岡山で犬養毅しのぶ書展 五・一五事件から80年

岡山で犬養毅しのぶ書展 五・一五事件から80年
'80 From May 15th Incident Tsuyoshi Inukai Shinobu Shoten in Okayama
The 15th, to commemorate the InuYoAtsushi "Ki-do-sai" Okayama

The 15th to become the '80 since the assassination of Prime Minister Inukai Atsushimoto (1855-1932 Years) in the May 15th Incident, "Iboku of InuYoki-do" special exhibition consisting of the autograph book of the InuYomoto Prime Minister, from it began with InuYoki-do Memorial on the Okayama city north district Kawairi of the earth. Admission free, until July 2.

Nourishing dog, also known as a calligrapher, exhibit about 20 points a book which it gave in the celebrations of the new construction and longevity to the inhabitants of Kawairi district. And which has been written over the last years from the mid-50s, quotations from Chinese classics in many cases, most of the work is the first public.

In the May 15th Incident that took place in 1932 the prime minister during his tenure, the 15th which falls on the anniversary of InuYoAtsushi after he was killed by a young officer, "Ki-do-sai" rows InuYoki-do Memorial Hall (Okayama city north district) break.

There is also a commemorative lecture by Professor Hideto Tokito of Kurashiki University of Arts and Sciences grave Festival from 10:00, from 14:00. Koto performance entertainment or green tea by Urasenke Tankoukai Okayama branch, as well as flower arrangement. Free Join.

Museum query (electro) 086.292.1820.

15日、犬養毅をしのぶ「木堂祭」 岡山







犬養 毅(Inukai Tsuyoshi)

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サッカーW杯 青山選手 県出身初の代表 岡山

サッカーW杯 青山選手 県出身初の代表 岡山
Okayama representative of W Cup soccer players Aoyama Prefecture's first
■ voice of joy and encouragement from junior and director Sakuhi-daka

National team World Cup kicks off ( the 13th Japan time ) on the 12th of next month (W Cup ) Brazilian Congress Japan Football Association announced the 12th . Kurashiki Tsurajima town from that member into 23 people , alma mater , Sakuhi high school (28) MF of Sanfrecce affiliation , Toshihiro Aoyama players in ( Tsuyama ) , the voice of joy and encouragement has spread . W Cup squad of the prefecture from the first time .

Joined the Sanfrecce Hiroshima in 2004 , Aoyama players worked as a defensive MF. Junior high school , until now, were classmates and Takahashi Daisuke men's figure skating .

" Speed ​​of switching to attack want you to play like the flavor . Aoyama from . Was a defensive player with a nasty competitive " . The moment of the announcement , expressing the joy hit the hand Masayuki Nomura director of soccer for high school , Aoyama players was a member of the ( 47) . Sent the ale in the hope that success in the big stage .

Smile has spread to staff from the junior . 3 -year school , " Become the essence of . Teams great longing , posture not to shake that has firmly . Their senior is targeted much want to play an active part " Yoshimori Kaito 's soccer Vice captain (17 ) it was her eyes shining with .

Teacher of high school a year when the Aoyama players , in overtime of the prefectural tournament finals were played with . Sophomore was practice eager to love . Football type meek ​​shy , decided " usually ( 53) Namba Michiko teacher I was looking back goal was even if the phantom in the miscarriage of justice , the switching of . feeling that did not vomit the complaints in secret on inside the chagrin is admirable , figure seeking to become stronger in the effort is " was impressive .

13 , plans to raise the curtain hanging to celebrate the decision of entering Aoyama representative players , you are going to " want to support by raising the school " in school .

In addition , Ito Kaori mayor of Kurashiki announced a comment that " it is selected in W Cup Japan representative as the first graduates of Kurashiki , I want to inspire courage and Japan as a cornerstone of . Offense and defense gratifying very " or . Future , the city is also called also consider hanging curtain installation of support for the Town Hall .








