岡山市など連携 創業ネット設立 (岡山で起業せよ!)

岡山市など連携 創業ネット設立 (岡山で起業せよ!)
(Whether entrepreneurship in Okayama!) Cooperation founded net establishment such as Okayama

The 23rd, Okayama has announced that it is provided in conjunction Chamber of Commerce, and local financial institutions such as the city and Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry the "Okayama founded network". Opened on the fifth floor window of the city hall respond with a one-stop consultation founded seekers. In addition to two small business consultant resides and provide advice, it is poised to introduce seminars of Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber, and founded school.
Approach based on industrial competitiveness Enhancement Act, which came into effect in January this year. Founded support business plan in line with the law is certified by the country in June 20, it was launched on the same date. I aim the establishment of 340 cases per year in the city.
The network is organized in 14 groups, including the city. Economic and commerce and industry organizations of member cooperation to or open a seminar or consultation of the establishment of a business. Financial institutions get on the consultation of funding. About 5 years until the end of 2018, to maintain the framework, to consider co-hosting of the seminar 2003 or later. July 30, I open city Hokenfukushikaikan in (city Shikata-cho, Kita-ku) contact first meeting.
Omori Masao mayor said, "and to support the establishment of a business, with the aim of activating region, to secure employment" in a press conference.
Consultation opened in City Hall 8:30 to 17:15 on weekdays. Industrial development and employment promotion section us (086 803 1325).
岡山市など連携 創業ネット設立 (岡山で起業せよ!)

 市役所の相談窓口は平日午前8時半~午後5時15分に開設。問い合わせは産業振興・雇用推進課(086 803 1325)。

全国初 起業家ゼロ金利 岡山県が補助制度始める
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Share space of Okayama, Hokan town "NAWATE" 1 anniversary - and Memorial Events

Share space in Okayama "NAWATE" (Okayama-cho, Kita-ku, Hokan 4) was celebrated in July, the first anniversary.
The facility made ​​shop, studio, workshop space, a cafe, lounge, and from private library at the center guest house to "evade Torii" has become an AC space gathering of people. To enter it in duck red torii trade mark is derived from facility name "NAWATE".
Held a "small summer festival" 1st anniversary event on the 26th, the 27th July. Festival event fourth time. The theme was "my life and the work." In addition to open talk show, a workshop on both days, grocery shops and food are opened. Merchants also replace all the Okayama edited by Kansai Edition, 26th 25th. Koji Moriguchi's graphic designer, Motoda Keisuke's apparel manufacturers plan the president appeared as a speaker in the talk show. At the workshop, and that done, "rather than a hobby, make a livelihood" workshop.
Akashi Kenji's caretaker "The best part of the property is (the best part), that not only the people traveling with the locals, there are people among local, encounter between persons of the journey, there is a notice each other" he said.
Opening hours are 10:00 to 18:00 both days. Only live in the 26th also planned. Talk show, workshops must be booked in advance. Hours guest house "evade Torii" is 4:00 p.m. to 22:00. Dmitry 1 night 2,800 yen. I also provide a private room.


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お金の歴史・技術を展覧会で紹介 23日から岡山天満屋

お金の歴史・技術を展覧会で紹介 23日から岡山天満屋

Okayama Tenmaya introduction from the 23rd exhibition history and technology of money

From the 23rd, Okayama Tenmaya in (Okayama city north district), National Printing Bureau that print money and Osaka Mint of producing the money (Minato-ku, Tokyo) to introduce the technology and history related to money I will hold the "exhibition of stamps and money." Up to 30 days.

Venue to the department stores around the country, has been carried out once summer vacation every year, held at the Okayama second time at this time. Be sold (1850 yen) money set accommodating the 1 yen to 500 yen in case you are to commemorate the exhibition held in Okayama, was designed Momotaro.

In addition to the exhibition of the Azuchi Momoyama period, known as the gold coins of the world's largest and "Tensho length large", a description of the manufacturing process of coins and the transition of money modern, as well as corner experience the weight of 100 million yen in the exhibition .

Admission is free. Print Chaoyang meeting us (electro) 03.3927.8796.

お金の歴史・技術を展覧会で紹介 23日から岡山天満屋




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