夏休みにピザ作りいかが/ マッシュルームを親子で手摘み(岡山 瀬戸市牛窓)

夏休みにピザ作りいかが/ マッシュルームを親子で手摘み(岡山 瀬戸市牛窓)
On summer vacation making pizza how (Okayama Seto Ushimado)

Japan Olive (Setouchi-cho, Ushimado Ushimado) is looking for participants in the pizza making experience events that opens in August (orthotopic) Ushimado olive grove to be operated.
I made ​​from fabric under the guidance of staff. The baked pizza of about 20 cm in diameter in the stone oven of the park with the topping ingredients, taste the piping hot.
For events that are open on the first Wednesday of each month from June in the same garden is popular, add held on Saturday of July and August summer vacation. There is free will 9,23,30 days in August. 20 people each first-come, capacity is carried out in book six or more. Participation fee is 600 yen with one drink. Application is the same garden (0869 (34) 2370).

Hand-picked mushrooms in parent and child

The 27th, open for the first time a "parent-child hand-picked experience" on a farm of their own in the city Oku town, about 110 people parents and children we visited from the prefecture cultivation Sanzo agriculture and forestry in the country's largest (Setouchi Ushimado Town) in the cultivation of mushrooms and enjoyed a day of summer vacation while learning process.
Cultivation from making compost farm of two locations in the same city (a total of about 6.3 hectares), Agriculture, Forestry and Sanzo is a mushroom integrated production to shipment. Commitment to "hand-picked" to keep the high quality, it is shipped to market the center of western Japan about 2000 tons per year.
Enters the cultivation house that was temperature-controlled to 17-18 degrees, after I learned how to knob and growth method that does not use pesticides from employees, parents and children, et al who participated this day challenge immediately. Children to romp "cute" and "harvested a lot", in addition to tasted on the spot, brought back in the packing.
夏休みにピザ作りいかが (岡山 瀬戸市牛窓)



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妖怪ウォッチ よ.jpg
「『妖怪ウォッチ』の コマさんの神社をさがす?!  「もんげー」 は 岡山弁 づら ね!」

岡山 8つの候補がある!! (=okayama エイト=)

(もしかすると・・・・。 豊臣秀吉 や 黒田官兵衛 と関係のある場所をめぐることに・・・ 親子で楽しめる!  オリジナルな 「スタンプラリー」になるかも・・  家族で行く『妖怪ウォッチ』の コマさんの旅!!! )

【TVCM】『妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖/本家』コマさんもんげー篇
コマさん もんげー.jpg
子どもの人気キャラランキング、「妖怪ウォッチ」が2位 - ビデオリサーチ
コマさん よ 妖怪ウォッチ.png
"Mon-ge" is, I am Okayama valve!

BIG = Bokke~e
BIGGER = De~ere~e
BIGGEST = mon Ge~e
Three-step use of

In other words. The "frame-san", you are in a shrine in Okayama???????????

Of the settings that came to the city from the shrine of the countryside "frame-san" is encountered, the eyes of the children were shining brilliantly.
(Okayama valve "Mon-ge" is the buzzword of the year in the "ghost watch" boom helpful?!)'s The most popular frame's intensive dialect "~ vine" and "Mon-ge!". Or so, it is affecting the frame's children Did talking Zurazura.

In the owner of a transparent heart, Mr. frame has become the greatest weapon is it. Bushinyan to the poor, but can not compete in glitter emanating from the heart of the piece's. Scene to be reformed to say "pure heart ... a bright bamboo basket," said a highlight of the show. Why adult fits's likely around here.

Dance time of "dissolution gymnastics first," the second half of the show. I astonished clever lyrics and melody tempo is good even though it has already been successfully fused. Children's not out dancing all at once absorbing it.

The transition to shooting time after the show was over. An adult is enthusiastic than children, the situation is vividly reflected in the photograph.

