宮間、福元のリーダーシップで なでしこサッカー 優勝!  次は、男子だ! W杯!

宮間、福元のリーダーシップで なでしこサッカー 優勝!

Leadership Miyama , of Fukumoto , bargaining power of association ... . Factor of Asian Cup 's first win of the earnest desire it?

Presence Miyama , Fukumoto of which had a major impact on the environment.
Women's Asian Cup majority of overseas assembly is not aligned , hard fight was expected . Overturned the view that such negative , Nadeshiko Japan , led by Norio Sasaki coach , decorated the first victory . Say even the person who won the title " I think ( the reason for victory ) it is known, once again to be able to ( win ) , but I do not know yet " and ( Aya Miyama ) , but the point you feel you are viewed from the outside I want are some .

Sea captain of Aya Miyama summarizing the one team

Also the first player convened " It's become one from the beginning it was difficult ," team this time many ( Miyama ) . It is , go without the body as a team with each passing game . In practice the only sub- group , it was kept the motivation and entrusting to us the plastic bottles Miyama himself has written a message to the players each , successively , began to point out the place that was worrisome to the young .

"We are holding a tribute to a great job in the off- pitch " ( Sasaki ) the attitude is about surrounding honor " wide field of view on or off " and ( Ohara Yuri love ) .

In the final , the players of the sub- sets of tell the obligations as a substitute is inspired on the way participation . Miyama looked back " Sugasawa ( Yui incense ) , Kira ( Chika ) , was impressed by the appearance that you strive to play a role to do his own , chasing the ball ," but was pulled out it captain of their own was the sea .

Voice of Miho Fukumoto of construction of two defensive organization

From the Algarve Cup in the new year , positive GK dispute has revolved around a young Yamane MegumiRina . Send-off the previous game , the opening round of the tournament is also starting Yamane . It's Miho Fukumoto lower more than 20 cm from Yamane in height , but have been at it a little longer than in saving and jumping out .

Coaching , which is backed by experience , more than anything , I move the other players . " In the judgment Kawamura ( Yuri ) enters , GK that can control the . Balance the constitution of the end line has changed is that good " , Sasaki , to appoint Fukumoto, from the semi-finals .

Kawamura performance is improved by this . Burden of Azusa Iwashimizu of defense leaders also be reduced at the same time , it also became a remote cause to attract the semi-final goal , the final .

Tenacious negotiations with AFC live in the finals .
Helm ambitious three Norio Sasaki coach

Commander to think of things on the back-calculated from world competition , hide the hands in the previous stage . Do not choose the best hand for the is also a frequently . Between the players want to win every game , the temperature difference of some had also felt it is true .

The tournament that I face in the membership , such as lacking the teeth of a comb , necessary to consider information operations also , no , did not have the room . If you feel lacking something to the movement of Kiryu Nanase on the way played in the semi-finals , was lowered to bench without hesitation .

It corresponds with the 4-2-3-1 in Australia to make the game with volante CB and two , you have not tried most of the race . I dragged the Asian Cup first victory and crush the starting point of the build-up , in the marshal's baton ambitious .

Negotiation of 4 Japan Football Association

And speed overwhelming momentum , Kawasumi Naomi was conquered left side . Sealed de - Banna of the other ace in the final , Utsugi Rumi who also assist winning goal . And while the group stage limited , Yuki Ogimi ...... gave a positive impact on the FW team . Without success overseas set , I did not get the Asian Cup .

It started to call target approval of International Match Day , to negotiate the Asian Football Confederation and overseas club that holds the player with the (AFC), the Japan Football Association (JFA) has lobbied tenaciously .

Goto road overseas set works as expected , took part in the expansion of the roster frame was won from the AFC compete in the finals . I should also applaud the backup system of JFA.

< And challenges harvest it towards World Cup >

In the Women's World Cup Canada tournament , so that participating countries the number increased to 16-24 , to fight to the final seven games . Australia because it is the best class of 8-16 , prospects that you can win even if I drop something piece of the core is attached .

