岡山県出身 初の代表入り サッカーW杯代表に青山選手 倉敷市出身、広島MF

岡山県出身 初の代表入り サッカーW杯代表に青山選手 倉敷市出身、広島MF
Aoyama players from Kurashiki, Hiroshima MF W Cup soccer representative representative entering Okayama Prefecture's first

Announcement of 23 players representing Japan Soccer World Cup kicks off on June 12 in (W Cup) Brazil tournament is carried out on the 12th, in Kurashiki from MF Toshihiro Aoyama players J1 · Hiroshima out (28) = Sakuhi high = was elected.

okayamai @ okayamai
Entering representative of Okayama Prefecture's first
Sanfrecce MF Aoyama's
Okayama Prefecture (Kurashiki) thinks! Sakuhi from high school!
In all, please aim victory.
The 'em a show to the world that play surprises!

Congratulations! Entering representative of Okayama's first, Okayama Prefecture (Kurashiki), Okayama positive work from high school! MF Aoyama of Sanfrecce is W Cup Japan representative Bag - classmate at the time of the junior high school and Daisuke Takahashi's Asahi Shimbun Okayama http://bit.ly/1lenZTJ # # okayama figure skating! # daihyo
岡山県出身 初の代表入り サッカーW杯代表に青山選手 倉敷市出身、広島MF


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岡山県(倉敷)出身! 作陽高校出身!

おめでとう! 岡山初の代表入り、岡山県出身(倉敷)、岡山作陽高校出身! サンフレッチェのMF青山がW杯日本代表入り – 朝日新聞 http://bit.ly/1lenZTJ #岡山 #okayama フィギュアスケートの高橋大輔さんと中学のときの同級生! #daihyo
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岡山の天空の城 (岡山・備中松山城) が あつい!人気!

岡山の天空の城 (岡山・備中松山城)

Castle in the Sky of Okayama (Okayama, Bicchu Matsuyama Castle)

The following article

It is not only Takeda Castle Ruins , popular Okayama Bicchu Matsuyama Castle " Castle in the Sky " , and Fukui , Echizen Ono Castle

Many tourists have visited the mercenary fortress called " Castle in the Sky " in Japan. There is also a place where recently began working up name recognition .

The various parts of Japan , there are several Yamashiro ( Yamajiro ) you can see the fantastic scenery , it has become popular is called " Castle in the Sky " .

First , Hyogo Prefecture of the Asso ( Asso ) city famous as the " Castle in the Sky " from the figure floating in the sea of ??clouds , " Takeda Castle Ruins " . Since it is a rare ruins in the whole country lies complete as Fortress ruins , or chosen to " Japan 100 castle " , or if you appeared in various media , tourists has increased Takeda Castle Ruins . Beautiful especially in the landscape overlooking from Takeda Castle Ruins and figure wrapped in a sea of ??clouds , since it is reminiscent of a castle floating in the sky , it came to be called as " Machu Picchu of Japan" and " Castle in the Sky " . Admission of Takeda Castle Ruins is 300 yen for adults , junior high school or less free .

Also , Okayama Prefecture Takahashi ( Takahashi ) City also " Bicchu Matsuyama Castle " , figure floating in the sea of ??clouds ' s fantastic . Located in Gagyusan summit of 430 meters above sea level , is at the highest as Yamashiro with existing tower is Bitchu Matsuyama Castle . Tower is located near the summit of the mountain which has been granted to the important cultural property of the country , historical value is very high. Marching fee of Bicchu Matsuyama Castle is 300 yen for adults , elementary and junior high school students is 150 yen . The Takeda Castle Ruins Similarly , the day is over sea of ??clouds early morning in early April from the end of September in many cases.

On the other hand , some of the in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, in the center of the Onobonchi the " Echizen Ono Castle " , castle covered in morning mist beautiful . " Meeting of Laputa " citizens' group to make with volunteers from the Ono City was launched in April , has begun its activities with the aim of improving awareness of " Castle in the Sky Onojo " . Onojo castle tower of the thing which was rebuilt in 1968 , and relics of the castle from the former is exhibited in the interior , it is used as a museum . Admission of Onojo is 200 yen for adults , children free .

While admiring the fantastic scenery from Yamashiro , it's try to imagine the feelings of the people of those days it's interesting .

