サッカーW杯に向けて  青山、努力は必ず報われる…兄・裕高さんが語る不屈のボランチ(W杯)

サッカーW杯に向けて  青山、努力は必ず報われる…兄・裕高さんが語る不屈のボランチ

MF Toshihiro Aoyama (28) = Sanfrecce = Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture born, stand to the pitch of the W Cup overcome the hardship of many. Experienced a "miscarriage of justice of tragedy" in two years when Sakuhi-daka, Beijing Olympics squad defeated in 2008. It has been hit many times in serious injury. brother, Hirotaka's three years older (31) = Kurashiki Midorimatsu High soccer coach is looking back = the figure of volante indomitable you still can not face it downwards, has continued the effort, sending the ale.

I reached the Cup W production in the best possible way. Zambia against (the 7th Japan time) on the 6th. Is sent to the FW Okubo forefront of the ball of the first touch, MF Aoyama was replaced competed in the 45 minute of the second half was assisting the winning goal. Accurate long kick and play selection, precise and breadth of vision. It was characteristic path was condensed.

Aoyama was called to Zach Japan for the first time in July last year. Granted power to the commander in a short period of time, I slipped in W Cup members as fourth fastest volante.

"Effort that is always rewarded, It is the best example." Brother, Hirotaka's three years older, and so represent the way Aoyama life has taken.

In a tough mental strength, I have overcome the hardship many times.

I experienced a "miscarriage of justice of tragedy" in two years when the Sakuhi-daka. Okayama Prefecture Finals Mizushima factory against the national high school football. Aoyama decided daring middle extension to the first half, but the referee missed and the ball bounced off of hits to the back post. It is not recognized as a goal, the team was defeated at the end of the PK game.

Mr. Hirotaka was a college student at the time, was looking at the audience and watched the V goal of the vision. Was developed into national issues, but looking back, "his brother was calm. Could have been the chagrin, but word did not even mouth the words of protest" he said.

I tasted the humiliation of the Beijing Olympic team members dropped in 2008. It was an outstanding performance in the Asia qualifying, failure of previous sounded. Mr. Hirotaka says "Because was one of the major goals, seems to have been a shock indeed" he said.

Still volante indomitable did not discouraged. Brushed technology with the aim to further heights.

Continued to cry the injury but Mr. Hirotaka as "I heard even after the team training is over, you're doing the care of the body and muscle training until late." Contributing to consecutive league of Hiroshima as captain last year. Etc. are chosen to best eleven for the second year in a row, went one step closer step to W Cup participation.

When I was a child, Aoyama brother kicked the ball together every day in a park near his home. Talk nostalgically to "brother a sore loser, and incoming and frantically to dribble my" he said.

The process proceeds to Kibi International University from Tokai University Fukuoka High five, Mr. Hirotaka (including RFK predecessor) play six years Fajiano Okayama. I supported the team, which aims to promote J2 as DF. In '09, he became director of Kurashiki Midorimatsu high. It has been brought up, such as runner in the whole province of this month, by the time call his outfit in the prefecture the school.

And that to hear well the story of the younger brother Toshihiro to his students.

"Brother'm a role model good. Was continued for effort even if painful. Talking with" You made me put in a Japanese national "So, it seems to resonate with the students"

May 12. TV of the drawing room in the school, Mr. Hirotaka heard the W Cup squad announcement. moment the coach Zaccheroni has to mouth the "Aoyama", and that shouted "All right -" in the voice of about sounds in school. Mail arrives, "I went" from his brother immediately after.

The appeal in the two games test the previous match, there is a possibility of the starting lineup in production. "Even from the middle in the starting lineup, and I want you to aim for. Victory if give me show a quick play in the machine seems to him." Figure that dynamic at a pitch of Brazil, become the best textbook that leads to his students.
















青山“秒単位”アシスト 後半45分出場、ファーストタッチで
Played 45 minutes Aoyama "seconds" assist the second half, with the first touch

International Friendlies USA Tampa (Japan 4-3 Zambia June 6)

I decided to assist Aoyama approach haul by winning the contestants after the first touch. The contestants take turns with the peas in 45 minutes into the second half it was caught up in a tie. Upon receiving the ball was lowered into the game is resumed, and sent a long feed, "just right" without missing a movement of Okubo that and ran.

Had a feeling hit. The feeling to be "thought" I myself "when I saw the players have a warm-up supervision", but returned to the bench before the name is called. The observation of the game while the up. Was proudly "I thought alone time. Myself did not come with the movement of the players in the second column, which ran to the back has played, and still have a chance. Results obtained by the thing to do" and . The admission that it is the fourth fastest of volante own. But presence is becoming more and go ahead in the match against Costa Rica. Vertical path inherent showed the potential to be a major weapon of Zach Japan in this tournament.
青山“秒単位”アシスト 後半45分出場、ファーストタッチで

国際親善試合  米国・タンパ (6月6日 日本4―3ザンビア)



Aoyama's big job! ! Strike "foot" the winning goal

"Strengthening game, Japan 4-3 Zambia" (the 6th, Tampa)

MF Toshihiro Aoyama has pulled off a big job in the first play. Caught up in the 44 minutes into the second half, and played 45 minutes. Upon receiving the ball, put a long pass to the forefront of Okubo without hesitation, was assisting the winning goal.

It really showed characteristic but "quite, I am not the person who aimed at the back in that state," said it was praised Okubo decided.



コートジ戦スタメンはこうなる ボランチは山口&青山がベター
Zambia postwar Zach Japan is reversed win 4-3, in Kawamoto Mr. Osamu of Sports Nippon this newspaper critic, in anticipation of the starting lineup of the primary league opener, Ivory Coast against World Cup forthcoming after 8 days (W Cup) Brazil tournament I got.

GK is "determined by Kawashima" because it Nishikawa that was starting in Zambia war has exposed the lack of combination first. As confirmed by Yoshida, DF line pushed the Morishige that was played in the middle against Zambia in the center back of another person Uchida of right-back, Nagatomo of left-back, the corner of the center back.

It would a Konno speaking from the reliability of the "Up to now, but I would like to go with Morishige Given the height and. There is also a scoring ability when it is in the power play to Morishige. W Cup members of this time is wounded in the side back The Kawamoto said many, looking to use Konno to left-back in the Costa Rica game, the was put Morishige to center back, Zaccheroni director Yoshida & Morishige also "do not have in mind the first choice center back says.

And, Hasebe of captain volante dickey. Yamaguchi and Endo was starting it with his double volante in Zambia game. But, Mr. Kawamoto turnout the question: "If Hasebe could not keep, you can either go Endo, Yamaguchi today" he said. Yamaguchi has remained strong in the place where you want to appoint in the starting lineup as it is, Mr. Kawamoto chose Aoyama to another person. "Ability is high Aoyama, and it did leave the results in the A match is greater" as can be seen from the scene who assisted the goal of Okubo in the vertical path in the middle played immediately after.

Then, it did not work too much "Kakidani, but were Okubo dethroned appeal. I can even one top in the side, and Okubo when more than anything Okubo has entered the 1 top than one top when Kakidani for one top candidate Honda that "appeared to be so easy to do more of.




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