Sea opening at Okayama Suna-bi coast

Voted one of the "Nippon'nonagisahyakusen", the 1st, sea opening was performed by cutting the top Suna-bi prefecture coast proud of the history of Japan's oldest class as a seaside resort in the (Kurashiki Tamashima). About 100 people, such as a governing body to make local residents and the city attended the open type sea. After you pray for the safety of (until August 31) during swimming, shown off to swim according to formula Nippon God flow heat transfer, officials celebrated with a ribbon-cutting.

18 people children of municipal Suna-bi small nearby participate in the first swim this day. Had cheered and jumped into the sea all at once. Hirata, Aiko Dosho of three years (8) was a smile "and a little cold, but fun. Every year, about 10 times has been its swimming" he said.

There is Higashihama (up 900 m) and Nishihama (about 1.5 km extension) across the fishing port, the coast-largest prefecture of top-class. Swimming customers of about 50,000 people each year visit to the center Nishihama, the August 3 "Suna-bi Beach Festival", events such as beach volleyball tournament also will be held to the same on the 17th.

The 12th, in addition to Shibukawa coast of Tamano will open two weeks late than usual, be open sea after another seaside resort of other mid this month in the prefecture.




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<集団的自衛権>閣議決定 「改憲」意見書を可決 県議会、解釈変更反対は不採択 /岡山

<集団的自衛権>閣議決定 「改憲」意見書を可決 県議会、解釈変更反対は不採択 /岡山
Prefectural assembly passed Cabinet decision a "constitutional amendment" written opinion, interpretation change not opposed to adoption / Okayama

The 1st by the government Cabinet approved the exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense, in the prefectural assembly, while the petition to request not to change the interpretation of the Constitution has become non-adoption, "Opinion draft to determine the early realization of the constitutional reform" is passed has been. Democratic lawmakers, the Communist opposed or "should be discussed carefully." Etc. appeal "and to such a crucial to determine the future of Japan, to decide just Abe et al funny," said civil society organizations that the petition against the right of collective self-defense exercise tolerance Momotaro Boulevard North Zone of post-war the great transformation of the security policy, various voice went up. [Before this Ayu, Hirakawa Y., Seya Kensuke]

In the prefectural assembly, petition and request not to change the interpretation of the Constitution becomes non-adoption, written opinion to determine the early realization of the constitutional amendment was passed.

There was also a scene Mihara Makotokai members of Democratic citizens club stated, "We should be discussed over a period of time carefully" about the right to collective self-defense, taunted fly as "Jaro that the National Assembly" from the floor.

Draft opinion to seek the constitutional amendment is proposed Kobayashi Kenshin affairs chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party. To the country, was "to change the Constitution to appropriate a new era, the urge to create an early proposed constitutional amendment, to achieve a national referendum" he said. Shitaira Mihoko members of the Communist said, "that the Constitution to try to Yurumeyo own chain. To tie the authority is not permitted" he said.

The vote, in favor of one independent and Liberal Democratic Party, a written opinion is passed. Amano Manabu prefectural chapter secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "that is not necessarily tailored to the Cabinet decision of the right of collective self-defense, it has been determined along the wishes of party headquarters from traditional".

In an interview after the prefectural assembly, Italian wood Ryuta governor said, "right of collective self-defense in the national level, my authority does not extend" he said. Thereupon, he said and called into question the interpretation of the Constitution change, "means that the elections there. Nation that I think of discretion if referred to as the" tyranny "it" he said.

◇ voice of citizens, divided into pros and cons

Also the voice of the citizens, pros and cons divided.

Vocational school student, Yuta Ueno's Kurashiki Chaya (19) said, "RESOLUTION fight back violence to violence should find a way of resolution by. Discussion not good" he said. Unemployed, Naramoto Akiyo's peace-cho, Kita-ku (70) were angry, "simply because do not know the war will what, Abe I was able to Cabinet decision" he said. Abe should consider more the meaning "Japan did not war nearly 70 years. Future, is considered to be a friend of the United States, terrorism occurs in Japan office workers, Sakai, Takashi Kita Okamachi is (54) I have feared the "or not than. On the other hand, there is no army that can be use of force Given the "world situation in preparation for the funny. Emergency, to tolerate the right of collective self-defense as well as a deterrent to other countries (57) unemployed, Fujii Masaru Kita Tamachi 1 You better ". Okayama Univ four years, Yamamoto gauze Yumi (21) said, "If the government commitment to the" does not lead to repeating the "war, you want to also support the right to collective self-defense" he said.
<集団的自衛権>閣議決定 「改憲」意見書を可決 県議会、解釈変更反対は不採択 /岡山













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