竹田城跡だけじゃない、「天空の城」人気 岡山・備中松山城、福井・越前大野城など





 一方、福井県大野市の、大野盆地の中心にある「越前大野城」は、朝霧に覆われた城がとても美しい。4月には大野市の有志らでつくる市民グループ「ラピュタの会」が発足し、「天空の城 大野城」の知名度向上を目的に活動を始めている。大野城の天守閣は昭和43年に再建されたもので、内部にはかつての城主らの遺品などが展示され、資料館として活用されている。大野城の入館料は大人が200円で、小人は無料。


2つの「天空の城」ラピュタ   (兵庫県 竹田城跡 =「天空の城」= 岡山県 備中松山城)

福井県大野市 「越前大野城」など
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Okayama Vivre, in the history of '35 curtain of a "moment"

The following article
okayamai @ okayamai
Okayama Vivre! I thank you! Vivre closed. "Location of youth in Okayama" It was a "place of young people in Okayama!" So long! Thanks a bunch! pic.twitter.com/5iNNdklGUP # # okayama # Okayama Okayama Vivre
Vivre wonder if young people who gather in Okayama!
(Thanks to mother with Mother's Day)


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岡山ビブレ! ありがとうな!ビブレ閉店。 「岡山の青春の場所」「岡山の若者の場所」だったね! さようなら!ありがとう! pic.twitter.com/5iNNdklGUP #岡山 #okayama #岡山ビブレ
Curtain the site is considered commercial facility field Okayama Vivre , in the history of '35

The 11th , I finished the last day of business , commercial facilities large and ion distribution group " Okayama Vivre " ( Okayama city north district Saiwaicho ) drew the curtain in the history of '35 . The group , scheduled for opening large shopping center " Aeon Mall Okayama " of ( same Shimoishii ) in November at JR Okayama Station south across the road . Vivre the site to investigate the use of measures in view to a new commercial facility .

There is a " Sale Everything Must Go " This day , I was busy all day . Part woman visited by a family of three ( 37 ) = city = said, " it is through well in OL era trendy clothes is rich . It's no longer the lonely " he said.

After closing of 19:00 , ceremony in front of the main entrance . Greetings Ochi Hiroyuki curator "We are grateful that we were able to contribute to the development of the culture of Okayama through the sales of '35 " before the shopper . The bow with employees , and took down the shutter .

1979 , The facility opened as " Nichii Okayama store" . Fashion expert " Okayama Vivre " and , ion retail 've been in operation since 2011 to '86 .

Yes ( first floor above ground five floors underground , 22 stores) is Building B Clothing and Accessories ( 1 ground floor 4th floor underground , 12 stores) and A Museum bookstores and outdoor equipment store to enter the premises of 8090 square meters , floor space meter 16,240 square meters . Had sales of about 10 billion yen of fiscal 1997 peak , but competition from other stores , I was reduced to about half in recent years .

Ion Mall on the site , indicating its intention to re- development in conjunction with the development of " Aeon Mall Okayama " . ( Sanyo newspaper )

岡山ビブレ、35年の歴史に幕 跡地は商業施設視野に検討








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NHK Okayama Idol! ? Is, ... now!

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" Unique character " of NHK -inspired sum Hisada Mayuko hole Kubojun

Who viewed snapper fishing report of the 27th last month , or not than I remembered surprise when I saw the Kubojun ( Junko Kubo ) for the first time .

Idol Anna like a commercial broadcasting , had sprinkled student like a broadcast of the high school , such a freshness speaking more than say " announcer of NHK " strait-laced . It's the sum Hisada Mayuko Ana of " Good Morning Japan " NHK (25) .

It was just supposed to be this April , moved to Tokyo from the announce booth Okayamahosokyoku , is responsible for the show Saturday and Sunday . Despite the high tension in the morning without hesitation , in the scene or skip plonk a pun against Chikada Ana , eating sea bream rice in the report , Te " Fuwa~tsu , to nose rice even though the inside the mouth still doing a ...... " , such as passing , " Oh , I have talking while eating ! " . I remembered about the word " Kyapikyapi " for the first time in many years .

■ The breath of fresh air in the morning of Saturday and Sunday

Career is great also . One pass of the University of Tokyo Women's big three , in the " Joshigakuin " born and entered the University of Tokyo in ( Department of Economics ) as a matter of course , in '11 , was Nyukyoku to NHK.

