The voice of anxiety Hoshino in "forced participation"

Once, issues surrounding the whole performance commander of Kyuen was settled by Rakuten, Hoshino shake helm as originally planned, but there is no change in unpredictable circumstances.

Hoshino of rest during, no problem if Hatasere the field return in a healthy figure undergoing surgery, such as thoracic yellow ligament ossification now, but declined again doctor unless issued a GO sign in the end ... it could also be a worst-case scenario that. Voice to worry about Tosho that decided the "mandatory participation" from within the baseball actually die out.

It was decided to not take the helm at Kyuen originally people. Attentive Speaking of "Hoshino also affected by the slapstick drama. Teams should you had the consideration in physical condition is not perfect, and that do not let care around it might have been determined Te, and not offend others any more. mental stress is I would not be the best rehab ... "(baseball related persons)

The Seibu Dome which is carried out first leg Kyuen is (the 18th), there is also a long, long staircase before Ihara director of Seibu is listed in one of the resignation reason. Hoshino Is it possible to up and down safely really. "Chivalrous" showed the Tosho Although I should have backfired ....




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ベネッセに稼ぎ方を伝授 原田社長が新経営方針

ベネッセに稼ぎ方を伝授 原田社長が新経営方針

Teach how to earn in Benesse Harada president new management policy

I teach the business to Benesse Holdings (HD) -. Eikō Harada, who was appointed last month to chairman and president the 2nd, was revealed for the first time the "guiding principles" in the management briefings opened in Tokyo. Toward the rebuilding of sluggish to main communication education course of "Shinkenzemi", I thoroughly customer-oriented. Can the education service possible to the familiar presence in the consumer as personal computers and hamburgers once it worked was.

■ "the business well."

"To the business anymore a little good, do not have enough points, such as become sensitive to sales." Apple Computer Japan served as president (now Apple Japan) and Japan McDonald's HD, the Harada that have been tossed in fierce competition management style of Benesse is frustrating.

Briefing immediately in, was in rapid succession announced a Shinkenzemi reform of "Harada flow".

First, open the antenna shop "area Benesse" in Tokyo Aoyama to month. Provide such opportunity to touch the tablet that you can attend Shinkenzemi (multi-function mobile terminal), it's aim is to get experience. Plans to provide 500 places in such metropolitan area in the next year in January.

The first place, "sense of customer orientation is dull for communication education there is no site that interact with the audience." Themselves actively approach to customers, there is a need to create opportunities for more business.

Direct mail also review to be used for solicitation of membership. "Now only" wording urge a "you only" application such as "deadline approaching" prohibit the use as "words of the service provider eyes".

Harada said at McDonald's, was revised to quickly cooking after receiving the order a hamburger that has been put to make. It's to pass to the possible fresh. Even in Benesse the field reform of customer-oriented I'm trying to reproduce.

Sales of domestic education business with a focus on Shinkenzemi (year ended March 31, 2014) accounts for over 50% of the entire Benesse. Operating in profit I reach to nearly 90%. But the number of members of the 12-year Shinkenzemi in April that was over 4 million people fell to 3.65 million people in April this year.

"Red pen teacher evolution in paper and digital." Explain the Benesse HD Harada Chairman and President Management Policy
Country from the 11 fiscal abolished the "relaxed education" in elementary, junior high school, there is also the influence of school classes have been expanded. As though, slump is noticeable compared to the firm of such school that is on sale the caring of goodness in small groups.

Harada president see that it is necessary "(Shinken maker such as correction in the seminar) to enhance the brand value of the red pen teacher, and snuggle up to study of children". Benesse dispatch plan of red pen teacher also emerged in the school nursery business to enter from September. I take care of children of homework at a pace of about once a month. Again I get the real experience the leadership of the red pen teacher.

In addition, dedicated terminal To attend Shinkenzemi in tablet but was required, also be able to use their own iPad members in until next spring. While stacking these fine measures, go planting the know-how to grab the customer.

■ School introduce it if dissatisfaction

Was expected to reform ability of Harada president It's Fukutake Soichiro top adviser of the founding family. Vertically divided consciousness of Division deep-rooted, cooperation within the group was little. Fukutake Mr. order to break down the rigid organization determines that it is necessary to lead to "professional management" from outside. Harada president also speak as "I do not know (a company), is changed to not hesitate."

The members who are not satisfied with the Shinkenzemi, to introduce the school, such as Tokyo tutoring School of group. Plans to increase up to 1 thousand classroom the current about 200 classrooms in prospect after 5-6 years. Not only Shinkenzemi in antenna shop, also consider language business and care of the entire selling group such as the introduction of business, such as "Berlitz".

"The growth in Japan there is a limit. I aim in the world." This is the final goal of Harada president. Sales third in the world of education leading Benesse HD. It's about half of first place the British Pearson. It is thought to extend the overseas businesses, such as aiming a system that can provide both a communication education courses and school in China and Indonesia, but first it is necessary to prove that the lead is "Harada flow" in education business in feet.
ベネッセに稼ぎ方を伝授 原田社長が新経営方針
















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