クールシェア事業 推進強化 岡山県、協賛スポット110カ所配備

クールシェア事業 推進強化 岡山県、協賛スポット110カ所配備

場所は? アプリないかなー!
Cool share business promotion strengthening Okayama Prefecture , 110 locations deployment sponsorship spot

By from June 1 of this year's "Super Cool Biz " period begins , you get to spend a cool , such as public facilities , province to strengthen the promotion refrain from using air conditioning in the home of " Cool share business " . Is valid not only global warming , economy in power consumption measures the summer, doubling the sponsorship spot from this year , to promote the PR to the citizens .

110 places more than 51 locations last year sponsorship spots ( May 23 point ) . In addition to the public facilities city hall and the prefectural government , and libraries , 37 locations , including the Participating Companies of private banks and supermarkets, and department stores in Okayama city . I have deployed a spot on most of the municipalities within the prefecture as well . Distribute stickers , is being well-known to residents in the spot this year further .

Sponsorship authorized dealers to spot , there is a need to set to be 28 degrees in principle the indoor temperature , but the province has introduced website, etc. , increase of customers coming to the store that can be expected.

10th year this year Cool Biz has begun . Investigators of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy , is referred to most often in the power consumption of the day during the summer that's 58% of the air conditioner , you are ahead of refrigerator and television ( 17%) (6% ) . If you do not use air conditioning at home , the effect that can be expected to prevent global warming to save power.
クールシェア事業 推進強化 岡山県、協賛スポット110カ所配備





移住者が絶えない岡山? (岡山ローカル番組の震災移住者特集に大きな反響)

移住者が絶えない岡山? (岡山ローカル番組の震災移住者特集に大きな反響)

どのように、アピールしていくか? 移住者のフォローなどの課題があるかな?
Big response to the earthquake migrants featured in Okayama local program

Okayama after the Great East Japan Earthquake , immigration consultation from outside the prefecture is increasing . April 30, 2014 , I have focused on providing support and assistance to settle council of public-private partnerships for the first time as a government-designated city .

May 15, 2014 , and in close contact with the mother and child set of local stations such Okayama , the evening news of KSB · Setonaikaihoso , looking to emigrate to Okayama , and reported the current state of immigration . Video published on YouTube , is being played close to 9000 times until the 27th .

(Shooting xiquinhosilva 's , from Flickr) Bic Okayama Ekimae

Migrants die out Okayama

April 21, 2014 , one clinic was opened in Naka-ku . Director has just moved from Kodaira, Tokyo in March . I went to check on radiation exposure to more than 2,000 parents and children were afraid of the health damage caused by radiation in Tokyo . You have a reservation examination of corresponding exposure limit 4 family one day in Okayama .

Mother came from Kanagawa Prefecture (34 years) girl came there (2 years) . This makes it a rash throughout the body of the child , mother suspects " exposure is the cause ," but the teacher talk to be " not sure if there is exposure relationship ." Test results were normal .

It came all the way to Okayama It is not only for receiving a diagnosis . In fact she , he thinks to emigrate to Okayama .

2013 , immigration consultation to Okayama at 294 , the number is about nine times that of the previous year . Feared Kanto , the so-called radiation 60% 's " voluntary evacuation " . The council , which was established last month , in cooperation Real Estate Association and immigration support groups in the private sector , etc. Hello , it corresponds at the window of one immigration consultation .

Mother and child visited the city to " immigration - settlement Support Office " . Actual situation is not able to provide specific information easily in a position of government . So city officials have had to introduce , was the organization to help the migrants . Maternal and child visited and apartment immigrants live with their staff. The " tut Okayama let your genetic " support groups the program has interviewed , in response to the immigration consultation of more than 600 since the earthquake , about 300 cases had emigrated actually them .

When the mother and child is bother you in your house two years ago , it was moved from Tokyo , the face of the mother heard the words of the following is a burst of light .

" I'll have done well , in Tokyo" The ( staff )
"We also return this week also " ( migrants )
" I 'm such a feeling everyone " ( mother )
" It's changing the Garatsu suddenly , there is also a difficult place after all " ( staff )

Mothers who visited the nursery also said, " It is the perfect place in private ." On the other hand , I also speak to the regret of Kanagawa .

" To tell the real intention , If it were not for nothing , you do not want to emigrate "

KSB · Setonaikaihoso (from YouTube) " immigration consultation ... the current state of Okayama to increase it? "

Voice of calm surprisingly local

Including this mother and child , since the earthquake , Okayama are gaining popularity as a " voluntary evacuation " destination appreciable and overheating . Even to put the story of the voluntary evacuation commenting , Okayama is easy to live for those who lived in the metropolitan area it would be sure . Possibility of weather fit the natural disaster mild is relatively low .

