学力アップは「板書」から 岡山県教委、教員に指導手引配布

学力アップは「板書」から 岡山県教委、教員に指導手引配布

教育県 復活なるか?

It can be seen that teachers can not properly "blackboard" is not a few in the class of elementary and junior high schools in the prefecture, and issued a document entitled "Standard of Okayama-based learning guidance" for the first time, county board of education and began teaching. While the province has raised the "revival of education in Okayama Prefecture", with the aim of dramatic academic achievement up to up to three years, "pointed out the blackboard is not enough from supervisors to patrol the school there were many" (prefectural board of education obligation It is poised to be referred to as Education Division), starting from the blackboard guidance to teachers first academic-up measures.

This document is to create a 10,009 thousand parts, I have distributed elementary and junior high schools in the prefecture, the municipal board of education. As the "foundation of leadership", it illustrates how to write a blackboard in class among them. Were instructed to be the standard's - indicates where to write the blackboard, to enumerate the idea of ??children and students in helping put up learning task, write a summary.

Description How should be assume a further note. It has shown to the right way to hold a pencil, teachers are instructed to teach in compliance with this.

It is a mere memo's written on. Blackboard that that the "blackboard is not able to properly be taken up at the meeting, the more the mosquitoes for example that students can not understand the structural classes are not a few , you are going to "have decided to document this guidance.

The national achievement test last year, ranking prefecture of Okayama has been sluggish 38 small position 6, while 3 is # 32.

The province established the "learning Improvement Program" with the goal we have set the revival of education Prefecture, Okayama "plan alive live country Okayama sunny", to raise the top 10 both rank in up to 28 fiscal year.

"Improving technology to teach the teacher" has become one of the priority measures.










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EV導入へ新助成 岡山県、スマートグリッド普及へ

EV導入へ新助成 岡山県、スマートグリッド普及へ
New grant Okayama Prefecture, to smart grids spread to the EV introduction

He started his grant to the introduction of the "power supply function charger with" a new province that has been working electric vehicles (EV) spread with the aim of including global warming began to accept from this month. One of forming a next-generation power network called smart grid, the charger can be used as a power source for household appliances and EV. Ken policy to take this opportunity to promote the more popular.

Not only in one direction of the charging of the EV, the power supply to the house, such as even a possible interactive from EV, the rechargeable battery is called the (vehicle Two home) V2H. And as it Mitateru sort of "battery" and EV, and utilized as a power source for home when charging the battery is low midnight power, not using a car. To help also and lighting information collected at the time of the disaster.

For placement in such rapid charging stations and tourist attractions public institutions, along the national road, to create a "prefecture electric vehicle charger installation vision", so far have advanced infrastructure development subsidies Ken. The desire impetus to the EV dissemination according to V2H which is based on the home in parallel in the future.

To grant the 100,000 yen to 1 target and individuals who have a resident registration in the prefecture. New Energy and Global Warming Response Office query (electro) 086.226.7297.
EV導入へ新助成 岡山県、スマートグリッド普及へ




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