The 25th, Okayama Prefecture announced that begin on a trial basis from July 1 efforts to collect and analyze word about Okayama it is written in short posting site "Twitter". Part explores the behavior patterns of people from the vast amounts of information of "big data" use.
On to collect information three months to the end of September, it was ascertained to see if you can get the measures such as planning, it is determined whether or not the full-scale implementation.
Target of data collection is set with any of about 300 words and always includes the word "Okayama", related to the province, "Momotaro", "Korakuen" "aesthetic zone", "Hiruzen", "peach", "Muscat" and "Senya cow" the post became.
Collected using the services of (Tokyo) NTT COMWARE of system development. Impression age and gender, on the keyword of contributors to analyze and whether critical or positive.
Ken, to consider and you can use and development of the event that these data to PR tourist destinations, as an indicator to measure the effect measures. Prefecture Information Policy Division that "to validate any useful data is whether the degree present in the prefectural government on Twitter, you want to explore the use of know-how" and.

The 26th, the installation work of the defense network to protect the shark from swimmers began in Shibukawa beaches Tamano City ahead on July 12 the sea opening.
Orange to be sharks and hate (about 5 cm square mesh) defense network. Be enclosed in shape of "U" about 400 meters front of swimming area, about 65 meters east, over a period of about 75 meters west.
About ten contractors of the city work from 8:00. Offshore to pull the net in a small boat, I went to the fixed weight of the seabed. Diving board and rope to prevent the entry of personal watercraft by early July also set up in order to prepare for the season-in.
Defense network, set up every year since 1992 received a diver was attacked by a shark in the Seto Inland Sea. No sightings of sharks in recent years, but the city Chamber of Commerce Tourism Division is set to "want you to enjoy it in peace to bathers."
Order to operate efficiently, which focused the business on summer vacation, opening sea of Shibukawa beaches this year, slower than usual two weeks.



Introducing children's flip book

Corner to introduce drawn on the theme of the house a wide variety of "flip book", has unveiled newspaper Okayama Sanyo Housing Exhibition in (Okayama, Minami-ku, Fujita).
If you'll let enjoy feel free to children visiting the exhibition hall, was opened as a "cartoon library lightly" in the corner of the center house. You are at one point the work of 19 people animator and illustrator, cartoonist from across the country.
Such dog to the mischief a lot in the house during the absence, dad doing its best to desperately so that it is not trampled on monster My home mortgage will remain, their owners just works heartwarming world spreads in unique and turn the page. Some paper itself is shaped like a house or those which treated the photo.
The exhibition hall says it "In addition to increasing the work if well received, the future, we also want to open production experience of classroom flip book" he said. The exhibition hall us (086 239 3434).


 同展示場は「好評なら作品を増やすほか、今後、パラパラ漫画の制作体験教室も開きたい」としている。問い合わせは同展示場(086 239 3434)。



Next-generation automotive development project of Okayama Prefecture, the second phase start

To back up the automotive industry is a key industry of the province, the province started the "Okayama next-generation automotive technology research and development projects." In an attempt to follow in the first phase of efforts to 23-25 ​​fiscal year, the province is set to "aim to technology development, such as those employed in the production car."

16 affiliated companies in the prefecture software development and mechanical design, such as automobile body fabrication participation. Mitsubishi Motors with a factory in Kurashiki even joined the joint research, I aim and practical use next-generation electric vehicles and smaller and lighter (EV).

In the first phase project, the production prototype EV equipped with the innovative technology of four-wheel drive car to each, such as "in-wheel motor" and "OVEC-ONE". I gave the results to the development and training of human resources.

Italian wood Ryuta governor in the hope that it "would like to boost in order to activate the automotive industry, which accounts for 10% of the. Prefecture employment success great motivation's began to grow. Related skill was a great success the first phase."

Level that produced a prototype this year, is adopted to the manufacturer up to 28 year to improve the technology.





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特殊詐欺に対策ネット きょう岡山県が発足 コンビニ業界も協力

特殊詐欺に対策ネット きょう岡山県が発足 コンビニ業界も協力
Okayama Prefecture cooperation established convenience store industry measures the net today in special fraud

Toward the prevention of damage "special fraud" such as billing fraud, such as Ken called for cooperation in the convenience store industry as well as financial institutions, to build a damage prevention network, to open the launch ceremony on the 25th. Measures received that cash transfer means of special fraud have shifted to such as home delivery of convenience stores use cutters from (ATM) Automated Teller. Organization of the same type that the prefecture's first.

According to the police, special fraud number in the prefecture of last year in the 149, the damage amount has doubled from the previous year and about 1.1 billion 42 million yen, it was past the worst. I have remained at a pace similar to that of the approximately 300 million 70 million yen 53 also from January to May this year.

Fraud pose a financial instrument transactions are often trick. Also, instead of letting credited with ATM as the conventional methods to be sent cash by causing funneled luggage such as courier Yupack that is increasing. About 65% of the amount of damage up to May this year (200 million 39 million yen), but that was this new method.

Ken's ongoing "intensive deterrence that together the public and private sectors! Protect the citizens from the special fraud (TSY) strategy" and from this month, but I create a network that spread the participating organizations further. To join Ken Bankers Association, convenience store companies, Ken Trucking Association, courier, postal and Japan about 20 organizations.

Asked to increase the awareness of the damage of special fraud courier or post office, even a convenience store operators in addition to "financial institutions, and halt at the border for sending the luggage of cash into, Ken living safety and security department prevent damage talking added, "if it is possible to.
特殊詐欺に対策ネット きょう岡山県が発足 コンビニ業界も協力




 県は今月から「特殊詐欺から県民を守れ! 官民一体となった集中抑止(TSY)作戦」を実施中だが、さらに参加団体を広げたネットワークをつくる。参加するのは県銀行協会、コンビニ各社、県トラック協会、宅配便業者、日本郵便など約20団体。

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