岡山・高松城址公園きれいに (秀吉が官兵衛に“疑念”と“恐れ”を持った「瞬間」)


In Okayama, Takamatsu Castle park clean
  (Hideyoshi with a "fear" and "doubt" to Kanbee "moment")
In Okayama, Takamatsu Castle park clean

Warring States period , Takamatsu Castle of Bitchutakamatsu castle ruins that were in the Mizuzeme ( boss ) Park ( Okayama city north district Takamatsu ) , Shinobu opened the lord who own blade in Mizuzeme on June 1 is " Soji-sai " . Before the same festival , the 30th , Sanyo newspaper millet Group and the elderly club Takamatsu Shinseikai of the city , Kita-ku, Takamatsu district was cleaning the Takamatsu Castle park .
About 50 people participated . In addition to about one hour at the park , and cut the grass in the mower , you can remove the grass around the neck several Soji , was raking leaves or rake .
Said, " seems to be able to be in the park is beautiful , and commemorate the outstanding virtue of Soji in refreshing feeling " is ( 77) Omori Munehachi chairman of Takamatsu Shinseikai .
Sanyo newspaper millet Subcommittee , organized by Sanyo newsagent and Soja city and Northwest . As a social contribution activities , you are cleaning the park in the spring and autumn every year since November 2007 with Takamatsu Shinseikai .

Hideyoshi had a " fear " and " doubt " to Kanbee " moment "

Strategist Kuroda Kanbee When was shining most or was the time. There will be a variety of opinions , but I think whether not the time was close to big Tenkabito Hideyoshi "The Chinese University ebb " .

May 1582 , Hideyoshi down the Tottori after Harima had attacked Soji Shimizu ( Muneharu ) Btsutyuu ( Btsutyuu ) Takamatsu Castle ( Okayama ) In response to the life of Nobunaga .

Kanbee also participated , and cough and to build a long embankment on the river near the castle , and any proposed strategy to " Mizuzeme " the castle , had committed its completion in ( Kansui ) . Midnight June 3 , urgent message has arrived from Kyoto there .

The " Kuroda Jehu ", the face-to-face directly Yoshitaka ( Yoshitaka ) to ( Kanbee ) and has Kitari express messenger Shi is in the "Kyoto Minister of Nobunaga , Hasegawa SoHitoshi than ( N to do so ) , your in Kyoto last the 2nd it is a sacrifice ( bamboo ) ingredients " the ( secret letter ) Akechi Hinata protect pine killed Nobutada Lord Nobunaga and the public ( today ) on the I ( TATEMATSU ) Ritaru reason , like I say secretly .

Is " Honnoji Incident " .

Nobunaga , age at death 49 . Where Kanbee reported immediately to Hideyoshi , Hideyoshi " Tamau home as amazed ( stunned ) stunned " . I sat down with stargazing .

The Kanbee and Tokyu Fuheki ( after all ) , Kenpei of climate ( climate ) world ( military police ) and ( political power ) after all this world also "Now after comfort as" climate proposes to ( squeezing ) the most vitally your sorrow " I know what to climate " . What you should think with people who fit in one hand the world in this world now . It's a roundabout way , but it was said, "It's your chance ."

< Book of the Edo era do you wanted to not interesting in this , Kanbee that said " when it should Tamau let punched your lucky bamboo basket have come . Something then I let not well " and it seared the knee of Hideyoshi smiled novelist us , " the old man I often quote the story of Zatsuwa " >

Kanbee continue . Akechi Mitsuhide is Ranshin that killed husband , scourge will go down . May be Tatere the son of our public Nobunaga destroyed Akechi . But , there is no the stature to son ,誅罰if supply and ( Chubatsu ) is made strong spirited climate shalt Tamau responsible for the rights of the world naturally the "It lords running in ( rebellion ) rebellion because , you will get an I said " .

Whatever the case may be , as soon as they heard the death of Nobunaga , Hideyoshi was with fear and suspicion as if Misukashi the hearts of the people , to Kanbee that threw up the words of the " let alone " so to speak , is it is said that it was from this time .

I must go back to Kyoto as soon as possible . Kanbee was hit in peace negotiations with Mori on how it's Ushirodate Shimizu . Drinking conditions " ceded . Soji Shimizu is the seppuku Btsutyuu several countries , such as Mimasaka ( Mimasaka ) " of , Mori do not know the death of Nobunaga signed a Seishi of reconciliation and how Hideyoshi .

Night of the 4th of Soji has seppuku in boat of the lake around the castle , Mori also know the change finally . Is too late . It is a victory of intelligence Hideyoshi ( intelligence ) and information warfare ( intelligence ) and Kanbee that Hitokawamuke survive in captivity from Ariokashiro .

< Negotiating role in how Mori was a monk called Ankokuji ( Ankokuji ) Ekei ( Ekei ) . I excelled in diplomacy . A few years ago , three years have " five years ( is ) , after weather and Ku Motaru Allowed ( snip ) left Te ( the ) weather , climate and my name appeared for an climate cheat it is to fall to except near fell high that Nobunaga " . Nobunaga era will continue for some time , but it was predicted then that it would perish fell on his back .