W杯代表の青山選手にエール 母校・作陽高に懸垂幕

The hanging curtain to his alma mater , Yale Sakuhi high Aoyama players W Cup representative

World Cup of soccer in (W Cup ) Brazil tournament Japan representative , and try to send Yale MF Aoyama Toshihiro players in Kurashiki -born was first elected from Okayama prefecture in (28) = J1 Hiroshima = , Sakuhi-daka of alma mater ( Tsuyama the 13th , Yaide ) put up curtain hanging in the school building .

I'm writing in large letters as " celebration W Cup decision Aoyama senior members " 10 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Received the squad announcement on the 12th , the school is made ​​immediately . If you are listed on the wall of the school building north , applause occurred springing from about 60 people football staff , faculty et al watched . Was hopeful " Aoyama racers is determined to representative , I want to play an active part in participating in a match in really happy . W Cup " and (17 ) men's three years .

Emerged in Sakuhi high after admission , a national high school championship of the year when , Aoyama players contribute to the quarterfinals of entering first time in 20 years . Shizuoka national polity that participated in three years won the third place defeating powerhouse Tokyo , and Shizuoka . After graduating , I was into Hiroshima .
W杯代表の青山選手にエール 母校・作陽高に懸垂幕


 長さ10メートル、幅1・5メートルで「祝 W杯メンバー決定 青山先輩」と大書している。12日の代表選手発表を受け、同校が早速作製。校舎北側の壁面に掲げられると、見守ったサッカー部員、教職員ら約60人から拍手が湧き起こった。3年男子(17)は「憧れの青山選手が代表に決まり、本当にうれしい。W杯では試合に出場して活躍してもらいたい」と期待を寄せた。


Toward 2014 FIFA World Cup - Sony release , the soccer fan for SNS

May 12 , Sony announced that it would open SNS sites 2014FIFA towards the World Cup , joining the football fans to " ONE STADIUM LIVE " . The site , in addition to official information such as game schedules and team of 32 countries to compete in the tournament will be posting , posting of football -related Twitter, Facebook, in Google+ is aggregated in real time by country / Topics another .

ONE STADIUM LIVE will be one of new content to provide soccer portal site , which operates the company's " ONE STADIUM " . It is possible to correspond to the six languages ​​of English, French , German, Japanese , Portuguese, Spanish , to narrow the topics you want to see in each language . During game play , view real-time reaction of fans around the world looking at the same game by the " MatchLive " function . Service user , can also be engaged in a conversation through each SNS from the same site , it is described as " taste " second screen experience " new " Sony .

It should be noted that the collection and analysis of the topic in the site , and are utilizing natural language analysis technology that came out of research 14 years in the U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology . This technology , those using the information database of up to 17 million items and artificial intelligence , and incorporated into the text mining the common sense knowledge . It is possible to gather relevant topics in a different monitoring and simple keyword .
ソニー、サッカーファン用SNSをリリース - 2014 FIFAワールドカップに向け

ソニーは5月12日、2014FIFAワールドカップに向け、サッカーファンをつなぐSNSサイト「ONE STADIUM LIVE」をオープンすることを発表した。同サイトでは、大会に出場する32カ国の代表チームや試合スケジュールなどの公式情報が掲載されるほか、TwitterやFacebook、Google+におけるサッカー関連の投稿が、国別/トピックス別にリアルタイムに集約される。

ONE STADIUM LIVEは、同社の運営するサッカーポータルサイト「ONE STADIUM」に設ける新コンテンツの1つとなる。英語・フランス語・ドイツ語・日本語・ポルトガル語・スペイン語の6カ国語に対応し、言語ごとに見たいトピックスを絞り込むことができる。試合中は、「MatchLive」機能によって同じ試合を見ている世界中のファンの反応をリアルタイムで表示。サービス利用者は、同サイトから各SNSを通じて会話に参加することも可能で、ソニーでは「新しい"セカンドスクリーン体験"を味わえる」と説明している。

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