250,000 square meters of total floor area "ion Okayama Mall " is open in November this year . About the same " Aeon Lake Town " and (Saitama Koshigaya ) is said to be Japan 's largest . Terrible is not the only size . Tenant collected is rumored products comparable to Tokyo and Osaka on track is lined .
Also known as an avid community education , the number of private school of the Edo period in Okayama Prefecture was Japan . There is a head office of Benesse Corporation , known for communication education in the city .

Or that of a person who after the occurrence of the Great East Japan Earthquake , was concerned about is information exchange , and was attracted to Okayama It was originally attractive . Still mother as leaked , where it was born and brought up for the most is probably an all together .

Viewers who watched the program has received posts such as the following to Twitter . Opinion towards the local 's surprisingly calm .

Will it do a Okayama KinositaKouta what? It is a simple question as Okayama people . I also happen to think better of Kyushu is good I think .
- Save the Ocean (kunarusurf1185) May 26, 2014

The " Okayama , south to Shikoku Mountains , north is protected by the Chugoku Mountains , the effects of heavy snow and typhoon is small , less earthquake date of clear and also . Many . People moving to Okayama in Japan Meteorological Agency official who retired for the KinositaKouta nomoretokyo kunarusurf1185 is those urban legend that " many in the original ?
- Valvane (valvane) May 27, 2014




















KinositaKouta 何で岡山なんでしょうか?岡山県人として素朴な疑問です。私が思うに九州地方の方がいいと思うんですけど。
- Save the Ocean (kunarusurf1185) May 26, 2014

KinositaKouta nomoretokyo kunarusurf1185 「岡山は、南は四国山地に、北は中国山地に守られ、台風や大雪の影響が少なく、晴れる日が多い。また地震も少ない。そのため退任した気象庁職員で岡山に移り住む人は多い」という都市伝説的なものが元では?
- valvane (valvane) May 27, 2014

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法然が植えた木 DNA鑑定で裏付け (岡山奈義のイチョウ、同DNAの個体)

法然が植えた木 DNA鑑定で裏付け (岡山奈義のイチョウ、同DNAの個体)

Backed by tree DNA test that Honen planted
( Ginkgo Okayama Nagi , individuals of the same DNA)

The 28th , the country natural monument and large ginkgo of about 900 years old estimated that the family temple ( same town park ), is the same as the DNA of ginkgo Amida ( same town Kosaka ) of about 4 km to the southeast Okayama Prefecture Nagi -cho Board of Education I announced it was individuals with .
Large ginkgo , had been a branch of the tree of Amida that the founder of the Jodo sect , Honen ( 1133-1212 Years) planted in the temple precincts of training destination has bud . Town board of education to " support academic was obtained to legend ," said policy is to continue to make the tourist .
Honen was apprenticed in the family temple who was born in the town of Kumenan current , uncle , maternal KanSatoshi chaired Inju . Around 1141 , when you go to the temple , staff broke and walked up to the temple in the staff tree branches Amida According to Nagi -cho Board of Education . Hoping the academic accomplishment , was inserted in the precincts has grown to big tree now - old tale of the remains.
2010,11 fiscal year , the town asked Harada TeruFutoshi 's tree doctor in ( 74 ) = Maniwa = under Japan Society director tree doctor the diagnosis of large ginkgo , which has been pointed out to the townspeople decline of tree vigor . Was recommended DNA testing " If you're really have the same roots , leading to hints of tree vigor maintenance in the future ," and from that Harada -san know about the existence of tradition , state of the tree of Amida good .
A remote location 13 meters from the giant tree is also transmitted to the precinct , branches were broken large ginkgo Sasari on the ground , and grew up . The town was the site investigation and asked the Harada genetic testing a total of three , in August last year , and collect the young leaves three Shiraishi Susumu professor of Kyushu University Graduate School ( forest genetics ) we also applied .
Shiraishi Professor brought back to the university , the collected data is analyzed for approximately 7 months . As a result, all the DNA is the same has been found .
To take measures such as a rope around so that it is not stepped on the base , is in a relatively healthy state large ginkgo . Town Board of Education has said " I want to help so that the tree is related Honen becomes three , to attract people to . Town valuable tourism resources has increased ."
法然が植えた木 DNA鑑定で裏付け (岡山奈義のイチョウ、同DNAの個体)

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