Heritage in Udagawa Yoan pilfering Tsuyama

The 22nd to Shinobi Udagawa Yoan of Dutch studies by the (1798-1846 Years) in Tsuyama clan physician Bakumatsu you have devised a phonetic equivalent "coffee (coffee)" of, it is the anniversary, Yasushi Atera (Tsuyama west there is a tomb of the House of Udagawa Family events surrounding the historic sites and nearby Teramachi) was performed.
Planning and community development base facilities and Josei Romankan local (city Tamachi) is hailed as "Josei town walking". Walk the course of about 2 km in the guidance of Tsuyama tourism volunteer guide, was hands together at all to include a coffee poured into a cup in the grave Yo菴.
Stroll Saku-shu Folk Craft Museum and (city Miyawaki Town) as well as (the city Nishiima Town) Tokumori shrine. I tasted reproduced the taste of the Edo period in Josei Romankan last "Yoan coffee".

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岡山の歴史 「木堂の絶筆残された色紙展示」 「闇夜の烏城、“エコな夜”演出」(歴女の友)

Colored paper exhibition left last writing of START

In InuYoki-do Memorial of Okayama city north district Kawairi, to introduce products that Sugu~tsu more from about 8,000 points collection "dish Exhibition" is open. It is on display colored paper that can be seen to have wielded the brush just before (and issues, START, 1855-1932 Years) Inukai Atsushimoto Prime Minister to fall Kyodan in the May 15th Incident. Until the 29th.
Immediately after the May 15th Incident, Ken's son was found in the living room of the Prime Minister's Office is colored paper. "Yes forest own immortal industry
Jeff has written a full non-self-action multi-person "now, meaning to pierce the idea of" I that "difficult. The JikuSo by separating the front and back of colored paper, The page also has text to the effect that "is the last writing of START" that Ken wrote on the back.
Are talking about it, "Did you run the brush what START while I think just before it is attacked, imagination swells," said (75) men of the city.
About 20 points newspaper article on May 15th Incident exhibition. Yuki Ishikawa, curator of the memorial hall to speak with "I want you to feel the state of the domestic turmoil of the May 15th Incident after".
(Admission to the same 4:30) 9:00 to 17:00. Holiday Tuesday. Museum query (086? 292? 1820).

Production "Night eco" Karasu-jo, the dark night

The 21st, the Ministry of the Environment proposed to be off the lights on the night of the summer solstice, call for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) "Light-Down Campaign" is carried out simultaneously across the country, offices and public facilities is turned off in Okayama prefecture, "I have directed the night "eco.
In Okayama Castle (Okayama, Kita-ku Marunouchi), it does not perform a write up to do until 0:00 from sunset, black castle tower melted into the dark night as the name of Karasu-jo. Said, "dark castle tower is not reduced more lighting if you think about. Environment appear larger than usual," said (16) boys' high school two years in the city that run close by bicycle.
I participated in the campaign and turn off the neon signs and lighting also part of the corporate and commercial environments in the city center.
Write down all over the country all at once is also performed July 7 Tanabata.

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