However, children not all was hooked, some child you or turned away early in the show began, has been or want to go back. Costume of a character who was elaborate, but the world of the video as not can be agile movement. I wonder felt to be "... something different" in the juvenile mind.

Another is that the younger brother Jiro frame twin's frame did not appear. I hear people healed in exchange of siblings drawn in the anime is more. I saw here and there children "frame Jiro Where is ~?" The tweet from the floor.

I hear character show of ghost Watch began in the recently. When you watched the show this time, I would like to meet a new monster.









新作「妖怪ウォッチ」狂想曲 「絶対手に入れたい」家族総出で奔走
Efforts "I want to put absolutely hand" new "ghost watch" Rhapsody in the family going out together

Circulates and anime games, manga, and character goods are produced one after another, has become a social phenomenon the "ghost watch", summer shopping season is in full swing. While continue to sell out nationwide, watch the hero have been worn by release August 2 is a new. You want to get sure, you are involving not only children, to parents. Competition has been waged to watching movies or gift certificates comic that benefits related goods.

Wrapping train photo session of Seibu Railway that took place on the 19th. Popular character "Jibanyan" also appeared, I was a big crowded with parents and children

Item this summer, has attracted the eyes from heat most children's medal and the corresponding "DX ghost watch". The "Do buy surely How Do -". Figure complication stock information to (complicated), scramble for a family going out together in order to get on the net, such as is not uncommon.

In the story, calling by mounting medals monster that you can find a monster lurking close to hero with the clock, became friends. Production, so that we may reproduce the view of the world "DX ghost watch". First edition was released in January, it has sold about 10 million units by March. It should be noted even after nearly seven months since its release, state that it is hard to obtain in the country has continued.

Under these circumstances, new "DX specter watch type zero expressions" (without tax ¥ 3,200) will be released in the 2nd next month. Seen a long line is possible from opening before the toy store and around the country. This is because such large electronics stores and toy sales giant has not been received over-the-counter reservation. Bandai Publisher does not publish the number of sales, the arrival of each each store only be sold after the sale date. Consumers hassles "I want to know where the store is, or sell the number of how much, but I do not know until just before" he said.

Hard to find (2 pieces per bag, without tax ¥ 180) is also medals to play by being attached to "watch monster" this. It can also be used on a dedicated machine arcade game software and the corresponding absence of goods shop after another. According to Bandai, shipment volume reached 32 million pieces by the end of June, expected to more than 100 million pieces of total by the end of the year.

Products attached to the award this medal also limited special demand. Advance tickets "Nyan's secret of ghost watch the birth!" Movie (20 Publication Date: December) sold out almost 500,000 pieces of first arrival on the market in the 19th this month. In spite of the five months before the public, it was a large matrix containing the set all night in theaters nationwide day of release.

In addition, monthly Colo comics are serialized manga (Shogakukan), (released August 12) September issue wearing in the Appendix limited medals to reach 100 million copies in circulation about four years. Summer have Atsu specter of children and goes on.

Seibu Railway is teamed up with the specter watch «matrix to stamp pad», conducted in the stamp rally with 10 station Seibu Line and Tokorozawa and Nerima. I have been able to matrix the stamp pad. Wrapping trains in service until August 31.
新作「妖怪ウォッチ」狂想曲 「絶対手に入れたい」家族総出で奔走

コマさんとコマじろう よ 妖怪ウォッチ.png



 こうした中、新作「DX妖怪ウォッチ タイプ零式」(税抜き3200円)が来月2日に発売。各地の玩具店などには開店前から長蛇の列ができるとみられる。玩具販売大手や大型家電量販店などは店頭予約を受け付けていないためだ。発売元のバンダイは販売個数を公表しておらず、発売日以降に各店舗ごとの入荷分だけ販売される。消費者は「どこの店が、どれくらいの数を売るのか知りたいけれど、直前まで分からない」と頭を悩ませる。