In addition, the chance to play was small , as in the present but still light , cage also notable players ambitious attitude at the time of the training , I had it in my hand the bright material but also for the future .

In comparison with Germany on the other hand , was defeated in the Algarve Cup , there is a gap still . Even if only in this tournament , scoring in the final of the tournament , was due to play all set . The further evolution " I think you can do re- start how much thinking that you return to each team , was felt in the tournament . There 's important " and ( Miyama ) .

Women's World Cup Canada tournament kicks off June 6th of next year . Time left 's little over a year .


1 チームをまとめた宮間あやのキャプテンシー




2 守備組織を構築した福元美穂の声




3 佐々木則夫監督の意欲的な采配




4 日本サッカー協会のネゴシエーション









20.6% Nadeshiko Asian Cup first V viewing rate ! 25.9% up to the moment

I told the Asian Cup first victory of Nadeshiko Japan of the 25th TV Asahi "Japan × Australia " ( after 10:11 to 0:15 ) has recorded 20.6% ( examined Video Research , the Kanto area) high ratings of the 26th , I found that . London Olympics since 2012 that exceeded the 18.5% of the semi-final match against China , of the 22nd , won the silver medal , became the highest number of women's football as a relay .

Moment highest audience rating of 25.9 percent 22:57 . 41 minutes into the first half , it was scene MF Homare Sawa ( 35 ) is in contact with the opponent .

The game takes place in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam , it defeated Australia 1-0 , it was achieved the first victory in the appearance of the 14th . Winning goal in the head DF Iwashimizu Azusa ( 27) 28 minutes into the first half . In a situation that does not call a main part of the international group , I achieved a long-cherished wish in a team united around the MF Aya Miyama ( 29) of the captain was selected as tournament MVP. Nadeshiko was impetus to women's W Canada Cup tournament kicks off in June next year to shine to the " Crown 3 " and also won the Fair Play Award , aiming for consecutive victories .
なでしこ アジア杯初V視聴率20・6%!瞬間最高25・9%





The awkward silence in the studio Beat Takeshi is saying " Please orthopedic somehow Sawa player " and

Information program broadcast on the 24th "New information 7days newscaster " in (TBS system) , when told about the (W Cup ) participation decision World Cup Nadeshiko JAPAN, Beat Takeshi is the story the Homare Sawa player , silence awkward in the studio there was one act that is flowing .

In the program , I was introduced and that the news word rankings fuss TV this week , W Cup participation of Nadeshiko JAPAN has been determined , that the Japan tour of Paul McCartney has stopped , and the wedding of Utada Hikaru .

Azumi Shinichiro announcer of master of ceremonies , the question " your fellow teacher I'd like are entrained in football team " said Amano Atsushi ( Juntendo University School of Medicine Cardiovascular Surgery Professor ), who you talk about football , who appeared in a guest . Mr. Amano was described physician and orthopedic same Juntendo is has become an authorized doctor of the Football Association .

Takeshi heard this story was in the MF Homare Sawa of Japan Nadeshiko " orthopedic 'll please do somehow Sawa players " he said.

Then , the air in the studio has transformed , after the awkward silence , such as freezing , Mikumo Takae free and announcer Azumi Ana , Amano was slightly bitter smile .

And around the fire fighter "I 'm not mean so much " and " There is no deep meaning " Takeshi also what I thought bad , we describe complacent Ana also to confirm the " but it is not meaningful " , were followed the faux pas of Takeshi .

Then , show the story of a doctor who entrained in football team again . Doctor to be entrained is to be chosen "people found the condition of the entire even not familiar with football ", " orthopedic strong person to joint " is , Amano said , it than " fun " and " very " work content I sat up all .

