【夏の高校野球】岡山大会 関西が岡山理大付を振り切り3年ぶりV

【夏の高校野球】岡山大会 関西が岡山理大付を振り切り3年ぶりV

3 years V Okayama tournament Kansai [high school baseball in the summer] is finishing off Okayamaridaifu

The 27th tournament of the last day (day 11), the final match was held in Kurashiki Kurashiki Muscat Stadium (hosted by such province Koyaren) 96th National High School Baseball Championship Tournament Okayama. Decoration won ninth three years Kansai defeating Okayamaridaifu, I decided to participate in the National Convention kicks off in (Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture) Hanshin Koshien Stadium on August 9. At Koshien 21st spring and summer, Kansai has been updated within the prefecture most Playing Record.

Pitchers of both teams suffer from both ball control or from pressure of the finals, game development barrage to (total of 14) and bases on balls plus hit batsmen. The result, had a good chance of 10 hits together, but Kansai was added points to ensure that opportunity has presented Tsukihanashi with the Univ. Of Science.

Once, sixth plains hit infield single with two outs in the bases loaded, Kansai, which is preemptive tied the score in a split second. 1 death from bases loaded, two who survive on wild pitch at a stretch of the other pitcher, I was go-ahead three points in the run-scoring hit the right front of the No. 4 Ogo further to twice.

On this day, third Doi Demonstrate the batting power. Four times a shot from two-point run-scoring hit in Nakamae in one death grand slam two points, even five times to the right wing in one death first base. Kansai Repeated score without missing the opportunity, and proceeded advantage game off with a 7 point difference temporary.

Starter-Aizawa Kansai suffered ball control is not fixed, but Tanaka Ya you relief from three times to tighten the key point, you do not pass the initiative in the game.

On the other hand, with Univ. Of Science with the aim of winning the sixth seven years. It has reversed a win so depriving the five points in the final times in the semi-finals, and brought to the finals the tenacity and momentum, it was plagued Kansai. However, to make a good opportunity over repeatedly, but could not make use of the 16 left on base.

▽ final


101 001 100-4

130 230 00 × -9


(Oka) Kodera, Kobayashi - Tongu

(Cough) Aizawa, Tanaka Ya - Umino ●

▽ home run = Doi (cough) ▽ two-base hit = Kodera, Tokuda (Oka)

○ I suffered a crushing defeat in the prefectural tournament in the fall of the "Univ. Of Science with, swing is sharp. Opponent batter that stand up as a challenger, it was game painful to point difference or more. To try the baseball of everyday wear in Koshien, first Jiangpu ShigeruYasushi Kansai director I want to break through the first round "

○ ball control (in the starting lineup) "There was bad Aizawa 崚介 Kansai captain Blame it nervous, but keep it cool Thanks to everyone. It (the first game defeat) Koshien's last spring since, but have four people who are members at the time it seems to put in because of mind "

● was a good "team state Hayakawa Nobuhiro-Okayamaridaifu director, but I think I did not win the game is rough in offense and defense. First my fault, and lose if you lack a sense of stability fear was (fear). mood, but was good momentum from yesterday ... "

● When that seems depressed is Tsukihanasa ", Raise your voice hard, they go good flow of late. Feelings now Kansai fellow" highest, and "Thank you. Miki Chitoku-Okayamaridaifu captain I hope the national championship "

● = A on top of the raw Takashi
【夏の高校野球】岡山大会 関西が岡山理大付を振り切り3年ぶりV











 101 001 100-4

 130 230 00×-9

 関 西





 ○江浦滋泰・関西監督 「理大付には秋の県大会で大敗し、挑戦者として立ち向かえた。相手打者は振りが鋭く、点差以上に苦しい試合だった。甲子園でも普段着の野球を心掛け、まずは初戦突破をしたい」

 ○逢沢崚介・関西主将 「(先発で)制球が悪かったのは緊張のせいだが、みんなのおかげで冷静さは保てた。甲子園は(初戦敗退した)昨春以来だが、当時のメンバーも4人いるので平常心で入れそう」

 ●早川宜広・岡山理大付監督 「良いチーム状態だったが、勝てなかったのは私のせい。初回の攻防で試合が荒れると思い、安定感を欠いたら負けると危惧(きぐ)していた。昨日からの勢いでムードも良かったが…」

