津山洋学資料館 HPを一新(岡山)

津山洋学資料館 HPを一新(岡山)
Renewed (Okayama) Tsuyama Western studies museum HP

Tsuyama Western studies museum (Tsuyama Nishi-cho) was significantly renewed official homepage (HP). In addition to originating from time to time information in season at the social networking site Face book on the Internet, was established also "Western studies corner of Tsuyama," which was discussed in detail about Udagawa house and Mitsukuri who served as Tsuyama clan physician.
Addition to the guidance of the exhibition, you can introduce with pictures and flowering effect of herbs planted in the courtyard, and published the movement of "now" of the museum, such as the state of practice training curator on Facebook. The beginning Udagawa Genzui who left the big achievements in the development of modern science, Genshin, of Yo菴 the "Udagawa three generations", "Western studies corner of Tsuyama" served as the first professor predecessor of Tokyo University of "Shigeru-sho tone plant" I have put the performance of the person in the house Mitsukuri Yukari Daifumoto Kikuchi et al served and both large empire-General Tokyo, Kyoto grandson Mitsukuri Genpo, of Genpo.
Renewal of HP's first Western studies museum since relocated to newly built its current location in 2010. Tanaka Miho curator has said, "dispel In an attempt to (dispel) the image of high threshold, get interested in Western studies through. Homepage was configured as friendly and easy to understand, it becomes an opportunity to the visitors," he said.
Address, http://www.tsuyama-yougaku.jp/
津山洋学資料館 HPを一新(岡山)

 アドレスは、 http://www.tsuyama-yougaku.jp/
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Opening "physical challenge" in Okayama

The 19th, contest of physics junior and high school students across the country gather "Physical Challenge 2014" (NPO corporation Physics Olympiad organized by Japan Committee) began in Okayama Prefecture. The challenge to test the theory and experiment in the camp format until the 22nd and compete grades.
(5 of whom prefecture) 98 people that have passed through the qualifying from applicants of 1762 people across the country participated. There is a opening ceremony in Okayama city, Italian wood Ryuta governor of the prefecture, which was co-hosted encouraged "to look forward to. Stay fellow of life rather than a rival, there's next to it are active," he said.
Both days 20 and 21, participants face the test county youth education center Shizutani school (Bizen). I'm also planning to tour the large synchrotron radiation facility "spring 8" of (Hyogo Sayo). And published the results on the final day. August next year, winners will be Japanese representative candidate of International Physics Olympiad to be held in India.
Was talking about it with a "work hard with the aim of. Higher've been studying as much as possible" (16) Men's Okayama Prefectural High two years.
To celebrate the World Year of Physics in 2005, the physical challenge began in Okayama Prefecture. To change the venue every year and Ibaraki Prefecture from '07, 10th this year.

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夏休み自由研究 ヒトデやナマコに触って大喜び(天満屋岡山店)/子どもたちが化石採取に挑戦(高梁市成羽町)

夏休み自由研究 ヒトデやナマコに触って大喜び(天満屋岡山店)/子どもたちが化石採取に挑戦(高梁市成羽町)

Overjoyed by touching the starfish and sea cucumber

"The World of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the sea" Tenmaya aquarium being held (Okayama-cho, Kita-ku, Table) 6 Kaiashikawa Tenmaya Okayama Store (latitude) and Hall (San'yohoso, San'yoshinbunsha sponsored) is, until the end of session also the 17th it became a week more than the rest, it was crowded with families from a bunch of.
And set up a 9 corner thematic "The World of crab and shrimp" and "sea of sharks" in the venue. It is on display about 70 different creatures of colorful sea and Australian King Club of crab of the world's largest, and Nisegoishiutsubo 1 • 2 m length.
I was able matrix from opening immediately after the day on Sunday. It is touch the sea urchins and sea cucumbers, "a touching pool" is very popular with children. Was talking with a "felt good and gritty" (6) men's first grade Okayama you touch the starfish.
Up to 25 day session. (Until the 5:00 on the last day) 10:00 to 18:00. ¥ 800 junior high school students or more, admission is 600 yen 3 years old - elementary school. There is a Museum Guide tours of the keepers from 17:00 to 19 to 21.


Children challenge to fossil collecting

The 17th, in the strata of ancient remains in fact, parent-child from outside the city have worked on collecting experience in fossil Takahashi Nariwa town known for that plant fossils about 200 million years ago excavated.
Related events of "fossil of Nariwa world-class" 20th Anniversary Exhibition opening of Nariwa museum. 15 people have applied visited the town Nariwa Nichi-mei district, was looking for a fossil by tapping with a hammer, the mass of strata Suzuki, Shigeyuki Professor of Faculty of Science, Okayama (geology) was dug. Fellow fern and pine, such as cycads are found one after another.
I said, "parallel vein of leaf fossil came off was beautiful," said (12) male students of junior high school one year of Takahashi.
1930s, research advances in the activities of amateur fossil collector, paleontologist Dr. Oishi Saburo of Hokkaido University Emperor announced as "Nariwa flora", captured the attention of the world in Nariwa region. 114 species Ginkgopsida and ferns, such as the extinct species is confirmed, 38 species of which new species.
In Exhibition held during,
   Features large leaf "Hausman near
Round leaf Nariwaenshisu "," Kuradofurebisu
Including 38 kinds of new species such as bit Chu yen cis ", and exhibited about 200 points plant fossils. I have also put the camera case and loupe Fujioka Dr. Kazuo City native who studied under Dr. Oishi was used in the investigation.
It also sells museum GOODS produced by requesting Prefectural University in (Soja), was designed by the plant fossils of new species.
Until September 28 the exhibition. (The opening is the same on the 15th, the next day rest) Closed on Mondays.






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