 この限定メダルを特典につけた商品は特需も。映画「妖怪ウォッチ 誕生の秘密だニャン!」(12月20日公開)の前売り券は今月19日に発売され先着50万枚がほぼ完売。公開5カ月前にもかかわらず、発売当日は全国の映画館に徹夜組を含む大行列ができた。


妖怪ウォッチ 夏の鉄道スタンプラリーでもポケモンに迫る勢い


『妖怪ウォッチ』といえば、関連おもちゃが軒並み品切れになり、発売されたばかりの「妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖/本家」(レベルファイブ)は初週で販売本数が130万本を超える人気ゲーム・アニメだ。夏休みに妖怪が見える時計を手に入れた小学生のケータが、出会う妖怪たちと友だちになることで問題を解決する内容は、登場する妖怪キャラクターの愛らしさなどもあわせて、よく第2のポケモンと呼ばれている。







「妖怪ウォッチ」特典付き劇場前売券が即完売で早くも転売 「子どもが泣いています」と公式Facebookに批判



 これは12月20日公開の映画「妖怪ウォッチ 誕生の秘密だニャン!」の前売券に、ゲーム内で使える「フユニャンメダル」とデータカードダス「Sレア ジバニャン」の特典がついたもの。全国の映画館で先着50万人限定で販売されました。販売開始時間や購入枚数制限は各劇場によって違うものの、「1人6枚買える」「朝5時に並んだけど買えなかった」という場所もあり、Twitterでも多くの行列画像が投稿されました。転売目的で並んだ人も多かったようで、ネットオークションでは高値での出品が相次いでいます。


夏の鉄道スタンプラリーは、楽しい! さらに、楽しいのは、親子で楽しむこと!!

「『妖怪ウォッチ』の コマさんの神社をさがす?!  「もんげー」 は 岡山弁 づら ね!」

都会の人よ! せひ!「もんげー」の街  この夏は、岡山の街・岡山の神社で「コマさん」を探してみてください。  岡山弁「もんげー」で、岡山が『妖怪ウォッチ』の聖地になる日は近い?・・!
<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ
(地域活性化 岡山に「もんげー神社」をつくろう!

岡山弁「もんげー」を世界に!  (このニュースに熱視線!注目! 「妖怪ウォッチ」の人気! 妖怪ウォッチ(妖怪メダル祭りは?) (「桃太郎」と「妖怪ウォッチ」で地域活性化だ!)

【TVCM】『妖怪ウォッチ2 元祖/本家』コマさんもんげー篇




Kurashiki, Okayama "girls trip" How

Booklet summarizing the information and gourmet attractions and Kurashiki, Okayama "Okayama, Kurashiki" Tourism Promotion Council, "good thing found!
I was making a trip Hallelujah ". Campaign during the period October 19, there is a coupon benefits such as discounts at restaurants and tourist facilities are also attached, I attract tourists from inside and outside Okayama Prefecture.
Keyword targeted at women "girls trip" to set the theme and trend? Town of seasonal experience ▽ Okayama, Kurashiki Suites ▽ now cute & delicious ▽ ▽ person of Yukari night ▽ Okayama night of Kurashiki. For each item, was introduced by using the photographs and illustrations commercial complex just opened fruit parfait with plenty prefecture fruits and dressing experience of hakama, in June "Kurashiki garden garden" and (Kurashiki Honcho).
It is also posted at night events, such as fantasy garden to light up Korakuen and evening tours to tour with the curator (city center) Closed after (Okayama city north district Korakuen) Ohara Museum of Art.
Also performed stamp rally get prizes when you achieve bingo stamp collecting, such as tourist facilities and dining options that appear in the booklet.
In A4 size color, produced 100,000 copies. You are at a motorway service station JR and the main station of the Kinki region, and tourist information center of the two cities. The Promotion Council Secretariat us (086 426 3411).


 A4判カラーで、10万部作製。近畿圏のJR主要駅や高速道路のサービスエリア、両市の観光案内所などに置いている。問い合わせは同推進協議会事務局(086 426 3411)。
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