アジア杯のなでしこ応援を 美作・湯郷、14日からPV

アジア杯のなでしこ応援を 美作・湯郷、14日からPV
PV - Mimasaka Yunogo , from 14 days Nadeshiko support of Asian Cup

Public viewing to cheer Japan representative facing the ( opening Vietnam the 14th ) Asia Cup which also serves as soccer Women's World Cup next year (W Cup ) qualifying " Nadeshiko Japan " (PV) is , starting with the Australia game of the 14th , will be held in the old shop Sakaguchi Mimasaka Yunogo .

Yunogo hot spring youth group sponsored by the fact that GK Miho Fukumoto , MF Aya Miyama both players Okayama Yunogo Bell based in the city has been selected to the representative . Place the large screen in PV venue , held in the primary league all three games , including the first match of the 14th . Plan to do the semi-finals (22 day) , even ( the 25th together) third-place play-off or final goes up wins .

Accommodate about 50 people . Admission is free . I open a door 30 minutes before the broadcast start with each day . Yunogo Onsen Tourist us ( 0868-72-0374 ) .

Play country and aired are as follows . ( Time Japan time )

22:00 [ primary ] League the 14th , 22:00 Australia ▽ 16 days 21:00 Vietnam ▽ 18 day, Jordan
アジア杯のなでしこ応援を 美作・湯郷、14日からPV






Pink , the wisdom of age ! ? Ogimi equalizer of emergency up ! Women's soccer World Cup final qualifying round W - Asia Cup

The 14th , soccer Women's Asian Cup which also serves as a W Cup qualifying kicks off in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam . Nadeshiko Japan Japan representative of the primary League Group A , was a 2-2 draw in the first leg of the Australian representative of the previous champion .

If you are in the top five countries in 16 countries in participation , the tournament that could be used to acquire the berth of W Cup to be held in Canada next year . "But towards the Asian Cup is more difficult than W Cup " refers to Norio Sasaki coach . None won the battle of 17 times in the past until now Nadeshiko Japan . 2001 tournament since , It is because not progressed to the final.

This tournament also stumbled from the first round . It runs 21 minutes into the first half expansion pushed the person from the beginning continued . 30 degrees , the temperature of the venue is 66% humidity . Hot and humid climate took the sharpness of the body .

But Sasaki and be pre-emptive has moved . In place of the FW Kira Chika ( Urawa ) 34 minutes into the first half , was charged with emergency ( Chelsea ) started Ace FW Ogimi Yuki in " the 1st in " joined the team in 12 day and night . But pink is removed in quick succession but his shot , lost the second point from the mistakes of the DF team in the 19th minute of the second half .

Still the effect of ace -up appeared . Ball around between the main set MF Aya Miyama ( Okayama ), MF Kawasumi Naomi ( Seattle rain ) from Ogimi is since the beginning of the pitch , the flow was also changed .

26 minutes into the second half when Kawasumi mount from the left side , cross the ingredients rounder was closing in on one point difference invites opponent own goal . The tie Ogimi is poured right to the goal with his left foot Kawasumi has sent an early cross into the area from a shallow position from the left side of the 39 minutes into the second half . I caught up beautifully from behind the two points .

But there was no smile in pink . Ogimi "I did it to . Draw a perfect ball came to be minimal ." Was braced " , even though it put this , not only remorse " and Miyama also pointed to the W Cup championship emblem on the right breast .

The 16th , next round Vietnam representative of the host country . It's where you want to show the dignity of the previous W Cup queen to decide the victory .
なでしこ、年の功!? 緊急投入の大儀見同点弾! サッカー女子W杯最終予選・アジア杯








Pink - Kawasumi is involved in all score ! Draw Australia and catch-up two -point difference

( 14 , Australia 2-2 Japan , Ho Chi Minh Tong Nhat Stadium ) Japan draw the first game to catch up two points behind the primary league Women's Asian Cup . If you return one point own goal 24 minutes into the second half , ( 26) together FW Yuki Ogimi a cross MF Kawasumi , Naomi ( 28) , and tied the score on 38 minutes . The next round will face the host country Vietnam on the 16th .

First half , Nadeshiko burned hand to attack that takes advantage of the power and speed of Australia . Crushed the path of work midfield Nadeshiko inferior physique and received many times the counter exploiting the space of the side. In the 21st minute of the first half , allowed to dribble FW Ford of Australia from the left side , it is conceded the goal . Japan was corresponding Sakaguchi , is Iwashimizu , but conceded the first goal is topped by force . I folded the first half at one point behind .

Pink is showing positive attitude When you enter the second half , Nadeshiko was promoted to the game feeling pressed , but the tiring favorite moment of the 19 minutes . And made ​​the starting point in the penalty area to the left FW Hayman of Australia received the counter , dumped the ball to the opposite side . In FW Tebana you waiting free , deprived of additional point is poured into the left corner last goal .

Nadeshiko counterattack 24 minutes . I return one point Australia DF is an own goal a cross Kawasumi . Ogimi have leveled the score to fit in a volley on a cross of Kawasumi was raised from the left side to 38 minutes. Nadeshiko was overwhelmed Australia perching foot the game late , but it is not Steal the winning goal . It was only in order to obtain a winning one point with a draw .

なでしこ・川澄が全得点に絡む! 2点差追いつき豪州とドロー





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