After you charge or "National School Music Competition " and " LIVE BOX " in novice land and Okayama , it's women's Ana of the expectation that a move to Tokyo in 4 years .

Expectation size to me Yarakashi something for every Saturday and Sunday in the future . Fun uncle has increased .
クボジュンを彷彿 NHK和久田麻由子アナの“異色キャラ”






 初任地・岡山で「全国学校音楽コンクール」や「LIVE BOX」などを担当した後、4年目に東京に移動となった期待の女子アナだ。


和久田麻由子 写真・画像集【NHK おはよう日本 土日祝日担当アナウンサー】

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岡山県に新しい天文台を建てる計画? どうなる? 寄付を呼びかけ  (京都大学のジレンマ)

岡山県に新しい天文台を建てる計画? どうなる?


It is the plan? Build a new observatory in Okayama Prefecture?

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Or protect , the Holy Land financial difficulties of amateur astronomy , Kyoto University solicit donations

Is in danger of survival Hanayama of Kyoto comes in Kyoto Higashiyama and ( Kazan ) Observatory ( Yamashina -ku, Kyoto ) . It is a pioneer center for astronomy Japanese proud of the history of the '85 , but there are plans to build a new observatory in Okayama Prefecture , It is because it is not going to be turning the funds . Dependable , also referred to as " sacred place of amateur astronomy " training observations and the Board of the prosperous " popular " , Kyoto University began calling for donations from citizens .

Hanayama Observatory was founded in 1929 on top of a mountain 800 meters Higashiyaku of Kiyomizu Temple World Heritage , 221 meters above sea level . It contains a refracting telescope of 18 centimeters and 45 centimeters in diameter in the dome of the two buildings , it has been successful worldwide in the observation , such as the moon and Mars . But , Kazunari Shibata Professor of 9 Daidai-cho speak as " may close within a few years it stands ."

After the war , observation environment is worsening due to the effect of air pollution and ambient light . Center of research at Kyoto University has shifted flying ? Observatory founded in '68 ( Gifu) . State-of-the-art telescope of 3.8 m scheduled for completion in plans to set up holding a new dome in Okayama Prefecture clear sky high rate during the current fiscal year . However , competition for research funding is intense , construction funds of new dome also not been able to Kumen yet . Maintenance of facilities completed the role of advanced research to say " can not handle all the work so " .
守れるか、アマ天文学の聖地 資金難、京大が寄付募る




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祖父の軍歴知りたい (岡山県に住む女性)



It was something a long time ago, I heard the story of the war from the grandfather. At that time, there was a discomfort .... By now, "welcome to talk"

The following article
I want to know the military history of the grandfather in the ministry ... " 0 eternal " 30% increase " military history original table " Disclosure Request "can this " influence

"I want to know the military career of his grandfather ." The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to manage personnel records of military personnel , civilian employees of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the War of the previous " military history original table " , such inquiry is increasing . It was a downward trend over time from the end of the war , but it became a 30% increase year-on-year 25 fiscal year . In the background , There seems to be a hit of the game anthropomorphic or "0 ( zero ) " eternal best-selling movie was also to draw the Naval Air Corps , warships such as the Imperial Japanese Navy . ( Michimaru Maya )

March this year , women in their 30s living in Okayama Prefecture was billed to the ministry to disclose the military career of his grandfather was in the Navy . My grandfather died shortly after the war , my grandmother also died a few years ago . While no longer have people to know the grandfather , to speak and " wanted to know what was what people grandfather " .

To know the various warship " Fleet Collection ( ship it) " in the game that personified the warship at the time , interest was also excited by ship grandfather was riding . On the Internet , was sent to the ministry and a large selection of such documents to know that you can claim the personnel records if grandson , to prove kin . In less than a month , military history original table history of grandfather was written on the basis of women has arrived . The testimony grandfather you've never met is living . Women happy to " information you want to know was on . It was nice to order" and .

The ministry , which has provided support of demobilized persons and bereaved families of the war dead , about 2.19 million people in the military navy , have stored the personnel records of about 1.5 million persons civilian employees .
祖父の軍歴知りたい…厚労省に「軍人履歴原表」開示請求3割増 「永遠の0」「艦これ」影響




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