青山 勝利を導くアシスト (岡山県倉敷市出身) ワールドカップ(W杯)ブラジル大会に向けて 日本4―3ザンビア

青山 勝利を導くアシスト (岡山県倉敷市出身) ワールドカップ(W杯)ブラジル大会に向けて 日本4―3ザンビア


Japan 4-3 Zambia towards assist to lead the victory Aoyama (Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture from) World Cup (W Cup) Brazil tournament

The go-ahead Okubo is determined by the left foot a nice pass MF Toshihiro Aoyama (Hiroshima = 28) you just change appearance, and finished off the last international match before W Cup with dramatic win.
Honda 2 shots, Kagawa & Okubo also decided! W Cup to Japan, with 4 shots come-from-behind victory

◇ international friendly match Japan 4-3 Zambia (U.S. Tampa June 6, 2014)

(The 7th Japan time) on the 6th, and the international friendly match (up 76 place) Zambia representative in Tampa Japan representative of training camp in the United States Florida (FIFA Rank # 47) towards (W Cup) Brazil tournament World Cup win 4-3 done. Assuming that one point difference FW Keisuke Honda (27 = AC Milan) decided to PK 40 minutes into the first half from 0-2, 3 FW Shinji Kagawa (25 = Manchester U), Honda has scored a goal in quick succession in the second half - and reverse 2. It was caught up in the middle is decided to shoot the same 44 minutes, but tighten the win international A match of the last World Cup before W FW Yoshito Okubo (31 = Kawasaki F) has decided to go-ahead goal in injury time.

Japan is also a starter (27 = Inter Milan) DF Yuto Nagatomo to replace the five starting members from Costa Rica game, had complained of pain in the right calf. Shusaku Nishikawa (27 = Urawa) became the starting lineup against the Netherlands since November last year GK.

Japan wants tighten win the international game last W Cup before proceeding with the game on the other Jinnai from rising also, of taking the first goal is Zambia. 9 minutes into the first half, C · Katongo to be connected by a Niasaido a cross from the right side, was Serika~tsu to DF Atsuto Uchida (Schalke 26 =) in the far-side 's pre-emptive Tatakikon head.

Two runs from the first set to play the same 29 minutes. If you send a cross folly rounder in glorified short corner right CK, it is through the near, and increasing the lead to 2-0 MF supernatants is decided to shoot in the middle right foot.

Same 40 minutes, Japan won the PK Kagawa is invited opponent hand from fine maneuvering. I folded the first half at 1-2 Honda decide exactly in the left foot.

From the late start, Japan Okubo up in place of the Kakidani Sunday Ichiro (24 = C Osaka) one top. The reaction was the through path of the Honda in the 5 minutes, it is judged offside.

DF Morishige Masato (27 = FC Tokyo), FW Osako Isamu也 (24 = 1860 Munich) is played on behalf of the Okazaki injured and Yasuyuki Konno DF (31 = G Osaka) in the same 14 minutes. DF Sakai Hiroki (24 = Hannover) is turned on in place of the Uchida in 21 minutes.

28 minutes into the second half, Japan Kagawa cross is cut into the center from the left side, aimed at Okubo central area from the front. The ball tied the score 2-2 and is sucked into the direct shot and without touching the Okubo. If you send a cross folly rounder Morishige on the way participation is dribbling breakthrough after 2 minutes, Honda in front of the goal was the go-ahead push 3-2.

But 44 minutes into the second half, the match to the drawing board 3-3 is determined a strong middle shot from the left side to Zambia. But the 46 minutes, the go-ahead Okubo is determined by the left foot a nice pass MF Toshihiro Aoyama (Hiroshima = 28) you just change appearance, and finished off the last international match before W Cup with dramatic win.

Depart Tampa 7 days, Japan is moving to the northwest Ito~u of Sao Paulo as the base in Brazil. I play against the Ivory Coast in the primary League Group C opener of (the 15th Japan time) on the 14th.


◇国際親善試合 日本4―3ザンビア(2014年6月6日 米国・タンパ)










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How about "Mizuzeme lunch Kanbee"

The "Mizuzeme lunch Kanbee" lunches named after the razzle-dazzle that was Rakujo Bitchutakamatsu Castle is Kuroda Kanbee of the Samurai is, and was advised to Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi The protagonist NHK Taiga Drama the (Okayama city north district Takamatsu), It is sold at the shop three locations of JR Okayama Station. I'm ingenuity such as to reproduce the "Mizuzeme" multiplied by the special soup to sea bream (Thailand) rice.
In the center of the partition in the five Oribako square, was likened to the main enclosure, was served a sea bream rice topped a grilled sea bream transmitted and favorite of Kanbee. We can taste the boiled rice in tea-like over the soup was served.
Such as fried bean-curd stuffed with boiled rice and bale-shaped rice ball of Chameshi reminiscent bracken rice cake of green tea reflecting the image of teriyaki Okayama Prefecture chicken named after the Okayama castle-Ukita Hideie, the tea ceremony who loved Hideyoshi, the sandbags of the embankment, full of ideas around menu is jammed.
1100 yen (Okayama, Naka-ku, Kuwano) is manufactured under Miyoshi shop. I sell to the end of November. Ikoma Takao Regional Director of the JR West Okayama branch office has said "I want to enjoy as one of the tourism promotion".


