「きゅうり封じ」で健康に 岡山・石山寺

「きゅうり封じ」で健康に 岡山・石山寺
Okayama, Ishiyama, healthy, "cucumber seal"

The 29th of "Midsummer Day of the Ox", by containment Wish Upon a cucumber of summer vegetables in Ishiyama of Tsuyama Otani to prayer (prayer) "cucumber seal" has been made.

Survive in Ayaka~tsu to fresh cucumber, the intense heat of summer, and spend as health, it has been performed in accordance with the Midsummer Day of the Ox from about 400 years ago.

The Buddha of the main hall, a bill called the amulet is buried, about 350 cucumber wrapped paper wrote the wishes of the congregation and others provided, Kato MadokaSachi priest (67) et al were (prayer) prayer . The next morning, buried in a corner of the grounds, cucumber that is containment wish.
「きゅうり封じ」で健康に 岡山・石山寺



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献立作成サービス「ミーニュー」に新機能-岡山のIT企業が開発  /起業を後押し、年650万の生活費支給へ…政府

IT companies Okayama development - new features menu planning services to "Minyu"

July, new features were added: "new (Minyu) me" to the web service to act for the menu making (Okayama city north district Tsushimanaka 1) was developed Minyu.
The service for which you want to create a menu for one week in consideration for nutritional balance and user preferences. We have developed a "want to reduce a little the burden of busy housewife". I won the Grand Prix DOCOMO Innovation Village was held in March.
I want to create a menu that nutritionist Exclusive thought also nutritional balance of the menu. Is referred to as "to solve the hassle of making menu" in its own rules "do not put it too difficult cuisine" eg, "do not overlap the same food." I was to be seen also carte of users other than themselves in this renewal.
Nobuyuki Miyake president said, "start-up companies are concentrated in Tokyo anyway. It's possible in Okayama, but I'm glad there is more and also Okayama environment that can be start-up" and


Encourage entrepreneurship, to the cost of living allowance of 6.5 million year ... government

The government, begin during the current fiscal year a system to pay up to two years the cost of living of 6.5 million yen per year to people that entrepreneurship Stop it and salaried workers.

To boost entrepreneurship of excellent engineers and scientists to eliminate the anxiety that would almost lost income in the beginning you have entrepreneurs, to work at a large company. We look forward to starting a business in the manufacturing-related, such as robot market expansion in the future is expected in particular.

Takes the form to become contract employees of affiliated companies "New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)" of the National Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry under the jurisdiction of the Ministry, entrepreneurs, pay as a "salary" the cost of living NEDO. It plans to recruit up to August 18, to select the degree (up to three per company) 15 companies.

The NEDO, (upper limit of 15 million yen per year) is also paid subsidies for market research and prototype development.




岡山市など連携 創業ネット設立 (岡山で起業せよ!)

全国初 起業家ゼロ金利 岡山県が補助制度始める





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