I'm looking forward of Hideyoshi " Tokichiro ( Hideyoshi ) , Saritote weather in Hano 's " he added . For every (Western Army) Ishida Minari-kata in Sekigaharanokassen , after the war , and executed by the Tokugawa how >

Yoshikawa and Motoharu one of Mori where both rivers ( ridge line ) insisted the battle with Hideyoshi reconciliation in just will take effect . But , Kobayakawa Takakage brother thoughtful , objected that it would be to break the more you have the reconciliation it rebelled against Tenri , to deceive Shinmeicho . Can not be obtained the trust of the world if Ute by multiplying the misery of the other party , you will pass a bad name for ever . To be , or not to have been the commandments " lined up in hopes of world " father , the Motonari ( Motonari ) .

Mori did not and kill Hideyoshi towards Kyoto . After that , Hideyoshi wearing to turn it on to deepen fellowship with Mori .

The 6th , Hideyoshi troops left the Bitchutakamatsu castle . ( Cough ) is turned off weir of Mizuzeme , per was flooded . The tail end of 20 005 thousand troops withdrawal , Kanbee served as the most dangerous " gluteal ( buttock )" on .

When I resulted in Himeji , Kanbee were run just was break the soldiers , and to have arrived ( at the foot of the showdown ) Yamazaki in the border Osaka and Kyoto in 12 day and night . Akechi army surprise "China University of Hideyoshi -back too fast " , upset , and the results are as history shows . It was " short-lived rule of Akechi " . The perish Mitsuhide , age at death 55 .

When you withdraw from Btsutyuu , and borrowed the flag of dozens of Mori , from Ukita both families , we have set high towards the Akechi troops in Yamasakinokassen field , Kanbee that took the fight of the other " Mori also 're coming " he said. You wrote the scenario of " China big -back " is it nice to see the prime of life 37-year-old , and Kanbee .






















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I try to find dare immigration No.1 Popular Okayama Prefecture " weakness "

Okayama Prefecture, a popular immigration destination lack of disaster and mild climate , at the height of transportation convenience . Governor , went to the pun "country of sunny " is the slogan the " 8092 Declaration" in January 2014 . In order to achieve the number 8092 people migrants every year , you are actively hold migrants seminars in Tokyo and Osaka .

The " Agreement equation for the support of the house looking for immigration settlement " was held in Okayama City Hall on May 23 . If there is a migration service counter of 8 city of Okayama, Kurashiki , Tsuyama , Tamano , Soja , Akaiwa , Setouchi - Maniwa , to examine the presence or absence of the Property Association to organize in the real estate agent in the prefecture is you want, and has received consultation it's a thing called to answer the requester from the window .

It is the district that is poised to attract migrants in this way , but are not told much about the downside . Do not you have been informed of other citizens , or whether there is no actual problem - editing part was worrisome tried looking for a weakness .

Too concentrated in Kurashiki and Okayama !

Population of Okayama Prefecture, about 1.93 million people . Population of Okayama in about 710,000 of whom , Kurashiki 47 million people . Both cities have side-by-side , there is also a concept that aims to 1 million city and merged in the 1960s . Merger talk flowed from the fact that historical origins are different, there is also a brand in both , but the province capital , which accounts for more than 60% of the population ...... Prefecture Nantes nowhere If I had realized then .

Ties with Kansai area has become stronger by the opening of the Chugoku Expressway northern prefecture , is not good enough ties with Kennan section . The Tsuyama commercial district of the city center , land subsidence is significant shoppers lost to the suburbs.

In fact, entertainment is less

Tourist city Kurashiki aside, Okayama as the locals admit " attractions I wonder if much Korakuen " he said. And " Ikeda Zoo " leisure facility 's about " Mt. Washu Highland " . It is likely to enhance the shopping side shopping center in western Japan 's largest " Aeon Mall Okayama " will open in the fall of this year , and seek leisure Nagoya and Tokyo metropolitan area , the Kansai area the same level it tough little .

Regulation of adult-related in severity across the country 's premier female employees not to act also production shop that called himself saw ○ land .

Longer are not " education Okayama Prefecture " ?

Culture of education Okayama Prefecture has brought , but too much interest in high education , tend to judge people by your high school is strong around the elderly severity for customs . 4 High School in Kurashiki city high school and five in the city of Okayama is the elite schools , but the evaluation of the high school graduates of the other low .

National ranking of the average percentage of correct answers in the national academic research and learning situation is not high on the other hand . In elementary school # 38 , junior high school has remained at position 32 .

According to the "one 's money ," which was broadcast on NHK Okayamahosokyoku on April 5 , local teachers include the following problems .

Because endowed , society will not hear that the parent does not have aspirations to children say school , it is not rewarded even Good luck there is no room to Just the teacher left to children to study
In addition to study , there is no crisis awareness of disaster prevention

Do you become a " Nope without study " because it is too ... blessed . In fact, it is pointed out that this thinking and are also reflected in the awareness of disaster prevention .

Where you have published a " tremendous response to the earthquake migrants featured in Okayama local program" article dated 27 May J Town net , there was a tweet to be worried .

