支えるITや商品、物流など、グループ横断的な共通機能会社から成る日本一の「総合流通グループ」(14年2月期連結営業収益は6兆3951 億円、前期比112.5%)になった。これらが有機的に結集することによって生まれるシナジーにより、さらなる成長を加速しようとしている。









イオンのスマホ (多角化戦略)

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超 県警調査、店側想定は3割未満

<岡山市>今秋イオンモール開業前、社会実験断念 県警が交通渋滞懸念 /岡山
路面電車の駅乗り入れで4検討案 岡山市、高架化や地下で接続も/イオン整備、歩道橋の架設本格化

岡山駅前商店街 木曜マルシェ  (イオンモール岡山の共存への模索  OHK、テレビせとうちのニュースに)


岡山駅前商店街「桃太郎市」( 毎月第2日曜 )

イオン開店前に交通量調査実施 今日と来月1日 岡山 (ももちゃりとアプリと割引連携を・・・)

商店街で土曜夜市楽しもう (夏恒例の「土曜夜市」が岡山市中心部の3商店街) 「妖怪ウォッチ」のもんげーの街 岡山

イオン渋滞対策で交通量調査へ  「大型商業施設・イオンモール岡山」

<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ (地域活性化 岡山に「もんげー神社」をつくろう!)


イオン、2500台の臨時駐車場 本当に大丈夫か? 

商店街の魅力高め、イオンに対抗 (イオン VS 商店街・天満屋) (イオン VS セブン&アイ)

マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)


「岡山ビブレ」 から 「イオンモール岡山」へ

<岡山ビブレ>35年の歴史に幕 類似の店舗間競争激化 ( 明日 )

天満屋ストアどうなる? 岡山県が地盤の天満屋ストアなどM&A戦略 (セブン&アイが買収・出資)

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超? のニュースがあったが・・。イオンの戦略は・・ 岡山にどう影響? 以下の記事

岡山 山陽マルナカの挑戦 デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携   デジタルサイネージとは・・

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超 県警調査、店側想定は3割未満
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・マイブログの【設定】 > 【広告設定】 より、「60日間更新が無い場合」 の 「広告を表示しない」にチェックを入れて保存する。