<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ (地域活性化 岡山に「もんげー神社」をつくろう!)

<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ
(地域活性化 岡山に「もんげー神社」をつくろう!)
To the whole country from "Mon-ge" reinstatement Okayama valve

Dialect, which means there while forgotten locally Okayama Prefecture to "tremendous," "Mon-ge" is reinstated thanks to the popular game of "ghost watch" is to penetrate into the center the children and young people. Anime broadcasting, which began in January this year, the specter of character top dog "frame-san" is a string of "Mon-ge". Surpass Okayama valve of the same meaning "Dere" and "Bokkeー" now, name recognition's national level.

"Mon-ge" is used in primarily in the Kennan and Kurashiki According to the dialect collection of Okayama Prefecture. According the author, such as "Okayama valve JAGA!", Mr. Toru Aoyama (64), a survey of the frequency of use that have been made about 30 years ago 20% 70% Bokkeー ▽ ▽ ▽ Dere Mon-ge 1 split. In recent years, a decrease in awareness was prominent voice of "news to me is Mon-ge" and asked the official Twitter of Okayama muttered about the local dialect.

However, tweets With the start of anime broadcasting, "son to blast the" Mon-ge "" to Twitter "Mon-ge is raining" and appeared. When you aggregate the tweets of one month of May this year in real-time search information search site of "Yahoo", "Mon-ge" will leap to the top cases in 3832 (47%), the "Bokkeー" 2728 review ( 1605 of 33%), "Dere" (both) including similar notation was (20%).

According to the development company, was focused on "Mon-ge" The word of the scenario writer of the game "interesting dialect is in the Okayama" and an opportunity. No relevance to Okayama and frame's, but as a result it is intended to have a feature in words as characters (charm) certain charm, that adoption was decided.

Aoyama's are pleased "" Mon-ge "was revived thanks to the frame's. Glad to have me paying attention to Okayama valve" he said.

◇ specter Watch

For Nintendo 3DS role-playing game game software development company of Fukuoka "Level Five" was developed. In the story the main character is friends with monsters, I also became a manga and anime to the original game. According to the company's public relations, and sales of 100 million copies total at the end of May, and is said to be the hit of the "Pokemon" since in the industry.
<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ







Three reasons that can be used when you scold a child? "Yokai Watch" is also subject to the parent

At the end of May topped one million domestic total unit sales 3DS software for which was launched in July last year of "ghost watch" and to (Famitsu research), focusing on elementary school students surge of popularity and "ghost watch".

? Reference article: The reason why the trouble of children "Yokai Watch" is crazy about children under the specter [watch] big hit (Ule Pia Research Institute)

On May 26, 2014, the third continued cyber agent that manages the amoeba blog announced in the "2014 first half buzzword" and "The Snow Queen and Ana" # 1 "consumption tax" # 2 "Yokai Watch" has ranked in the position. Compared to last year's data of a survey in the months same five, that everyone that they are talking about a similar number gong as "Jejeje" of "sweet-chan", a blog NHK morning was a big hit can be read.

This animation that I was watching somehow go together to the daughters, but the scene that makes you laugh with too'm often. Happy state "It? It? Be interesting," said daughters also have to react to the mother what you like their own. By If you're so popular, and that! Shimae addicted parents and children together, I tried to include the point at which parents enjoy a "ghost watch".

Naming aimed at parents of the 1> Showa generation

It was mentioned in the article "hit factor of" the last, but the name is unique anyway.

The base is "Kuchisakeon'na" Looking at how → "Woman only mouth"
· "Murikabe" → "Nurikabe" of "Gegege no Kitaro"
· Speechless Showa basis and I "go wrong"? "Gurerurin" → movie from "Gremlins"

(Laughs) "In the past, when in elementary school, I was afraid rumor Kuchisakeon'na is Tteyuu! Dell is popular is mom to daughters thinking this naming, we'll also aimed at the" parent of Showa generation "no matter how you look at it and I have discussed and ... ".

