岡山出身・青山選手に声援 商店街でイベント (母校・作陽高校がある津山市の商店街 20日のギリシャ戦は同高体育館!)青山選手を使え!監督のコメント力!

岡山出身・青山選手に声援 商店街でイベント (母校・作陽高校がある津山市の商店街 20日のギリシャ戦は同高体育館!)青山選手を使え!

大久保投入の際、青山も同時投入がよかった!(柿谷でなく、青山だった!) ザンビア戦を・・!

岡山の合言葉  「  サムライブルー、 ブルーの「山」を 青山を!  」にしたい!
(Against Greece in the 20th shopping street of Tsuyama there is alma mater, Sakuhi high school gymnasium same height!) Aoyama players use the event to cheer mall Okayama from Aoyama player!

World Cup football (W Cup) Brazilian tournament, the 15th that Japan is challenged in the first match of the Ivory Coast, alma mater, Sakuhi high school MF of Sanfrecce affiliation on behalf entering, Aoyama Toshihiro players (28) = Kurashiki from = support the event is carried out at a shopping district of Tsuyama there is, about 230 people same height football staff from citizens and sent a hot cheer.

Miiri to the movement of the player that was projected on a large screen, staff from citizens and crowd behind "Japan, Japan" on the one hand megaphone. First goal first half, Keisuke Honda players (AC Milan) is determined, the venue is heating up at a stretch. While the turn of Aoyama players is expected, when it is reversed allowing the second half goals in quick succession, a large sigh leaks.

Yoshimori Kaito's same height three years soccer Vice captain (17) said, "I want toward next by switching the. Feeling that I wanted to see a nice pass Aoyama senior good".

Was kicking "When I think Once I get through the Aoyama players, and can be directly connected to score sorry there was only a few," said (47) Nomura Masayuki director who led the Aoyama players with the same high soccer.

Kawato Kazutoshi Deputy Head of Socio First Avenue Division opened a support event (51) was a "disappointing results, many people had gathered at the mall this is only after a long time. Tournament final to get advanced, It was in the hope that it "also want excitement with everyone.

Support events will be held in the same height Gymnasium against Greece in the 20th.

岡山出身・青山選手に声援 商店街でイベント (母校・作陽高校がある津山市の商店街 20日のギリシャ戦は同高体育館!)青山選手を使え!






大久保投入の際、青山も同時投入がよかった!(柿谷でなく、青山だった!) ザンビア戦を・・!


The reverse of Japan lost the World Cup [W] Côte d'Ivoire. Change measures to separate the light and shade that looks from the conference director

The 14th local time, battle in Recife that Japan has suffered a reversal lost to Ivory Coast, caused the change measures by the commander also divide the light and dark.

While it was not possible to Hikimodoseru flow Zaccheroni supervision while introducing Kakidani Okubo, 41 minutes Endo, 22 minutes to nine minutes into the second half, Ramushi director snatched a goal in the only policy that Drogba turned in the same 17 minutes he was repeated.

You can compare and Alberto Zaccheroni Japan coach that made the press conference after the game, comments Sabri Ramushi coach of Ivory Coast representative.

[Director] Zaccheroni
As the "coach, we have to change as long as not going to well by alternate players, and we must strengthen the weak portions by and proactive. Therefore, to try to improve performance by alternate players and tried. In spite of it, play a similar continued. attempt I'm that ended in failure. "

[Director] Ramushi
Has been useful in bench in starting lineup, only he has everything changed, "Drogba is out on the pitch. Become players around him. However, bother to made a play of 90 minutes the last time because it is. Injury drilling a few months ago Given also a strategic addition. had to be put, and rather than come back to the bench he was starting, it was thought the reverse "

That said 36-year-old course, the game plan would also be easy to set up and if it had a player like Didier Drogba that was touted to the world's best ever.

In addition, Wilfried Bonnie was seen as "stand-in" that, have not been reported its presence too much shine in Eredivisie top scorer with 31 goals in the 12-13 season of Vitesse era, 13-14 season that was moved to Swansea in's talented striker took the 17 goals in the Premier League.

However, although there was a difference in the "quality of the card", there is also a surface to take advantage of the ability of the players also kill also called helm soon. Also from comments of both director was a contrast, I can be seen that the difference was born on the success or failure of change measures.









地域活性化! 「妖怪ウォッチ」の聖地を岡山に 「もんげー神社」を商店街につくろう!(「妖怪ウォッチ」が待望の映画化!ゲーム発売から1年足らず)


"Yokai Watch" is the film adaptation of the expectation! Less than a year from the game release

It has caused a great boom among children "ghost watch" is animated movie, to be published on December 20 have been revealed. (500 000 people limited first-come) with the privilege of advance ticket "Fuyunyan" medal will be available beginning on July 19.

Game software was released from level five, which in July 2013, known as "Eleven", such as "cardboard Troopers" and "ghost watch". Operate the hero got the item specter watch where you can find the monster, the player becoming friends with a variety of monsters.

Various media mix has been made Dosaku, Komikaraizu plates by Konishi won in the children department 38th Kodansha Manga Award. In addition, it is animated television from January this year, this one is also a big hit. I have created a boom which can be sold out one after another and also related products such as "ghost medal", also a social phenomenon.

Film adaptation of in less than a year is unusual speed from the launch of his first game. Game released latest work "ghost watch two original / upstream" is scheduled for July this year, intended to show off further swelling future is expected.




 ゲーム第1作の発売から1年足らずでの映画化は異例のスピード。今年7月にはゲーム最新作「妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖/本家」の発売が予定されており、今後さらなる盛り上がりを見せることが予想される。
なぜか? 人気記事!





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【TVCM】『妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖/本家』コマさんもんげー篇

ゾウの世話してみませんか (木下大サーカス岡山公演)

ゾウの世話してみませんか (木下大サーカス岡山公演 飼育体験の希望者)
Want to take care of the elephant (Kinoshita large circus performances Okayama)

Want to take care of the elephant? In Kinoshita large circus performances Okayama, Kinoshita Circus is looking for one who wish to experience the breeding of elephants to perform in the 28th.
Interest junior high school third grade from elementary school. About 1 hour from 7:30 of the curtain before, you can eat the fruit or wash the body of Wassana and Buakamu of the Asian elephant, and the user with a clean up of droppings along with the trainer.
Write grade name, address, age, phone number, and school name, the motivation to aspiring postcard, 〒 700? 0963, Kita-ku, Okayama Kitanagase, who wish to, Kinoshita large circus performances Okayama office before (no later than) the 23rd mailed to "experience breeding coefficient of elephant" station. I accept mail (webmaster@kinoshita-circus.co.jp), even fax (086 245 0081). Performance secretariat inquiry (086 245 0900).
ゾウの世話してみませんか (木下大サーカス岡山公演)

 希望者は、はがきに住所、氏名、年齢、電話番号、学校名と学年、志望動機を書き、23日(必着)までに〒700 0963、岡山市北区北長瀬、木下大サーカス岡山公演事務局「ゾウさんの飼育体験係」へ郵送。メール(webmaster@kinoshita-circus.co.jp)、ファクス(086 245 0081)でも受け付ける。問い合わせは公演事務局(086 245 0900)。
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