ESD会議、ポロシャツでPR (持続可能な開発のための教育)

ESD会議、ポロシャツでPR (持続可能な開発のための教育)
PR ESD conference, polo shirt

The 10th the regular Okayama city council in June was opened, and to face the plenary session at the polo shirt figure to PR the "UNESCO World Conference on (Education for Sustainable Development) ESD" this autumn, will be held in the city executive and the city council 's.
Polo shirt in white, to treat chest logo of ESD using Hakoro and Mikoro of image character of the city, I have designed the earth and character of the ESD on the back. 32 people city executive-parliament secretariat staff and 50 people City Council of making the city more advanced diatomaceous of summer in the "Super Cool Biz" for attended was all worn.
Omori Masao mayor on stage in a polo shirt figure, and explain the reason for the proposed bill. Showed a willingness "to get the participation of a wide range of citizens in that it can not be said that awareness is enough essential. Want to strive to further well-known" and also for the promotion of ESD.
City side is hope, city council was also agreed to wear polo shirts. According to the parliament secretariat, to unify the dress for PR measures in the same city council for the first time.


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イオン、2500台の臨時駐車場 本当に大丈夫か? 

イオン、2500台の臨時駐車場 本当に大丈夫か? 
Ion, temporary parking of 2500

The 9th, development and management company Aeon Mall large commercial facilities scheduled to open in November, "Aeon Mall Okayama" of (Okayama city north district Shimoishii) (Chiba City) is from about 2500 to around the Okayama suburbs to JR Okayama Station south I revealed a policy to ensure the temporary parking. By devote to private parking for about 5,000 units in conjunction with about 2500 units to be attached to a shop, it is possible to alleviate traffic congestion at the time of opening.
One thousand units in action sports park site of JR Okayama Station Kitanagase (Okayama city north district Kitanagaseomote Town) near, special parking, secured 200 units ion Okayama store that closed at the end of September to the (same AOE). about 1300 units remaining that also negotiating with the public and private sectors in the direction hire the idle land. Temporary parking plan the time being, until the end of January next year.
In addition to running the shuttle bus, we decided to encourage the use of public transport such as a bus or JR, to examine the benefits and pay the fare between temporary parking shop. In addition, I would like to ensure Okayama Station also affiliated parking lot.
The 9th, Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized, held in Okayama city in "Aeon Mall Okayama branch council", Kono Katsuya Kyushu Okinawa Development Department Senior Manager is described. Kono director said, "want to work to alleviate traffic congestion, such as securing temporary parking lot".
Aeon Mall Okayama began construction in April last year. Set forth the goal of attracting 20 million per year over the second floor 8th floor above ground, with about 80 008 one thousand square meters floor space. 73% of respondents to visit by car (approximately 4,000) questionnaire Okayama prefectural police were carried out, and up to 50.4% Internet survey of Okayama Economic Research Institute also (512 people), concerns about the traffic congestion is pointed out have.

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Aoyama player support of W Cup played in the hanging curtain

In order to support (Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Sakuhi high and out) the MF Toshihiro Aoyama players facing Japan as representative football World Cup (W Cup) Brazil Games, the 9th, Okayama Prefectural Office listed in the north wall hanging curtain.
Hanging curtain (length 15 m, width 1.8 m) Hang in there! "
Toshihiro Aoyama player
It is written with such Kurashiki from ", you are sent a Yale. Aoyama player was elected to W Cup soccer Japan representative for the first time in the province graduates.
W Cup kicks off (the 13th Japan time) on the 12th. Japan representative of the primary League Group C to fight the Ivory Coast in the opening match of the 14th (the same on the 15th).

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