Enjoy art and views of the Seto Inland Sea

From July, Saturday, Sunday, townhouse trace of merchant in the Setouchi-cho, Ushimado Ushimado is open to the public holiday. In a building overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, we are the works active in Spain plastic artist Toshio Yamaguchi from the city (57), can enjoy at the same time and contemporary art view.
Japanese-style architecture of the second floor wooden, built in the early Showa is a local merchant was treating wood for shipbuilding. Located on a hill, it is possible to see the Harimanada and Maejima (orthotopic) from the hall on the second floor facing east.
Has been used, for example, rest home company after the war, but spring 2012, Nakamura SakaeKyo priest of Myofukuji (orthotopic) to purchase, named "precious stone hermitage (Juan Law)" he said. I've been published only at the time of the event, but when'll let you visit more people, began to regularly publish wife of chief priest in addition to highlight the work of impressed Yamaguchi.
Work exhibited about 20 points objects and ship flowers, and paintings in the first and second floors. I have the image of nurture life in the whole "sea". Nakamura priest, talking with the "if Moraere Nagon in mind the people who visited," together with the surrounding scenery and calm appearance of the "precious stone hermitage".
Published 10:00 to 17:00. 500 yen admission fee (with coffee). There is free parking nearby. Myofukuji us (0869 34 2760).

 公開は午前10時~午後5時。入場料500円(コーヒー付き)。近くに無料駐車場がある。問い合わせは妙福寺(0869 34 2760)。
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<ベネッセ>情報流出で進研ゼミ信用失墜 新社長多難な船出

<ベネッセ>情報流出で進研ゼミ信用失墜 新社長多難な船出

SNS系・金融系の不正ログインと関係あるのか? はたまた・・・・。

Sail full of difficulties Shinken seminar disrepute new president information leakage

Customer information leakage that occurred in (HD) Benesse Holdings, likely also have an effect on management. Communication Education for children and students for the company is a pillar of business, loss of credit from the user from being damaged is very large. Eikou Harada, who took office in June through the HD such as McDonald's president (Yingkou) Chairman and President, hit a big wall from fledgling.

Products and services of Benesse to be personal information has been compromised

"I understand and become angry. Customers want to explain (the preventive measures and incident summary) carefully." At a press conference that opened in Tokyo, Harada president showed policy listed our best to hold back the member hurry preventive measures and investigate the cause. It Acheta Eiji Chief Information Officer Fukushima and coercive vice president of the former president (CIO) is offered to Inseki resignation was also revealed, but the disposal of himself denied the management responsibility to be "do not think".

Impact of this problem is to give the company's performance is not Yomi-gire. Harada president also acknowledged "impact on the brand image is located in the short term," but it was enough to do to answer with a look tough "do not know" about what the impact of how much.

President of Mr. Harada is that of being expected to pump fresh blood into the company's business structural headwinds such as the spread of the Internet and low birth rate increase. And 3.65 million people in April this year, a decrease of more than 500,000 from the peak, brake is not applied to the dwindling of business trend membership of the correspondence course is a pillar of the business such as "Shinkenzemi".

Emphasized that "Shinkenzemi is, strength of our company has its own overwhelming number of members and brand power," said in a corporate strategy meeting of the 2nd of this month. Told confidently ideas cited the experience obtained by V-shaped recovery performance, such as expansion and a 24-hour provision in the menu and change was in the McDonald's era, rebuild our core business, such as the expansion of educational material delivery using tablet devices . In the form of sprained the Dehana, first information flow problem this will be a top priority is the responsibility of restoring trust and thorough measures for preventing the recurrence.

The most important credit is impaired for the "education industry, it will inevitably impact on business performance. Very important is how the corresponding Tabei Yoshihiko investment research director of Naito Securities in large first job Harada president the story was that it "is.

◇ Benesse Holdings, Inc.

First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies engaged in a wide range of communications and education business, known for "Shinkenzemi", publication, and nursing care. In Fukutakeshoten predecessor was founded in Okayama in 1955, I was issued a student handbook, such as books and junior high school for at first. Start high school students for distance learning in '69, the high school students practice test in '62. Including correspondence course in elementary school, junior high school for young children, in the 80's to 70's, I was also expanding into Taiwan. The introduction means "live well" in the coinage of Latin in '90 the "Benesse" brand. Pregnancy in the 1990s, birth, advanced English conversation classes and parenting magazine published "Tamago Club" and "chick club" and "Berlitz" acquisition. Consolidated net sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 is 466.3 billion yen of 3.6% from the previous year, and operating income of 35.8 billion yen, down 6.1%.

<ベネッセ>情報流出で進研ゼミ信用失墜 新社長多難な船出










Also headwinds ... rebuilding effect Eikou. Harada, in two weeks inauguration

Benesse Holdings, the outflow of a large amount of customer information is discovered on the 9th (HD).

In two weeks too much from the launch of the new organization, which celebrated its Harada 泳幸 Yingkou chairman and president, who served as top management, such as McDonald's Holdings Japan, I faced a tough situation. Trust distance learning business mainstay, such as "Shinkenzemi" is not big fluctuations could, rebuilding of the business that Mr. Harada listed was increased steepness.

