<鹿田遺跡>烏帽子かぶった人骨出土 鎌倉時代後期に埋葬 「極めて良い保存状態」--岡山大調査 /岡山

<鹿田遺跡>烏帽子かぶった人骨出土 鎌倉時代後期に埋葬 「極めて良い保存状態」--岡山大調査 /岡山
"Very good state of preservation" unearthed human bones buried in the late Kamakura period capped Eboshi - Okayama investigation / Okayama

The human bones of Kamakura period late found to have been buried in a state of wearing the head (Veiled) Eboshi men to wear, how (how) remains Okayama Archaeological Research Center, (Kita Shikata-cho, I announced that it had found in the first 25 Next excavations Shikata Okayama Univ campus). Okayama that "human bones of the state of being covered with Eboshi's found or not there is no example in the whole country" he said.

According to Okayama, Shikata ruins near, in the place where it was estate Fujiwara regent to the emperor family "Shikata Zhuang" in the Heian to Muromachi period, human bones found in the vicinity of the building marks remain as well as well.

The human bones that were buried with Eboshi, teeth and part of the bone of the head remained. (25 cm in height, width 29 cm) Eboshi is found in the state in contact with the bone of the back of the head. I was confirmed and the fiber of the fabric, the black lacquer-coated surface. Is from near the human bones, and swords, white porcelain, celadon unit of China is found, deceased person that found it was a person of high status.

Plans to study in detail and human bones, Yamamoto Etsuyo professor of university said, "there is not much to say so only luck and was really good, state of preservation is very good," said future.

In this study, human bones and other systemic remains almost, and partition of trace mansion also found, the 12th, Okayama held a local briefings Shikata ruins. The center officials have been explained and human bones. Said, "I was surprised human bones has been well preserved. Imagination swelled people lived here and what was any life," said (23) 1 year Okayama Univ graduate who participated, Nakagawa Tomomi.
<鹿田遺跡>烏帽子かぶった人骨出土 鎌倉時代後期に埋葬 「極めて良い保存状態」--岡山大調査 /岡山







Benesse outflow, or copying and taking out multiple times ... subdivision

It was found in the interviews with stakeholders that the problems that customer information has been flowing out in large quantities from the Benesse Corporation, customer information had been taken out in a plurality of times from a database (DB) in-house.

It has been around in name-list seller shortly after they brought out, when viewed information has been brought out for sale from the very beginning, the Metropolitan Police Department are investigating (trade secret territory obtained, disclosure) on suspicion of unfair competition law violations.

According to people familiar with the matter, in the room there is a terminal that is installed in the offices of Tama City, Tokyo Group companies Benesse company had contracted to management "thin form" of Okayama, manipulate, DB and Persons. This has been decided not to Tachi-ire.

The end of last year, there is a log record of more than once in the ID system engineers of the company that had received a subcontracted management of the DB from the company (SE), there is evidence that customer information has been taken out. Found good customer information about 20.7 million reviews has been stored in the DB, since the customer information was a large amount, it has been replicated in portions to a recording medium such as a USB memory.




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