Tanabata Kome wish to strip

Tanabata is the 7th? Wishes of Vega and Altair, which are separated by the Milky Way come true, once a year, the day that you meet. Bamboo ornaments lined around the country in Okayama prefecture, I committed to such strip the wishes of each.
Strip wrote Okayama, Kita-ku, Marunouchi, in Uchisange kindergarten, the bamboo of 2.5 m height, "as available to car shop", "Ji, but want to be able to write well" 240 people kindergartener is such ornamented. Six-year-old girl was talking to be the "Do not say a wish come true and sunny."
Okayama Local Meteorological Observatory has been forecast "thick clouds, rain in some places, observation of the stars may be difficult" and the weather of the day and night 7.


The 7th, the annual "yukata school" began Mimasaka large and junior colleges section (Tsuyama Kitazono Town). Became the rain, but unfortunately, the campus was wrapped in a colorful mood in the student attire of the sum cool. Until the 8th.
From 8 o'clock am, the men's figure of Jinbei chic women wearing yukata colorful floral design, such as gray and dark blue school. And chatted with a friend of a different appearance from the usual, students were taken to commemorate the lecture before. Girls two years the Department of Children, "it is hard to move a little more casual, but feel thrilled" he said.
Sasa of 65 lines connecting the strip who wrote the wish of students "so that you become a teacher of elementary school" and "as you pass the national examination" in the corridor and the front door was also decorated.
Yukata school to be performed in accordance with the Tanabata, start the predecessor of the university, from 1993 of Mimasakajoshidai era of student initiative. 7, 8 percent of students each year that support. And the like yukata contest 7 day and night.

You may use to strip it was up to 5 colors! Tips Tanabata that can be proud to know

It is a summer feature romantic, Tanabata July 7. Do you know what about Tanabata? "I think the day that Orihime and Orihime will meet once a year" and "day to make a wish by connecting to the bamboo strip" and have penetrated to a lot of people, but not well known to the Tanabata, interesting story but I there's more. I think So here, I want to introduce the knowledge of Tanabata that can be proud to know.

■ about the origin of Tanabata

◎ many cultures are mixed in the Tanabata in Japan

Tanabata, is what the finished culture the following together.

Bon Festival in Japan
· "(Shelf Tatsu-me) Tanabatatsume" Japanese legends
Bon Festival of China
-China "Kikoden (antagonism transfer)"

"Tanabatatsume" is a legend of women weaving. Kikoden is a festival for women wishing to improve their sewing. Both It is also about culture needlework. Obon is a thing of Buddhism, because God appearing to "Tanabatatsume", Tanabata I can say the event that Buddhism and Shinto was put together.

◎ There is a reason Tanabata is to a the 7th the 7th

Legendary "Tanabatatsume" is

> Tanabatatsume is muffled Hataya of the water in (Hataya) in order to get rid of the evil village to God. And so come to see Tsu woman woven shelf God has Tenka~tsu on July 15 of the lunar calendar, she will your opponent of God only one night.

It is written with. So based on this legend, it was in the weaving village of maids by preparing the weaving machine to the water, the former Japanese now performs ritual to pay God for the fabric. And because it was the evening of July 7 is to enshrine a tool to use in the ceremony, people of the 7th seems to have become important from the 15th gradually.

◎ became Tanabata Chinese character based on the date and time

Tanabata was written "Tanabata" and "Tanao" once. It is said that because the "evening 7 days" began to be emphasized, it is, became a notation Tanabata as it is. You can also read the "Shichiseki" Tanabata, but it does not seem rarely used in common. To the eye sometimes I think in much "(Boys' Shichiseki) festival of Tanabata". Theory and historical fact that "Kojiki" and "Chronicles of Japan" is that whether it is also derived from I there for the name. If you are interested, please take a look by all means!

■ You may use a strip up to 5 colors

At the beginning of the second song "Tanabata-like", I think you have lyrics of "strip of five colors". This is derived from the fact that his team was using a strip of five colors blue (green), red, yellow, white, purple (black) in the Tanabata China. It is a symbol of the five elements that composition heaven and earth, the five colors represent the universe itself. Specifically,

Blue: wood, east Hull Hitoshi
Red: fire, south, summer, Rei
· Yellow: Sat, center, midsummer Singh
White: gold, west, autumn, righteousness
Purple: water, north, winter, Satoshi

And it is with. Orange and pink is all well and good, colorful, but when know why neat you have these, and use the other colors I will be closed mind. The mid-season (mid-season), I will say that of about 18 days immediately preceding the first day of summer, beginning of fall, first day of winter, the first day of spring. "Ushinohi of dog days" to eat eel in the whole country that uses the kanji for this mid-season.

■ There was also hosted in hope of progress of calligraphy in addition to sewing

The Tanabata, was also event you wish in addition to sewing, the characters as well write. This meant that children had done primarily to rub the ink in the soup with the rice leaves and potato in the morning of the 7th, and wished "figure so that you can write well," and while writing the character in the ink I seem to. There is also a theory that it was writing the strip in this ink.

■ How to enjoy Tanabata that following the customs of the past

Do not enjoy Based on the way of ancient times that was introduced here because it is much trouble? The way up to now,

-Strip choose the blue, red, yellow, white, purple
-Anyone who wants to improve their penmanship is, write a letter while a wish sucking ink on the morning of the 7th
-I hope people who are not good at sewing to improve

I only add, and will be Tanabata with the taste much. It is perfect when you are put in the hands of the rainy season rice and potatoes, but ... It is seems difficult indeed.

■ Tanabata this year should be something a little bit different

So you was the event that there is a history very I Tanabata. By knowing deeply, it is now feeling that Spend cherish 6.7 days in July. And aware of the Tanabata than usual, let's thinking about the night sky this year.


■ 七夕の起源について

◎ 日本の七夕には多くの文化が混ざっている




◎ 七夕が7日7日なのには理由がある




◎ 日時にもとづいて七夕という漢字になった


■ 短冊に使って良いのは5色まで


・青 : 木・東・春・仁
・赤 : 火・南・夏・礼
・黄 : 土・中央・土用・信
・白 : 金・西・秋・義
・紫 : 水・北・冬・智


■ 裁縫のほかに習字の上達を願う催しもあった


■ 昔の風習にならった七夕の楽しみ方




■ 今年の七夕は一味違うものになるはず





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