「宇宙の学校」参加者を募集 岡山(5歳~小学6年生までの児童とその保護者100組)

「宇宙の学校」参加者を募集 岡山
Okayama recruiting participants "school of the universe"

Prefecture Lifelong Learning Center (Okayama city north district) is looking for a fiscal 2014 participants of "School of the universe" to be held in conjunction Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, etc. (JAXA) Space Education Center.

Last spring, signed an agreement with JAXA in the education program provides, prefectural education board that operates the Center held a school from last year. Capacity is 100 pairs and their parents children up to 5 years old - 6th grade elementary school. I recruit a multiple of last year.

He started from June 29, a total of 4 times 8 and 12 May, in February of next year. He studied lunar eclipse and hot-air balloon, and for styrene octopus, to carry out experiments and crafts, and observation. Participation fee is 2,000 yen per family. I apply for up to 30 days.

「宇宙の学校」参加者を募集 岡山



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マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)

マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)

Marunaka VS Tenmaya Store Co., Ltd. (Or region against ion VS Seven & I HD)
◇ Seven & I HD / 5 trillion trillion 6318/3396/3 5360
◇ ion / 6 trillion 3951/1714/9970

Ion is to integrate the three companies food supermarkets in the Kanto

It was found on the 19th may embark on management integration of the three companies supermarket ions , funded . I integrate the prospect next spring and subsidiary Maxvalu Kanto 100% ion , Maruetsu that ground in the Tokyo metropolitan area , the three companies of Kasumi revolves around Ibaraki Prefecture . Strengthen cooperation and logistics products and procurement , to increase the competitiveness of the metropolitan area for the super and other convenience stores .
Kasumi and Maruetsu Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange of the three companies . The company plans to open the Board of Directors on the 19th , to be announced in the afternoon the same day .
Integrated form , established a holding company three companies Maxvalu Kanto , Maruetsu , first of Kasumi . Marubeni to invest about 30% in Maruetsu , it plans to ions to establish a joint investment company and, at the same time a majority of the investment holding company , is listed on the holding company . About 70% of the ion , I have adjusted by Marubeni to invest about 30% for the joint venture .
Their respective companies survive after integration , to continue operations in existing brands . You can store under the umbrella is approximately 470 stores , to promote cooperation and large-scale use (PB, voluntary plan ) of the product private brand of ion group , logistics , and the like product procurement , cost reduction can be achieved.
Integration of this time , first step forward in collaboration with Marubeni ion of " metropolitan area super vision " . In addition you have invested in Inageya and Berg , ions , are capital tie-up with Marubeni also Tobu Store Co., Ltd. . Future , there is a possibility to involve the super with a capital these relationships .

From " metropolitan area super vision " , what will Okayama .

In Okayama Prefecture ,
Seven & I HD, Okayama Prefecture, is accelerating the M & A strategy such as Tenmaya Store Co., Ltd. of the ground .
And we are accelerating the M & A strategy such as Marunaka of ion .

In relation to sister company rather than a parent-child relationship as " Marunaka " and " Sanyo Marunaka " , both of which become the company of ion group is currently in the capital on . " Marunaka Holdings " itself is one company of the corporate shareholder that which you have the stock ion the other hand .
The two companies had a supermarket group of originally local , but a subsidiary " Marunaka " , ions are a wholly owned subsidiary " Sanyo Marunaka " on November 25, 2011 .

From being whispered in the market , it's sales reversal of ion and Seven & i . Ion 's in Japan now, but " and Nissen of mail order , Seven & I we are accelerating the M & A strategy such as Tenmaya Store Co., Ltd. of the ground is Okayama Prefecture . Rival reversal might be near" Sugimura Tomio (Economic critic called Mr. ) . Operating income of Seven & I is about twice the ion , market capitalization is more than three times . Only sales are lost to ion . Reason alone , even voice came out " Abduction sales top becomes a runway Toshifumi Suzuki, CEO (81 ) " Nantes ( Financial Analyst ) .









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