Natural disasters few , including the day of the earthquake sunny and a lot of it I 'm sure . Reason alone crisis consciousness , but it is refreshing . > Big response to the earthquake migrants featured in Okayama local program - walk - J Town net Okayama http://t.co/f9eEqFOh8T
- 7490 (74907509) 2014 , May 28

Cohesion of residents is not high probably because disaster is small . National average of unionization rate of voluntary disaster prevention organization 's around 77% , but , Okayama is below 60% . In addition , criminal law crime number of reported cases per 100,000 population 36 in the nation . What rank in spite of this you are blessed is a little care .

By the way , in the old Ningyo-toge uranium mine on the border of Tottori Prefecture , 10 years from 1959 , had been mining uranium . It was closed from the fact that profit is not taken , but the uranium surplus soil is left untouched , leaving the part .

" Ningyo-toge treasure house of Okayama Prefecture news - uranium ," which was screened at cinemas in the prefecture a long time ago is up to YouTube, the video that has dug a tunnel can be seen . Although it is a story people feel faint , which has been moving for fear of radiation damage when heard .

" Ningyo-toge treasure house of Okayama Prefecture news - uranium " (from YouTube)

We recognize firmly problems !

We have cited this and that downside , but it's a problem that Okayama is too blessed , but because of the resulting many of the problems . There is no doubt that still , to enter the upper level to ensure as a choice of migration destination even if there is a problem of these .

Province has also cognitive decline of education level and depopulation , for the delay of crime and disaster prevention , I have promoted measures and identify the problem.

According to the "Plan alive live country Okayama sunny " Ken has been published on March 15 , for residents of all Kurase a bright smile , with the aim of Okayama to develop globally as a center of Shikoku , Current Status and Issues , emphasis - I have to clear the program by 15 of the index which is a target and promotional measures .

If they are able to achieve as planned , Okayama will be a paradise in Japan . People who want to build you want to notice both the foundation would be a How about thinking to emigrate to Okayama .

















晴れの日が多いのと地震を含めて自然災害が少ないのは確かだね。それだけに危機意識はさっぱりだけど。>岡山ローカル番組の震災移住者特集に大きな反響 - おさんぽ - Jタウンネット 岡山県 http://t.co/f9eEqFOh8T
- 7490 (74907509) 2014, 5月 28



大昔に県内の映画館で上映された「岡山県ニュース~ウランの宝庫 人形峠」はYouTubeにアップされており、坑道を掘っている映像が見られる。放射線被害を恐れて転居してきた人が耳にしたら卒倒しそうな話だが。

「岡山県ニュース~ウランの宝庫 人形峠」(YouTubeより)





岡山弁「もんげー」を世界に!  (このニュースに熱視線!注目! 「妖怪ウォッチ」の人気! 妖怪ウォッチ(妖怪メダル祭りは?) (「桃太郎」と「妖怪ウォッチ」で地域活性化だ!)
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商店街の魅力高め、イオンに対抗 (イオン VS 商店街・天満屋) (イオン VS セブン&アイ)

商店街の魅力高め、イオンに対抗 (イオン VS 商店街・天満屋) (イオン VS セブン&アイ)

To enhance the charm of shopping district , and against the ion

From September , Okayama Omote-machi mall Federation to start the " ( Seminar of the city Tokusuru ) town seminar " mini courses shopkeeper et al to teach citizens tips and knowledge gained as a specialty store . Ahead of this fall the large-scale commercial facility ion Mall Okayama opening of JR Okayama Station to the south , to achieve the enclosure and increased customer store the individual taking advantage of the charm . I held a study session prior to the first 29 and 30 days .
Town seminar , offered in principle free of charge to the venue each store . Them to know the store by enjoyment of the course , leading to the purchase of the future to build a relationship of trust . Began in 2002 in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture , and expanded to about 120 area across the country now . It is made ​​Fukuyama , Himeji , etc. Tottori in neighboring prefectures . The first time in Okayama Prefecture .
The study group that has been opened at 29 and 30 days Omote-machi mall , 40 people excess of about 30 stores participating . Matsui Yoichiro representative = cosmetic store management = of the meeting of Okazaki town seminar were invited from the " birthplace " is outlined .
Did on " small shop , to counter price and assortment to the national chain and large store is difficult ," said Matsui representative rather than sell things to people . Town seminar greatest weapon shop " mall , said , "he goal is get willing to explain the things that life comes in handy .
Hearing aid store increased customer from the third year stationery store that I increased more than 10 times the sales number for free adjustment of the pen tip and the course was teaching materials the assembly kit of the fountain pen , the seminar of basic knowledge and use experience , skin care and make-up lessons the introduction of initiatives such as the cosmetic store to perform the massage . It was also reported record about 20% of the student with the root as a customer by repeatedly held .
The federation is preparing a seminar offered from the city last fall . Go soliciting participating retailer with the aim of start-up at 50 stores in September , such as opening a study session in the future . In addition to the consumption tax hike of "Spring , Aeon Mall of " black ships " in autumn also landed , Shine the charm one shop . One stores to increase the severity is re- study the knowledge , large opening Hiroyuki president Customers business environment you are going to " want to attract .



















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