24日放送の情報番組「新・情報7days ニュースキャスター」(TBS系)で、なでしこJAPANのワールドカップ(W杯)出場決定について伝えた際、ビートたけしが澤穂希選手をネタにし、スタジオに気まずい沈黙が流れる一幕があった。








次は、男子だ! W杯!
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岡山駅セブンイレブン6月開店 JR西と業務提携

岡山駅セブンイレブン6月開店 JR西と業務提携
Business alliance with Okayama Station Seven-Eleven June opening JR west

For station operated business that JR West Group is deployed , Seven and the company - received this spring , Eleven Japan from signed a business alliance agreement , convenience store which is the first store in the prefecture " Seven - Eleven Heart -in JR Okayama Central Station ticket gate noon June 4 , mouth shop "is reopened . Scheduled change of dress of the same is carried out sequentially in about 30 stores and convenience stores shop inside the station in Okayama , Fukuyama district around the third year after .

First store is about 140 square meters in size. In addition to handling lunch strong needs , a side dish and rice balls private brand of " Seven Premium " in the station yard , to sell self-service drip coffee using dedicated equipment . I also provided confectionary corner of Okayama . The seven days a week at 5:30 to 0:00 business hours .

JR Okayama service net that deal shop " kiosk " , convenience stores and " Heart -in" ( Okayama city north district Ekimaecho ) is operated by franchise agreement . The company is " enrich the foods Oden and side dishes , such as fried foods , also want to capture new audiences , such as women working " he said.

JR West plans to renovated five years about 500 stores in China , Kinki , Hokuriku region . Shop Okayama , Kurashiki , Kasaoka , such as Tsuyama Station has become a candidate in the house Okayama branch pipe , and that decide where to renewal actually in consideration of the profitability .

It was a common railway company is to operate the shop inside the station , but the movement of the leading convenience store and railway company Lawson and ( Tokyo ) Tokyu Corporation , such as Family Mart and JR Kyushu to business alliance has spread all over .
岡山駅セブンイレブン6月開店 JR西と業務提携

JR西日本グループが展開する駅店舗事業について、同社とセブン―イレブン・ジャパンが今春、業務提携契約を結んだのを受け、県内1号店となるコンビニ「セブン―イレブン ハート・インJR岡山駅中央改札口店」が6月4日正午、リニューアルオープンする。同様の衣替えは、3年後をめどに岡山、福山地区にある駅構内の売店やコンビニ約30店で順次行われる予定。




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岡山のEV技術を結集、4輪モーター内蔵のギャラン (オーべックワン) OVEC-ONE

岡山のEV技術を結集、4輪モーター内蔵のギャラン (オーべックワン) OVEC-ONE
The bringing together of EV technology Okayama , Galant four -wheel motorized OVEC-ONE ( Kkuwan should O )

The booth of Okayama next-generation automotive technology research and development center , which was established in the automobile related companies in Okayama Prefecture , in addition to Products and technology of participating companies , EV , which is prototype research and development projects were on display .

In fact, it had already passed through the booth and I thought was held in January in the " Automotive World 2014 " , whether of mere EV . This time , not you have to observe the vehicle slowly and carefully , this Mitsubishi " Galant Fortis " base " OVEC-ONE " It was a EV , which has been crafted quite . That attention is said to be four-wheel -wheel motor first .

Brake comes equipped with disc brakes on the inside of the hub , I have completely reworked the suspension and upright . Is a double trailing arm type that supports the upright arms of the four rear , front strut 's what . In the case of EV running at high speed , support stiffness becomes necessary in its own way wheel part becomes heavy in-wheel motor , and to the strut structure a lightweight and simple suspension is difficult fine.

But since it was finished in light weight and the weight of 33kg per one by distributing four-wheel motor , yes was finished in suspension good ride enough .

Vehicle weight has finished in the relatively light given the EV of the base vehicle and 1650kg. Given that it is equipped with 2 car batteries " i-MiEV " It seems to say that pretty good number. And about 300km, in the practical range sufficiently range .

Based on the results in this car , and have started to develop the EV to be a second edition now . Mitsubishi Motors has been cooperation and guidance and technical supply of parts last time , in the form of joint research , it seems to support more strongly in the second edition .

Further , the size or weight of the technology developed in OVEC-ONE, and advances the commercialization by costs in the second phase . I'd expect the EV launch of Okayama departure .

岡山のEV技術を結集、4輪モーター内蔵のギャラン (オーべックワン) OVEC-ONE







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