 ●三木知徳・岡山理大付主将 「突き放されて意気消沈しそうな時、懸命に声を張り上げ、それが終盤の良い流れに出た。今の気持ちは『最高の仲間たち、ありがとう』。そして関西の全国優勝を願っています」


<第96回全国高校野球>岡山大会 きょう決勝 岡山理大付対関西 /岡山
Final Okayamaridaifu vs. Kansai / Okayama <96th National High School Baseball> Okayama tournament today

The 26th of the day 11, at Muscat Stadium in Kurashiki middle., There are two semi-final game, Okayamaridaifu and Kansai went on winning the National High School Baseball Tournament of Okayama summer. Kansai is the second consecutive year, the showdown at the summit Okayamaridaifu advance in seven years. 13:00 on the 27th, finals, play ball in the same ballpark. 9th the first time in three years, the participation of Natsunokoushien sixth seven years Okayamaridaifu is if you win if you win Kansai. [Seya Kensuke]

◇ 1 point of obsession, and without showing tears - KAMACHI Kanta captain (KyoYuzuru-kan 3 years)

The "Let's Kuo a delicious lunch to win" -. Eight times back to attached a 3-point difference, The one insect, became the second base. In engine infielder gathered, KAMACHI Kanta captain of KyoYuzuru-kan (3 years) said. I told the "good to hit. 'S throw to take the plunge" and Kobatake empty pitcher (2 years).

I've been down the road of thorns as captain. When I lost the prefectural tournament last fall, in front of all players, Yasutaka Takata director has declared to be "substitute captain". KAMACHI player was not a regular at that time. Looking back though it is a captain, "strong feelings" I have, that "I have, I did not thought that the team" he said.

Then after practice, every day, was continued daily for a practice swing assent until go in front of a mirror until late at night. In addition, "If a large vessel of. Myself was taught like living in Takada supervision, vessel of the team also increased" he said. January this year, it returned to the captain, it was also the first baseman of the regular. "I was able to have a room in the heart of the fun and regular strife".

Four at bats three hits that day. I hit the left wing line two-base hit as the first batter of nine times, survived by touching up with leftist foul fly pinch hitter Matsumoto KyoNori players (three years). "I wanted to take the one point anyway." However, following is cut off.

I was fighting back tears of mortification in front of fellow. "If my pointing down, facing everyone. So do not shed tears." Kyuji grown also as a human being was full of a sense of accomplishment. [Seya Kensuke]

◇ Lucky 7

○ ... Okayamaridaifu-HayashiAkirataira player who hit a two-point three-base hit of the go-ahead to nine times (three years) when entering the at-bat, to see main battle Dae-jung Yuware pitcher of Kurashiki quotient (three years), and "replacement that felt only, and should "you are nervous. I squeeze the aim to first pitch, was waiting for middle fastball. The captured by the core and the shot was hit the fence over the head of left fielder. "I was happy almost too excited." 7 goals in four consecutive races, the team finals in seven years. "Lucky seven, good thing it seems that he has."


▽ semifinal

◇ ... Muscat ... ◇

000000001 = 1 KyoYuzuru-kan

Kansai 20001002 × = 5

(Today) Kobatake, Miyake - Seo

(Cough) Ichikawa, Tanaka Ya - Umino Takashi

▽ KAMACHI two-base hit (today) Ogo (cough)

Once, it is preoccupied with two points infield grounder and wild pitch from third base, Kansai one point even five times. 1 death two, and a third base, such as roll Doi, Ogo of the eight times, followed by the addition of two points in the run-scoring hit the right front of the plain. Tanaka Ya Ichikawa and tighten the key point, I outperformed scoring machine was repeatedly of the other party. Nine times that follow the five points, one for one, and a third base, such as two-base hit of KAMACHI, KyoYuzuru-kan rewarded with a sac fly Kazuya Matsumoto.

