Women's Asian Cup soccer - checkmates his victory = W Cup participation Pink , in Vietnam

The 16th , two games of the primary league group A is performed in Ho Chi Minh City Asia Cup of Ho Chi Minh City [ current events ] soccer girls , Japan ( Nadeshiko Japan ) to victory 4-0 to local Vietnam , with one win and one draw total I was four points . Faces the Group A final match and Jordan on the 18th , Japan's semi-finals if Hikiwakere do win . I get a berth in the World Cup tournament in Canada next year given the 5-position within the tournament .
Japan is starting main Sawa (INAC Kobe ) from the tournament 's first appearance . And opened the scoring in the goal of Kawasumi ( Seattle Rain ) 44 minutes into the first half , Ogimi ( Chelsea ) and the dragon tree ( sky blue) added points in the second half . Kawasumi took the second goal just before the end .
It was four points and defeated Jordan 3-1 , but Australia , Japan took the top spot of Group A . 8 teams participated in the Asian Cup , the primary league carried out is divided into two sets . Even if not proceed to the semi-finals , Japan can play in the World Cup W If you win in 5 place match .

Miyama long shot picks up a clear ball of the Japan Women's ] Vietnam DF 1 minute of the first half . First shot of the team is out of the frame

Miyama , which passed through the Japan Women's ] [ left side six minutes into the first half raise the cross in the center , but not meeting the Ogimi . Wood dragon picked up the ball that has flowed to the right side as it is , it is cut into the center again, but is stopped in Vietnam DF believes that this

Miyama is to Ogimi of center with his left foot from Japan Women's ] right side 21 minutes into the first half . Ogimi aiming a through ball attracted Vietnam DF team , which would hit the opponent

CK 25 minutes into the first half from Japan Women's ] right . Miyama sends to the far side with his right foot , but Sawa that went to auction in the heading would be interlaced with the other DF, it is not possible to match

Kawasumi the right to respond to a through pass [ Japan Women's ] from Miyama 1 minute of the second half as well , to CK hit the opponent DF

Right from CK, Japan Women's ] [ Miyama is fit to Iwashimizu the far side two minutes into the second half . This is not meeting the head , the ball flows behind

Takase lost their long ball [ Japan ] of women from Miyama 30 minutes into the second half , Kawasumi has an effort on goal . This hampered the opponent DF

Miyama is to the far side with his left foot the CK 31 minutes into the second half from Japan Women's ] right . GK repels punching also , Ageo Nobe is long shot for a loose ball . This is outside the frame .

35 minutes into the second half [ 8 ] Japan Women's Aya Miyama OUT 19 IN Utsugi Rumi


前半1分 【日本女子】 ベトナムDFのクリアボールを宮間が拾いロングシュート。チームのファーストシュートは枠を外れる

前半6分 【日本女子】 左サイドを抜けた宮間が中央にクロスを上げるが大儀見には合わず。そのまま右サイドに流れたボールを木龍が拾い、再び中央に切れ込むが、これはベトナムDF陣に止められる

前半21分 【日本女子】 右サイドから宮間が左足で中央の大儀見へ。大儀見はベトナムDF陣をひきつけスルーパスを狙うが、これは相手に当たってしまう

前半25分 【日本女子】 右からのCK。宮間が右足でファーサイドへ送るが、ヘディングで競りにいった澤は相手DFと交錯してしまい、合わせることができない

後半1分 【日本女子】 宮間からのスルーパスに右サイドの川澄が反応するも、相手DFに阻まれCKへ

後半2分 【日本女子】 宮間が右CKから、ファーサイドの岩清水へ合わせる。これは頭に合わず、ボールは後ろに流れていく

後半30分 【日本女子】 宮間からのロングボールを高瀬が落とし、川澄がシュート。これは相手DFに阻まれる

後半31分 【日本女子】 右からのCKを宮間が左足でファーサイドへ。GKがパンチングではじくも、こぼれ球を上尾野辺がロングシュート。これは枠を外れる。

後半35分 【日本女子】 8 宮間あやOUT 19 宇津木瑠美IN
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青山選手、サッカーW杯で活躍を 出身の倉敷市庁舎に懸垂幕

青山選手、サッカーW杯で活躍を 出身の倉敷市庁舎に懸垂幕
Curtain hanging in Kurashiki City Hall from the activities Aoyama players, soccer W Cup
Toshihiro Aoyama received MF player = Sanfrecce Hiroshima , Sakuhi = high and out of Kurashiki born a was chosen in the Japanese national soccer World Cup (W Cup ) Brazilian tournament , the 16th , the city in the Governorate of the hanging curtain of blessing listed .

Hanging curtain 7 m length , 0.64 m width . The background color blue is a color of the Japan team representative , and are marked as such as " holidays Japan elected representative " with the name of the Aoyama and players Tournament .

Woman in the city who visited the city hall ( 63) had said, " want to see the brave figure in . Bout proud that the players to play an active part in the world from Kurashiki comes out ." The city also listed to Mizushima branch .

Okayama Prefecture who is to compete in the World Cup soccer W as a representative of Japan for the first time . Japan to be played for the fifth time five consecutive tournaments is Columbia Greece , 24th (up the 25th ) Côte d'Ivoire , the 19th to the ( same on the 20th ) in ( the 15th Japan time ) on June 14 in the primary League Group C I play against .


 懸垂幕は縦7メートル、幅0・64メートル。日本代表のチームカラーである青を地色に、大会名や青山選手の名前とともに「祝 日本代表選出」などと記されている。


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