岡山女児不明 5日ぶり保護 容疑者の車、母親がナンバー記憶

岡山女児不明 5日ぶり保護 容疑者の車、母親がナンバー記憶

Girls a lot of people were concerned about the body have been successfully protected five days. Five years went missing on way home from school in the 14th Kurashiki Municipal middle. (Middle.) Elementary School, the 19th, Moriyama SakiRyo (Sakura) 's (11) = city Tokubo (Special Defense) = is in Okayama City you have already been found and arrested (49) unemployed, Fujiwara TakeHiroshi Utagu-sha the city north district in confinement charges. That the number of suspicious vehicle of silver mother remembered, was consistent with the car of the suspect Fujiwara became the decisive factor in the arrest. Residents of the neighborhood, was Nadeoroshi the breast to give notice to inform the resolution of the case.

". Son was good anyway are delighted." Spoke in how the 19 day and night, was relieved (43) Women's eldest son (10) that classmate and Mr. Moriyama. Was also referred mother said, "I think it is pleased because he said he wanted a meeting enjoy son After coming back. You want a warm welcome if you came back" he said.

Moriyama-san since gone missing, cage also children complaining of bad health in the middle. Small, it is sent to the school psychologist, the city Board of Education has embarked on a correspondence.

Children who complained of ill-health is the 18th three people on the 16th, four on the 17th, there was a closing ceremony is three. In addition to the anxiety to be gone is Moriyama-san, that was a children feel, "scary" an environment different from the usual.

It has a daughter of small 2, (37) does not eat too much. Rice "my daughter began to cry," SakiRyo-chan, the "kana not think scary suddenly mother there is a relationship of the whole family and Moriyama-san, I confessed, "was the bedwetting for three consecutive days.

It showed how a frustration as "boring and no longer can also play in the park near", but keep in the back of the room all the way "is (38) mother of another child was at home small four girls (9) I was talking about does not go as well. want playing for outside, and added, "want to watch properly in the area.

Anxiety that has been felt across the region. The happy more than anything else, protection of Moriyama's, became the news that relief can be (and).

On the other hand, Moriyama-san, was known in the personality of sister thought to have found friends and neighbors.

School route it takes 30 minutes or more from home. The figure get out of school friends with my sister, residents of the neighborhood had been the eyes well. ". Back that was playing on board the sister on top of the knee may be in a nearby park is also high, it did not appear to elementary school students. Was the older sister that I did very well," is (38) housewife (10) that classmate daughter .

According to the classmate, that after the 14th, the topic of Moriyama's climb is in a class that was missing was almost gone.

"There was a atmosphere though worried about everyone, hard to put a mouth about it" (10) boys of the same class. It is a worry, but that there was impatience that can not be in the mouth.

"But to get together with good friends of mine, and talked seriously And I'm going to" Where. What I "will are you". Classmates, had been worried about only Moriyama's more than anyone else.











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