Okayamaridaifu 020000005 = 7

Kurashiki quotient 000021010 = 4

(Oka) Kodera - Tongu

(Warehouse) Kono large, large and medium - Yagi

▽ home run Yagi (warehouse)

▽ three-bagger Yamakoshi, Hayashi (Oka)

▽ two-base hit Matsuda, Hayashi (Oka) Ogo (warehouse)

Nine times chasing two points, and bases loaded with none out in the three repeated blows, Okayamaridaifu tying run-scoring hit in the left front of Kimura. Two, it is a sacrifice bunt in the third base of Ishihara, or three-base hit over the left of the forest, followed by the addition of three more points, starter, Kodera has kept its back. Kurashiki quotient two-run tie the Yagi to five times. 2 for one, second base, Onishi is go-ahead off a Nakamae run-scoring hit in the six times. Was added to one point eight times, but he succumbed to the onslaught of the opponent at the end.

<第96回全国高校野球>岡山大会 きょう決勝 岡山理大付対関西 /岡山













興譲館 000000001=1

関西  20001002×=5



▽二塁打 蒲池(興)小郷(関)


岡山理大付 020000005=7

倉敷商   000021010=4



▽本塁打 八木(倉)

▽三塁打 山腰、林(岡)

▽二塁打 松田、林(岡)小郷(倉)



トリックアート 親子で楽しんで(岡山 瀬戸内市牛窓町牛窓)

トリックアート 親子で楽しんで(岡山 瀬戸内市牛窓町牛窓)
Enjoy trick parent and child art

The 26th, planning for Parents and Children of summer vacation on the theme to "! Let's play with the picture," "Trick Art Exhibition" (sponsored by such San'yoshinbunsha) is opening at the Museum of Art Setouchi-cho Ushimado Ushimado. Until August 31.
About 50 points and picture which looks dolphins and sharks or jump out of frame, dinosaurs to come or hanging attacked lined. It is possible to take photos and the like pretending to be recordable, visitors would have been likely to fall off a cliff.
The exhibit also about 20 pieces panel depicting such as a circle to illusion, as are turning lines and reminiscent to differ even in the same length in practice.
9:00 to 17:00. Closed on Monday. Admission 600 yen, junior high school or less free. There is a workshop to create a lifelike stone from 10:00 August 30. Target 15 people first arrival in 5th year - middle school students. I accepted an offer from July 26. Requires 300 yen material cost.
トリックアート 親子で楽しんで

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岡山 高梁全国2位の37.2度(1位は?)

岡山 高梁全国2位の37.2度(1位は?)
37.2 degrees at the 2-position Takahashi nationwide

The 24th, the temperature rises covered with high pressure, Okayama Prefecture observed (average year 32.5 degrees) 37.2 degrees which is 2 in the nation in the city of Takahashi maximum temperature during the day. Out of the total 16 observation points, became extremely hot day it is 35 degrees more than 5 points. What was the hottest 37.4 degrees in Miyazaki.
35.3 degrees (32.3 degrees) Okayama city center, Kita-ku, Okayama Takebe-cho, Fukuwatari 36.3 degrees (32.6 degrees same) Kasaoka 35.2 degrees maximum temperature of Okayama prefecture is, (the 32-and 3 degrees)? I was recorded this year in the 15 highest point. Okayama Local Meteorological Observatory has issued a "high-temperature warning information" the whole area in a row on the 23rd.
According to the fire department of each prefecture, a total of 20 men and women who are 7 years old - 80's is ambulance symptoms found with heat stroke.
Okayama Local Meteorological Observatory that "is expected to maximum temperature rise to 36 degrees in Okayama also the 25th, careful attention to heat stroke is a severe heat in various places, etc.. Hydrating frequently" he said.

Geki Atsu! 37.4 degrees in Miyazaki

The 24th, it becomes intense heat of every day under the influence of high pressure, Including 37.4 degrees in Miyazaki, maximum temperature is had reached 37.2 degrees in Shizuoka Prefecture Kawanehon-cho-ku, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan archipelago Kanto it became extremely hot day of 35 degrees or more in 58 points across the country, the most in this year mainly westward.

This year most up to 560 points across the country hot day of 30 degrees or more, including these. Temperature is expected to rise to the 25th, the Japan Meteorological Agency is encouraged to be aware of heat stroke.

In addition, 37.0 degrees in Kochi Kuroshio Town in Niihama City, maximum temperature of around 36.4 degrees in Naka-cho, Tokushima Prefecture. Tokyo also recorded the highest temperature of the year, such as Hachioji of 34.8 degrees and Fuchu of 35.2 degrees.





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