The 9th, at a press conference held at the hotel in Tokyo, Mr. Harada was stressed that "tackle and prevent recurrence, to prevent diffusion of leaked information." It is sufficient to say that it "not be measured in terms of the current stage" for the impact on the brand.

From one of the databases that manage customer information, problem of this time, got up information flows out. The plans that including other databases, this situation does not occur again, until it is confirmed by an external agency, to stop the recruitment of new customers direct mail and television advertising due to (DM).







つまり、メニューの提供 (多様な選択・生涯教育・ライフ設計?)、24時間営業の拡大(24時間対応の教育?)となるのかな?

「マクドナルド化」する「べネッセ」?  (IT化(ITC化)の流れは、いいが・・・。「マクドナルド化」は、・・・。)

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学力の地域差、鮮明に 県教委調査 倉敷が岡山上回る (平均正答率57.9%に上昇)

学力の地域差、鮮明に 県教委調査 倉敷が岡山上回る
Regional differences in academic achievement, prefectural board of education research Kurashiki, Okayama exceeds clearly

The 9th, prefectural education board summarizes the results of the prefecture academic and learning situation survey was conducted this spring targeting about 10,007 thousand public in first-year students in the prefecture. In the first year survey province has raised the "revival of education in Okayama Prefecture", the results were noted, but "regional disparities in academic achievement" average percentage of correct answers of the Okayama prefectural capital is weak, such as below the Kurashiki City for the first time emerged.

About 6,000 which corresponds to 34% of the whole county participated in major cities from Okayama City home to largest population of the prefecture, the average percentage of correct answers was 57.0%. About 4,500 hits 26% participated in the core city, Kurashiki prefecture of the second, the same 57.2%. It is a performance that does not reach the county average but both, Kurashiki were higher than with a narrow margin.

According to the 18 cities and towns ranking prefectural board of education has been announced, Okayama # 13, position 11 Kurashiki. From the start of the survey of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012, Okayama has been exceeded at all times, but it was reversed for the first time.

Okayama Board of Education Guidance Division was "in terms of the analysis as soon as possible the survey results, if Ika taking positive countermeasures and washed out the challenge" he said. Kurashiki Board of Education Guidance Division was evaluated "outcome is said to have come up a little bit at a time, current situation you do not have access to the county average is not intended to be satisfactory" and.

Small city in the northern prefecture Niimi (58.1% average percentage of correct answers) Takahashi City, (58.7%), and Misaki-cho (up 58.9%) are conspicuous in the ranking, greater research from last year local governments were often breakthrough.

Actively incorporating progressive approach in other schools, municipalities. Performance difference has gone out largely on the result by the "area is up will're promoting school reform. County board of education in the future in any case and was analyzed by the "want to help improve.
学力の地域差、鮮明に 県教委調査 倉敷が岡山上回る






It rose to 57.9% average percentage of correct answers

The 9th, Okayama Prefecture Board of Education announced the 2014 achievement test results of original was conducted in a public junior high school freshman all of the prefecture. The average percentage of correct answers of 4 subjects in 57.9%, 4.7 points higher (53.2%) the previous year. Test has been Sakutoi assumes a correct rate of 60 percent every year.
Subject-specific percentage of correct answers, 67.4% language (58.0% the previous year), 53.9% social (62.4%), 57.7% math (46.2%), 52.4% science (46.0%). Society only dropped from the previous year.
There is an improving trend in the percentage of correct answers generally similar and the same problem of the national achievement test provinces and independent testing of the past, no-answer rate to blank the answer to each problem is reduced. On the other hand, there is a problem in case you think or in association with more than one document still, and to describe and description.
Test, aim is to understand the learning retention rate in elementary schools at the beginning of of 1. Because it has focused on measures of mathematics and language which will serve as the basis for conversion. Proficiency due to the efforts of after-school learning and "teaching reform, signs of improvement are seen as a whole, prefectural board of education compulsory education department to take a subject balance in the future you are going to "go.
In another municipality, of the 18 cities and towns with the exception of the towns and villages there is only one junior high schools, the average percentage of correct answers of 4 subject's was the highest 58.9% of Misaki-cho. I jumped from the lowest of the previous year (48.6%). Least this time Akaiwa of 55.0%. Difference of Akaiwa and Misaki-cho 3.9 point, I was reduced maximum gap from the previous year (6.3 points).
It was higher than the provincial average in all subjects is Soja and Tamano. Was lower than all four subjects to reverse it was five cities and one town Okayama, Tsuyama, Bizen, Akaiwa, Asakuchi, of Wake-cho.
Implementation of learning survey in accordance with the test. Students who answered "more than four hours" a day on weekdays have time to devote to games, such as smart phones with 11.5 percent, up 2.1 percentage points from the previous year. Was improved, such as the (previous year 35.8%) 38.0% is "less than 2 hours more than an hour" on weekdays of learning time outside of class.
The survey and test, is performed on April 22, about 10 007 thousand of 163 public schools have received.





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