(The ... to independent research of summer vacation) you will Meguro astronomical facility of one Okayama Prefecture 4

If you'll let you increase the interest in the universe, 4 Museum astronomical facility in Okayama prefecture Kurashiki Science Center such as (Kurashiki Fukudachokoshinden) have jointly developed the campaign "Okayama starry sky facility tour". When you align 4 tickets of each library and planetarium, get the astrophotography such as shooting stars. Until October 13.
Future Hall Saipia of science and human (Okayama-cho, Kita-ku, Ito), Okayama and Astronomical Museum (Asakuchi Kamogata Honjo-cho), Bisei Observatory participation other facilities, (Ibara Bisei town Okura). Submit to put a ticket of 4 Museum minute (A4 判, three-fold) in the leaflet that is handed out at each library.
During the photo of gifts redeemable at any mansion. I pick one point from five types of Lovejoy comet and the Milky Way each library staff have taken (aqueous), and Aquarius meteor shower. Binoculars hits in 5 people in the lottery.
Kurashiki Science Center has said "I want to enjoy the planetarium and exhibition that ingenuity in each library for each."


後楽園と岡山城が明かりのコラボ 2イベント31日まで連携
Okayama Castle and Korakuen is cooperation until the 31st collaboration two events Akari

Okayama Korakuen Ken is managed by the (Okayama city north district) "fantasy garden", Okayama Castle city is managed by the (ward) "Karasu-jo light sources Township". It is held lights up event two adjacent work together. Until the 31st.

Korakuen garden Okayama lord was built in the early Edo period. Proud history of 400 years, Okayama Castle is also referred to as a "Karasu-jo". As "a synergistic effect hand-in-hand, such as advertising or surface events", this year, city and county established a "Okayama Korakuen and Okayama Castle, etc. Collaboration Council meeting." Was to be held for one month in collaboration this time, have been carried out in the first half of August "fantasy garden", is open to the Obon period the "Karasu-jo light sources Township". I have created brochures, also fan jointly.

And the light of more than 300, such as a cylindrical lantern of bamboo, "fantasy garden" to decorate the garden with 100 or more groups, such as LED lights. Beer garden in popularity, live stage have also been held.

On the other hand, and lanterns of about 400 pieces, light up the castle at around about 1500 candles "Karasu-jo light sources Township". In light of moon also near Bridge that connects between the Korakuen South Gate, traffic to both venue prompting.

Citizens that visited was talking "can be enjoyed at the same time the two events, I want to come again and again by the amount of the extension period," he said.

Inquiry Okayama Korakuen (electric) 086-272-1148. Okayama Castle office (electric) 086-225-2096.
後楽園と岡山城が明かりのコラボ 2イベント31日まで連携






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69回目の「終戦の日」どんな日なのか /Kのよくわかる時事用語

終戦の日の靖国に朝日と河野氏批判続出 「慰安婦問題は捏造」

「特攻を美化してはだめ」 元隊員ら、戦争知らない若者に警鐘

「人肉食」も…旧日本軍のインド人捕虜への残虐行為、印紙報道 その背景とは

The day of the end of the war, and pray the souls of the war dead

The 15th, there is "Ascension Hotai Japan rise prayer festival of the end of World War II" (Okayama Prefecture headquarters to meet Okayama Prefecture Gokoku shrine, in remembrance, Japan conference Okayama sponsored) is, bereaved families who attended in Okayama Prefecture Gokoku Shrine in Okayama, Naka-ku, back City about 140 people prayed for peace of the country and the repose of the souls of the war dead.
After a congratulatory address Sojo and silent prayer, survivor representatives is devoted to sacred Shinto tree branch altar. Recording of Gyokuon broadcast by Emperor Showa is shed, participants bowed Kobe with his eyes closed, it was comfort the souls of the victims.
(95) = Okayama, Naka-ku, = the "When not cause again the war to pay sacrifice. Tremendous special day, was the new thought for the bereaved family" man who lost his brother was a kamikaze pilot in the Pacific War I was talking to.
There listed lanterns of about one thousand in the precincts from 19:00 "Yorozu燈 (Manto) Spirit Festival" is, I do at the same time also the 16th.

