関西やっと出番 富山商と初戦激突(岡山代表)

関西やっと出番 富山商と初戦激突(岡山代表)

First game Clash turn Toyamasho finally Kansai (Okayama representative)

The 16th, Kansai Okayama representative facing the first match of the Toyamasho at (scheduled to start 13:00 on the 17th) the third game seventh day of the National High School Baseball Championship last adjustment towards the turn greet finally. And not be used in the rain practice ground, about 2 hours, it was a sweat to borrow indoor practice field of the university baseball team, Hyogo Prefecture Miki hurriedly.
And pitching machine assuming the left arm ace Toyamasho was set on the slider in the left-handed pitching, this day, our main fielder barrage a clean hit to the other two people left arm freshman who joined the team in free blow. Aizawa captain was poking confidence in the good pitcher capture "the mood of the team is good. Show off the attack power of Kansai in the arena of Koshien," he said.
Defensive confirmed the basic, such as catching a grounder and catch. Pitching staff that weapon cockscomb is throw by 30 balls back and forth in the bullpen, minute "time becomes available,. Their own that could be adjusted carefully finish on the state of the best in the bullpen, Tanaka Satoshi refrain catcher want to send out on the mound pitcher I was talking to. "
Jiangpu director "I was able to adjust the same extent as the ground. Rather than that it was unfinished, fight believe in the players." In a meeting by gathering bench players after practice, he served in the common understanding of tactics against Toyamasho. Natsunokoushien that is three years ago since you played the last four advance of record for Kansai. Soon, battle multiplied Nine's target "4 Tsuyokoe" is kick off.

関西やっと出番 富山商と初戦激突(岡山代表)


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Yunogo Bell provisional top spot

The 16th, three games were held in various places, girls soccer Nadeshiko League regular series final section the first day. Okayama Yunogo Bell and Kibi International University Sharm will clash "Okayama Derby" and Yunogo Bell was victory in the 7? 0 in Kanko Stadium in Okayama. Yunogo Bell emerged as interim leader in the (36 points) 11 wins 3 draws and 4 losses total. NTV stayed to draw points and 35 AS Saitama. Urawa (the 35) is Makere to INAC Kobe on the 17th of the last day, Yunogo bell rings the same series victory.
Kibi International University is the lowest (same 1) 17 losses and one draw. Exciting series that begins at the end of the month to fight the (7-10 position) lower league, but for the third, points carried over is 0 start.
Wins at 2? 0 in Sendai, Chiba decided (1-6 position) into the series the top league at the 5-position interim. I turn to the lower league in seventh Sendai. 3? 0 Okayama Yunogo 11 wins 3 draws and 4 losses 4? 0 late Okayama Yunogo 7? 0 Kibi International University early 17 losses (36) Kibi International University and one draw (1)
[Rate] Okayama Yunogo Bell has won the Derby in Okayama 7 score of this season most. Attaching skillfully space of enemy MF Nakano offense is linked, Additional steadily. MF Miyama who played with four goals, including the first goal of the 7 minute of the first half. Is suppressed in two shoots opponent with precise positioning and intensity of the sphere when, it outperformed without conceding a goal in 13 games the first time even observe.
MF Nishikawa et al's invaded and took the ball in a high position several times Kibi International University in Sharm, but it ended in a one-shot. Exit's also out in the second half, I could not catch up inferiority.

Okayama Derby hot ale

The 16th, Okayama Yunogo Bell and Kibi International University of Sharm-soccer Women's Nadeshiko League to play against "Okayama Derby" is Kanko Stadium in Okayama, Yunogo Bell won a sweeping victory in the 7? 0. Match against the last round out their regular series for both teams. Fans of 2999 ​​people flocked to the stand after the rain, I was sent a hot ale in two armies.
Yunogo Bell dominated the ball with quick maneuvering to the axis of the MF Miyama scored four. Carries the game skillfully also late was turned back at 4? 0, you have added three points. MF Nishikawa et al. Approaching the goal at the counter millet International University, but I could not stuffed. Standing in the provisional top spot in the (36 points) 11 wins 3 draws and 4 losses total, Yunogo Bell becomes the regular series victory Urawa (the 35) of the 3-position if Makere to INAC Kobe (the 26) in the 17th. 17 losses and one draw of the lowest (the same one) Kibi International University (10 place).
On this day of "Sanyo newspaper Matchday", a variety of events such as the Japanese drum performance and the sale of Class B gourmets were unfolded around the venue.




 岡山ダービーは、10チームが2回戦総当たりで競うなでしこリーグレギュラーシリーズ最終戦で、湯郷ベルは現在、10勝3分け4敗の3位、吉備国大は1分け16敗で10位。入場料は大人千円(前売り700円)、中高生800円(同500円)。小学生と浴衣姿の女性は無料。問い合わせは同チーム事務所(0866 22 9403)。
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Float of a huge fire in the "sum" darkness (Okayama Wake-cho)

The 16th, there stippling to flame a character named after the town name of "sum" and "sum TEXT STAMP Festival" in Okayama Prefecture Wake-cho, a huge fire character has colored the darkness.
20:00, local residents ignition in the furnace of 89 groups provided the same town Waki Kannonyama to (170 meters) west slope. Shaped 65 m vertical and 75 m next to the "sum" is slowly emerges, applause erupted from the crowd was gathered in the (same town under Tahara) Yoshii river Park festival venue.
There is such as co-star of tap dance and taiko, about 2400 shots fireworks went up out at the venue. Had said, "The grand you look many times, I got the power to do my best to work from the dust. Next week Local" and (54) of male company employee same town that visit every year.
The festival organized by the Committee of execution, such as Wake Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Has been conducted annually since 1987 to the tips of the Kyoto Gozan Okuribi famous "upper case".





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