歴史探訪 グルメ (県内でも夏至にライトダウン 岡山城など ・岡山で「官兵衛の水攻め弁当」-歴史上の奇策を弁当で再現 /岡山 かき氷とたこ焼きのデザートを/岡山)

歴史探訪 グルメ (県内でも夏至にライトダウン 岡山城など ・岡山で「官兵衛の水攻め弁当」-歴史上の奇策を弁当で再現 /岡山 かき氷とたこ焼きのデザートを/岡山)

県内でも夏至にライトダウン 岡山城など
Etc. write down Okayama Castle in the summer solstice in the prefecture

The 21st of the summer solstice night is shortest in a year, facilities around the country that are lit up at night Symphony Hall and Okayama Castle castle tower and (Okayama city north district) is turned off all at once. In part the Ministry of the Environment has proposed toward the prevention of global warming of "Lights Down Campaign", off exercise is carried out in the whole country all at once.

Okayama Castle is going to light up until midnight but from sunset, two hours from 20:00, you do not turn on the lighting on the same day. Plans to the city center such as Symphony Hall to refrain from lighting up all day.

The campaign started in 2003. An attempt to advocate off home tourist facilities and, in the company, asked to realize whether you are using lighting only how everyday, think about the global warming problem. Up to 7 days from next month on the 21st is the implementation period this year. 275 facilities within the prefecture to participate, that it has reduced the power of 9868 kwh total last year.

I perform a "Tanabata Light Down" is the 7th of next month campaign last day.
県内でも夏至にライトダウン 岡山城など




岡山で「官兵衛の水攻め弁当」-歴史上の奇策を弁当で再現 /岡山 かき氷とたこ焼きのデザートを/岡山

I reproduce / Okayama lunch the razzle-dazzle of history - "Mizuzeme lunch Kanbee" in Okayama

Luncher of Okayama "Miyoshi under shop" (Okayama, Naka-ku, Kuwano, TEL 086-200-1717) began selling "Mizuzeme lunch Kanbee" lunches from June 1. (Okayama Keizai Shimbun)

Which was reproduced in the lunch box is strategist Kanbee Kuroda has been Kensaku to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, "Btsutyuu Takamatsujounomizuzeme". Sales JR Okayama Station (Okayama city north district Motomachi Station 1) as sponsorship of the JR West Okayama branch office, run the train along with the wrapping broadcast NHK Taiga Drama of "strategist Kanbee". It began selling in accordance with the June Mizuzeme that has been made before.

Contents, placed in the center to resemble castle with red snapper production of the Seto Inland Sea "sea bream rice". And enjoy it as "sea bream rice with green tea" by applying a sauce out of a bottle, it is the image of a Mizuzeme. Since it is a Inariyama per current and side dish of Okayama Prefecture named after the castle Shimizu Soji, Hideyoshi When was encamped first around was likened to (sandbags) sandbag "fried bean-curd stuffed with boiled rice", the dike " I'm surrounded by such sum suite with the image of a tea ceremony "Chikuzen and" boiled (Chikuzen) from the bale tie ", Hideyoshi was called Hashiba Chikuzen protect.

Repeat the trial many times in presidents and employees of "Product Development Office, was completed in a month while taking also intention of JR West. Among the various ideas came out, Wakabayashi Hisayoshi's lunch Business Division is historical fact speak added, "are selling better some days to become. sale date sold out poured a focus on making delicious while still allowing content named after.

Sales to three areas "under domestic and Miyoshi store lunches shop of souvenirs Road sunny", Shinkansen concourse "asana Yuna", Shinkansen ticket gates next to the "souvenir Road Okayama" JR Okayama Station, second floor within conventional lines wicket.

Sales period until November 30. The price is 1,100 yen.
岡山で「官兵衛の水攻め弁当」-歴史上の奇策を弁当で再現 /岡山

岡山の弁当屋「三好野本店」(岡山市中区桑野、TEL 086-200-1717)が6月1日から駅弁「官兵衛の水攻め弁当」の販売を始めた。(岡山経済新聞)





牛窓海鮮たこやき よすが (縁) =かき氷とたこ焼きのデザートを=
Desserts and takoyaki (edge) = shaved ice Ushimado seafood takoyaki border =

Ushimado seafood takoyaki edge (edge)
Address: Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, Kita-ku, Ekimaecho 1-1-13
Phone: 086-238-8233
Time: 11:30 to 20:00
Closed: Wednesday
P: Unknown
(For more information, please make sure!)

牛窓海鮮たこやき よすが (縁) =かき氷とたこ焼きのデザートを=

牛窓海鮮たこやき よすが (縁)
住所 : 岡山県岡山市北区駅前町1-1-13
電話 : 086-238-8233
時間 : 11:30~20:00
定休 : 水曜
P  : 不明

牛窓海鮮たこやき よすが (縁) や 岡山の弁当屋「三好野本店」
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