Sound world peace wishes bell

The 15th, in Chosenji of Okayama city north district south, Okayama UNESCO Association beating I put the thought of the memorial to war victims and the world realizes there is no dispute the "Peace Bell".
About 50 people Association colleagues and citizens gathered, chanting the "Peace Declaration of me," UNESCO "We value all life," "has a heart of compassion, you help each other" and advocated. Struck the bell of the precincts to match at noon.
The Itatamarenai to think the young people who died there was a lot of goals, "dream. So as not to repeat the war again, in their own (83) Men of Okayama, Naka-ku, men relatives were in their 20s were killed in the Philippines it was talking with a "if Ne Ika was that you can.
Peace Bell began in the call for the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan the opportunity of the United Nations was defined as "culture International Year of Peace" the 2000.



69回目の「終戦の日」どんな日なのか /Kのよくわかる時事用語
Current events term can be seen well / K "day of war" of 69 th whether such any day

"The day of the war" is August 15. It will be 69 years this year. Memorial ceremony of the government-sponsored or hosted, you can dedicate a moment of silence to meet at noon in Natsunokoushien this day. The "day of the end of the war", or probably any such day.

● Is it any day, such
August 15 has been widely recognized as "the day of the end of World War II" in Japan. It does not mean organizations such as the government has decided "the day of the end of the war" and "anniversary of the end of the war" this day officially. How would the Cabinet decision "a day to pray for peace in memory of the war dead" of 1982 Speaking dare.

It is the "day that Emperor Showa was known to the public through radio recordings acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration" and August 15, 1945 in history. It is also referred to as the Ascension of the end of the war, it was stated Emperor Showa is the sovereign of the time has been notified to accept the declaration the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of China, to the Soviet Union to the subject "Chin" the (emperor) in natural voice. It says the world is "Gyokuon broadcast".

The Potsdam Declaration, and issued in July 1945, the United States, the United Kingdom, as the joint declaration of the Republic of China in the consensus document of the Allies major countries that give the opportunity of the war to Japan If you take several conditions, in August Soviet Union who fought against Japan in the 9th will be added later. Notification from the Japanese side on August 14 is accepted, recorded the same day of the Emperor "your word". Therefore, I have become past tense and it "was notified to accept" in the radio broadcast of the 15th.

The Given the contents of the cabinet decision, it is likely to be the day that you take a vow of peace mourning the war dead, and not repeat the war on August 15.

● How was the war any
August 15 is is more than reason is "the day of the end of the war" for the Japanese. The discussion is divided to say whether the conclusion of what the war.

(1) '15 war theory
Counting from the time the Japanese military has effective control of northeastern China in the Manchurian Incident that occurred in 1931
War after the start (2) during the day
There is no continuity TINQUEX cease-fire agreement is tied to the Manchurian Incident. Mid-day war from 1937 have followed all the way to the end of the war, I reckon from here because it is the Republic of China Allied was named to the Potsdam Declaration
(3) after World War II
To the later by the United States declared war, against the British in December 1941. Republic of China has also been a declaration of war to Japan formally at the same time. Designation of the Japanese side Greater East Asia War. German allies have begun the battle with the Allies in 1939, "World War II", start time does not match

Starting from the Pearl Harbor surprise attack in the skin sense of Japanese, the battle with the United States Army in memory mainly leading to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki defeat of the Battle of Midway, Guadalcanal withdrawal, Saipan fall, from the ground war in Okinawa people who are regarded as (3) I think this is one of the many because they are deeply engraved. But there are also strongly argue that it is not inseparable stalemate during the day war so big motivation World War II. After all, media and others are also in the vague concept of "War of the earlier" in each person is a "day that began" until today.

● day of the end of the war the real September 2?
We are in war anniversary or Victory Day the September 2 is (the successor of the Soviet Union), the United States belonging to the side that won, the United Kingdom, Russia. (Stop fighting) has been confirmed truce surrender document that contains the implementation of the Potsdam Declaration is signed by Allied and Japanese side this day.