6 small daughter likes this ghost story is like knew only the name. Topic can be shared by children of the Heisei-born children and mother × Showa era. That even while the view that bored this also! Or strategy, to enjoy together the name of the monster that will appeared one after another in the future, conversation between parents and children are likely to bounce.

Broadcast on TV Tokyo 6:30 - due Friday anime was the original game "ghost watch".

The peace theme, friendship is not afraid because rather than its 2> Battle.

Rather than go down fighting evil, as enemy monsters in the "Battle thing", just have to "Honobo-Roh", setting of "becoming friends" will be show in peace from the perspective of the parent.

Why do not you murmured on Facebook "In the past, I was not able to see or" Gegege no Kitaro "," Dororon Enma-kun "is scary, but happily if you look at" ghost watch "" I had a comment that.

The "Dororon Enma-kun", ghost hilarious as "ghost watch" is also to have appeared full, but better picture Maybe I was afraid a little? Mood dark that, was not good also "Gegege no Kitaro" seems to come. I have dispel the image of "scary ghost thing" traditional is "ghost thing funny bright" dark "ghost watch", unrelated to scary.

Can be used when you scold a child

And "When a child does not keep their word, when I do not hear the hope of children, and to" because of the specter "from a mom in your facebook, children that are addicted to the" ghost watch "at home in the same way I had also comment Te, and that "takes advantage of each other.

Get it. It's "do not want to homework" and "left behind many" of also "motivation does not come out" of even the will angry to be! Physician-Na Ja got to blame the specter it all! Would 's not because ...... the specter That's right, but I could use to put the voice of every day that you get angry depending on how to use or reduced, such as, motivate using specter.

Even in my home, while I said, "and" tapir "eat the dream to enter, but I wish not it" Nantes, and daughter when saying "? Not a not the monster you soak up-tired" daughter to a string of tired actual But I no longer say "tired". Rather than get angry with the "! Please ○ ○" to Atamagonashi, if you use a character like children, children also prove to be a move from her own.


And "Doraemon" "Crayon Shin-chan" in the same way, horse-Kukusuguru story is full, the "memory of childhood" of the parent of the Showa generation also "ghost watch".

Besides raising children, if you use well to discipline, it is allowed to be up to the motivation of children? Imashou enjoy with their children here!


参考記事:【妖怪ウォッチ】大ヒットの元は子どもの悩み!? 『妖怪ウォッチ』が子どもを夢中にする理由(ウレぴあ総研)


娘たちにつきあって何となく見ていたアニメですが、つい笑っちゃうシーンも多いんですよね。娘たちも「ね!?面白いでしょ!?」と、自分たちの好きなものに母が反応するのが嬉しい様子。そんなに流行っているなら、親子で一緒にハマっちゃえ! ということで、『妖怪ウォッチ』を親が楽しむポイントを挙げてみました。

その1> 昭和世代の親を狙ったネーミング


・「グレルリン」→映画『グレムリン』から? “グレる”って言葉も昭和的

このネーミング、どうみても「昭和世代の親」を狙ってますよね(笑) 思わず娘たちに「昔、お母さんが小学生のときに、口裂け女が出る! っていう噂が流行って怖かったんだよ~」と解説してしまいました。

怪談本が好きな小6長女は名前だけは知っていたようですが。昭和時代の子供×母と平成生まれの子供で話題が共有できる。これも戦略か! とうがった見方をしつつも、今後も続々登場するであろう妖怪の名前を一緒に楽しむことで、親子の会話がはずみそうです。


その2> バトルではなく友情がテーマ、怖くないから安心。



『ドロロンえん魔くん』は、『妖怪ウォッチ』のように笑える妖怪もいっぱい登場したのですが、絵が少々怖かったのかも? 『ゲゲゲの鬼太郎』もダークなムードが苦手だった、という方もいらっしゃるようで。『妖怪ウォッチ』は暗い、怖いとは無縁の「明るく笑える妖怪もの」なので従来の「妖怪モノは怖い」というイメージを払拭しています。