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The tactician of heterogeneous or Jekyll and Hyde The "Ukita Naoie" ... Kanbee

While the strategist of Hideyoshi Hashiba, Kuroda Kanbee was obsessed with Settsu-Arioka Castle, it's drama that only offense and defense of Oda Nobunaga and Arioka lord Araki Murashige was emphasized, but during this time, the people Bessho Changzhi waits for reinforcements Mori It was going battle of Harima Miki Castle lock oneself in the seven thousand 500 people, including even in parallel. Army provisions that cut off the food surrounds the castle (army provisions) attack stalemate battlefield was (accretion), but in the back, bargaining cunning (cunning) in a quiet and Mori and Sengoku daimyo, Ukita Naoie of Bizen-Mimasaka also expand had been.

● Hiya Miki The (daily)

Large army of Mori in the west was a threat to Oda to advance the Harima capture from the east. Had to be all-out war in the face for this, but the battle has been exhibited wolf Qianmen, the face of the tiger back gate at the betrayal of Murashige that were showing their absolute trust.

As this occurs, Miki castle Trombone because you were prepared to be a long war and decided starvation policy from the very beginning, it was working on Arioka Castle Cheats front of first is a matter of course. However, there were a few times of battle Concerning Mikishiro.

May 1579 Kanbee is imprisonment during Hideyoshi cut off the supply route to attack stopover of army provisions transport to Miki, (do not birth), Niu Mt Rokko the Akirayotera. I block the army provisions transport strategy of co-Bessho and Mori also in September.

I returned full of soldiers from starving Miki castle that was cut off the army provisions at last. In addition to eating horse combat, you do not miss even one pet rat. Soldiers to commit suicide in desperation even after another.

Meanwhile, in October, Kanbee is rescued from Arioka Castle fall verge, Hideyoshi droopy mount a ruthless battle of Miki castle here by eliminating a strategist Takenaka Hanbe in June.

Dropped one after the other the 支城 Miki, fierce battle has taken place in such Mikishiro major temple, but Bessho bias debilitated to surrender without reserve capacity to fight for a long time. January 14, 1580 after the spree was held in pledge of Hideyoshi, Bessho family to suicide.

If you stab to death his wife of Changzhi is raised to embrace the knee young child of four from 1 to 5 years, will die without a suicide assistant to himself. Changzhi you seeing his long it goes back to the room, that was seppuku with his brother-Tomoyuki.

I close the curtain of the battle, which lasted 10 months a year here. Later, a gruesome fight this (blame Mr.) is to be called "Mikinohigoroshi".

● the perfect time

There are warlords became a key point in this fight. Is Ukita Naoie. Initially, Did you could measure the power of Mori and Oda, Naoie was looking at the war situation in the indecisive either at the Battle of Harima, but go over to the other side to Oda in October 1579.

If you look at the time you have Negae~tsu, immediately after a failed strategy Bessho and Mori is bring in the Miki castle jointly army provisions. Besides, it is also the time was moving on peace is cut off the supply route of the Ishiyama Honganji Mori also of hostile and during Nobunaga.

Among the drama, just before being imprisoned, there was a scene where Kanbee is visited straight home, to persuade "If get to Oda only now ..." and so on, but there is such a scene really, Naoie to recall a conversation with Kanbee while, I wonder had a look at the situation of the two.

for Naoie has Noshiaga~tsu to Daimyo from ronin a mere, but is sensitive to all the information, I was good at talent to go to the mine and to capture the opportunity accurately. In addition, conspiracy lovers say enough is known as military commander was the first run assassinated in gun, and those of your hand poisoned.

Reason alone, you fathom that there is no intention of Mori sends reinforcements to Miki Naoie of "Okayama" and decide that you go over to the other side to Oda, have shifted to run it at the perfect time. Bessho Mori Metropolitan "Hyogo" of "Hiroshima" in which he was completely divided.

Would say this kind of thing just in a "opportunistic".

● face of the table, face the back

Enough to say that it is such Naoie a conspiracy lovers, but never actually was purge the vassal generation to generation have been mercenary troops, plow fields and vassal, the regime itself, and amassed army provisions when the last child lord that he was in his late teens It is as if we had showed the ruler of virtue of the first time.

There are a variety of face to people. Kanbee presence, such as the head coach of the baseball which does not show too much public face, to the advice of the operations commander in the back diplomats pushed to the front honesty, Takenaka Hanbe.

And how leaders also served as chief of staff, such as the meaning Mori Motonari there, Naoie have been a military commander that had a dual nature as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

It appears that seemed personality skeptical because I was young, there is a bitter experience grandfather is assassinated plot of colleagues, family that was downfall, what is needed to Naoie and was the only faithful really vassal.

So, not only is like a kind of trouble is strategist like Kanbee for Naoie, because it began to cut open only power and wisdom of their own, or "bad guys" ostensibly, "Kowaomote (Kowaomote)" I had no choice but are at.

However, more than a lord, you must also summarized vassal, but that neither myself was assassinated because it is story that is obvious only fear, it would have been in contact in the face of "good" in the vassal.

Which is a real face on earth. Or was the man cunning enough would be doing any face. Interest is not exhausted.

























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