<水島空襲>69年 平和の尊さ、いつまでも (わすれないこと)

<水島空襲>69年 平和の尊さ、いつまでも (わすれないこと)
Kindergarten preciousness of peace '69, was entrusted reconstruction forever, next year "sixtieth" / victim mourn "Peace Bell" / Okayama

◇ founded with her husband, Kambara Sadako (87)

Fighter factory during the war, "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries aircraft Mizushima Works" (Kurashiki) receives the air raid of U.S. aircraft, 57 people were killed or injured, "Mizushima air raid" was greeted in '69 in the 22nd. After the war, and (died at age 81 in 2007) late AkiraTakashi husband (subtotal) 's, Kambara Sadako who have experienced an air raid at the factory near (87) made a kindergarten for the first time in the Mizushima district was destroyed. Kindergarten committed to children hope of reconstruction "sixty" 60 years of its founding next year. Sadako said, "forever want to tell the preciousness of peace" he said. [Harada Yuji]

For '45-1944 year-end, the Works had produced the old navy and "set ground attack aircraft", became a target of the U.S. military. At the time, Sadako was making parts of fighter girls' school in Kurashiki city. Air raid that day in the holiday, I was in the home of one kilogram of Higashiyaku Works.

"Enemy aircraft came." Around 8:30 am, I knew loud attack of nearby residents. "Please just hide my head." It is said in the static's mother, was hidden by digging a hole under a tree for dear life in the garden. Bomb sound of the B29 bomber was heard as "Hugh", but can not move. If you notice, Plant which is sandwiched between the coast was a sea of ​​fire.

time the force of flames had subsided, debris scattered the front of the house, I was also referred residents limp in personal injury due to bomb. When it comes to elementary school teacher after graduating the girls' school, what sewing needle also cheeks, I met children take classes in face swollen. I hurt my heart "scars of war will not disappear life" he said. But I thought "can revive Mizushima is also a children" he said. The temple of AkiraTakashi's '55, was a priest, I was the hotel's kindergarten in the district only a (charity kindergarten).

Not have enough food during the war, from the experience that has been forced to lead a hard life, I was focused on the development of precious personality and heart of gratitude. Home is poor, is called to kindergarten pupils do not have desks and chairs at home and taught the study. It was also hard time and buy a picture-story show and food by juggling income couple, but I got the energy to pure children. "Children listen obediently to say that the teacher was seen vigorously"

Now, burnt ruins 69 years ago became the industrial area of ​​Japan's leading. AkiraTakashi san passed away, it was retired from teaching in '09 itself also becomes older, but visit from time to time, the kindergarten now. It said, "people who can speak that the war was less. Glad to pure children when I think of life" and now "I'm happy" he said.

◇ 50 people prayer event, citizens mourn victims "Peace Bell" in Kurashiki

The 22nd, there was a Peace events sponsored by Mizushima Fukuda green park in Kurashiki Fukudachokoshinden. 8:36, about 50 citizens and others observe a moment of silence dedicated to the victims, and sounded the "Peace Bell" air raid began.

Peace Bell is installed in 1990. It was automatic Initially, due to the failure in 2001, it was changed to manual repair it on July 05. same the 9th it was dropped on Nagasaki on August 6 the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, the resounding sound of the bell on the 15th day of the war, began to sound even June 22 from '06.

Silent prayer after the hope of peace, Participants slammed empty the 14 birds dove and 100 balloons. Tomita Kayano's Kurashiki survivors meeting rang the Peace Bell (71) = city = Fujitochoamaki said, "There shall be no war ever again. Handed down unless the fear of air raids to the younger generation in the future" and . [Harada Yuji]


■ words

◇ Mizushima air raid

36 at around 8:00 am June 22, 1945, about 110 aircraft B29 bomber of the U.S. military flying in Mizushima, the air raid over a period of about one hour aircraft Mizushima Plant. About 20,000 people were working in the factory, but the air raid on the day was a public holiday in the factory. 11 people nearby residents and people who were in the plant died, 46 people were injured according to the city.
<水島空襲>69年 平和の尊さ、いつまでも 復興託した幼稚園、来年“還暦”/犠牲者悼み「平和の鐘」 /岡山








 ◇犠牲者悼み「平和の鐘」 倉敷で祈念行事、市民ら50人








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Blue papaya, grown in Okayama

Of fruit growing "Futoshimoto (Daiki)" (Okayama city north district Imaho) began the cultivation of papaya Latin American origin. The introduction of new varieties suitable for the climate of Okayama Prefecture, to sell naming of "Momotaro papaya" the blue of the unripe papaya that is used for stir-fries and salads. I start shipping from the end of July around.
Futoshimoto was established in 2011 officer auto parts sales and parts of Momotaro (orthotopic) is an investor. House in the city, Minami-ku, Yamada (4 are), grow fruit apple mango skin is dyed green and red, as the apple, it has shipped 250 kilograms per year.
Papaya for cultivation, use the new varieties nursery house in the prefecture living has improved its own. By crossing with wild species native to alpine of South America, was lowered to 20-30 degrees 25-30 degrees normal cultivation suitable temperature. Sugar content is hard to rise, but since bitter constituent is small and blue papaya and without ripe yellow.
The nursery in the house the same as the apple mango from October last year, was planted Hojo and house, at two Okayama, Minami-ku, Fukuda, the city's North Ward Ichinomiya district (a total of 60 ares), and 1,700 in April. Ship to such local supermarket from fruit grown to become one kilogram or more in weight. By early November the shipment time.
We also started selling seedlings from March, I have sold a total of four thousand farmers in Okayama, Chiba, Tokushima Prefecture so far.
3,000 tons per year is imported Philippines, from the United States and other countries, papaya, domestic production of 200 tons of Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa Prefecture. According to the Futoshimoto, diet effect has attracted attention because it contains a lot of digestive enzymes blue papaya, leading Super Daiei (Tokyo) is formed dedicated plantations (3 hectares), etc. local agricultural cooperatives in Kagoshima Prefecture in April have.
Kishimoto KyoShigeru-Momotaro parts executive director of Futoshimoto president "or in papaya tea rare. Leaves, etc. to health food and processed into powder, and to full-scale cultivation of papaya in Okayama Prefecture want to consider 6th industrialization" I'm talking to.

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