なるほど。「宿題したくない」のも「忘れ物が多い」のも「やる気がでない」のも妖怪のせい……ってわけじゃないでしょう! 全部妖怪のせいにするんじゃな~い! と怒ってしまいそうですが、使い方次第では怒ることが減ったり、妖怪を使ってやる気を出させる、など日々の声かけにも使えそう。




しかも子育て、しつけにうまく使えば、子供のやる気までアップさせられるかも!? ここは子供と一緒に楽しんでしまいましょう!

岡山空港、着陸料増え初の黒字  (岡山空港への海外誘客強化へ)

Okayama Airport, surplus for the first time increased landing fees

Okayama Prefecture, summarizes the (estimated value) fiscal 2012 budget Okayama Airport (Okayama city north district Nichioji). Plus of about 12 million yen from the fact that along with the such as the size of the aircraft, landing fees which is the pillar of revenue grew significantly. It was a surplus for the first time in fiscal 2009 since the province began publication.
Airport balance, published at the request of the country for achieving the transparency of management. Ken estimates that the amount of money for each item in the balance of payments along the country standard.
700 million ¥ 4,190,000 16.5% year on year, with 600 million 92,180,006 one thousand yen increased 0.2%, revenue of Okayama airport surplus of 12,000,004 one thousand yen deduction expenditures. I was greatly improved from overspending of about 86 million yen the previous year.
Of the revenue, landing fees is determined by the unit price and the weight of the aircraft is 600 million ¥ 11,600,000 15.1% increase. In addition to All Nippon Airways introduced the large machines in Sapporo and Tokyo-ray line, I grew by line of Tokyo Japan Airlines has increased one round trip in the fall of '11. Usage fee first parking (288 units) was 34,510,007 thousand yen.
Expenditures, 500 million 4,230,006 one thousand yen increase of 1.2% is maintained operating costs of airport facilities with the exception of the terminal building, personnel expenses and 100 million ¥ 28.1 million down 5.0%.
Prefecture Aviation Planning and Promotion Division are "landing fee revenue want connect the size of the aircraft and increase flights, and the development of new routes, encouraging the use of. Airport dew Shi growth" he said.
On the other hand, 12 fiscal balance Okaminami airfield Ken is managed by the (Okayama, Minami-ku, Urayasuminami Town) is spending excess of 100 million 78.46 million yen. Landing fee revenue is less for small aircraft only. The province plans to consider, such as ways of management methods, including privatization, and put together in 2002 during.

Abroad strengthening to Okayama Airport

"Association to promote the skyline use" of (Okayama city north district Nichioji) Okayama Airport on the 4th, open the Council in the same city, strengthening from overseas (consisting of 220 companies and organizations such as the economy and organizations Okayama Prefecture) approved the 2014 business and the expansion of subsidies towards.
Seoul Shanghai line and the line of the airport, down more than 20% both 2001 users, such as the impact of foreign affairs. For this reason, I incorporate grant to travel overseas companies that use both routes, such as the PR business that target travel company in China and South Korea.
In the system to some aid in the renting fee, such as a pickup bus travel companies for the purpose of use up from neighboring prefecture, has organized a group tour, also business to plus the 50,000 yen maximum round-trip tour from Shikoku newly do.
About 40 people attended the Board of Directors. Okazaki Akira-ken Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association chairman of the President greeted with "you to help promote the use of well-known and to related parties".
Departure time of the last flight from Tokyo is based on the current situation faster than other airports and 19:40 both, the person in charge of Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways flight to Tokyo line, to the same 9:30 (usage time of Okayama Airport I mentioned the issue of the extension). Italian wood Ryuta governor showed understanding "(time extension) should by all means to proceed" he said.





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