What a pain to deal with war lasted still theoretically until September 2 rather than August 15 It is the Northern Territories issue. Former Soviet Union army has occupied the majority of the Northern Territories within this period. Participation of after August 9 is of a treaty violation have signed a neutrality pact with clear, the United Kingdom and the United States have acknowledged the participation of the Soviet Union if certain conditions are met, Nichiso the Kuril in the Yalta agreement of February 1945 we even should hand over to the Soviet Union the archipelago.

After this, Japan will be occupied Allied Supreme Commander General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the MacArthur Americans by (GHQ) formally. It was a condition of the Potsdam Declaration also occupation.

● and later San Francisco Peace Treaty
Surrender document is stopped in the "truce", the end of the war of international law on must wait the San Francisco Peace Treaty of 1951. Was granted a (Sovereignty) independent of the termination of the state of war from the Allies of many Japanese in this treaty. Treaty will (with effect) entered into force in April next 1952.

Just some of the "Lost and Found" was remaining. The Soviet Union and that rejected the signing to participate in the conference, it is the People's Republic of China, which was founded in 1949 and the Republic of China which was not invited. State of war was over restored diplomatic relations with Soviet Joint Declaration day of 1956 with the Soviet Union. It was troubled by "two Chinese", Allied also I had cracked opinion whether to approve either.

After all, restoring relations become a strange shape that Japan is selected, signed a peace treaty Nichihana in 1952 and the Republic of China. But the relationship established between the People's Republic of China is an urgent task Republic of China withdraws from the United Nations China representative rights of the United Nations moved to the People's Republic of China from the Republic of China in 1971, the middle joint statement the day of the 1972 other conditions overlap at the establishment of diplomatic relations and the state of war termination has been agreed between the People's Republic of China.

Is not a member of the "Allies", it was not recognized as a "victorious powers" It should be noted that because there was under colonial rule of Japan in pre-war North Korea and South Korea. During the war and is divided into north and south and San Francisco meeting time. Japan approved phrase "recognizing the independence of Korea" in the San Francisco Peace Treaty. I will normalize diplomatic relations with Japan and South Korea Basic Treaty of 1965 and the Republic of Korea. It is still with North Korea.
69回目の「終戦の日」どんな日なのか /Kのよくわかる時事用語















終戦の日の靖国に朝日と河野氏批判続出 「慰安婦問題は捏造」

"Comfort women issue fabrications" Kono criticism after another and Asahi to Yasukuni day of the end of the war

■ "in furnaces Daiuso propaganda of Korea"

Such as criticism of the government and politicians not found most of the 15th Yasukuni Shrine, which celebrated the "Day of the end of World War II" in 69 th, was a relaxed atmosphere.

It was noticeable than usual in its, Asahi was recognized and some Yohei Kono Chief Cabinet Secretary discourse of 1993 that showed forced of the comfort women recruited without any basis, the error of their coverage in the comfort women issue it is a criticism of the newspaper. (Omone-hiTome 瑠比)

The sidewalk which goes to Yasukuni Shrine from the nearest station, had been handing out leaflets various organizations were transferred to social conditions. For example, there is also such a thing.

"The" comfort women "faking Asahi Shimbun's (fake)"

"Furnaces Daiuso propaganda of Korea [200 000 people! Been in sex slaves] of the Asahi Shimbun"

In the immediate vicinity, signature activities of Kono discourse elimination has also been done.

In war dead memorial center meeting to be held annually in the precincts, for Hiroshi Yamada secretary general of the Party of the next generation, moderator honor of "remembrance by citing that it has paved the way to the verification of Kono discourse created history by the government in June was introduced and "defended. Former Japanese soldiers, because he is saddled sin Naki is said by Kono discourse. Yamada, who was on stage was criticized for this feature article about the comfort women press their Asahi Shimbun has been posted on the 5 and 6 both days this month.

"Do I think Asahi wrote a fake article, it was left also for 32 years. Crime is expiable article of that degree. You should clearly. Asahi Why was silent until now."

This word, that '57 and later Showa, apology also correct even without while should put even 16 of the article at least for Yoshida Seiji, who testified falsely that it was forcibly hauled the women in Korea Jeju Island, has been canceled finally this time I refer to. Applause had erupted in the pointed out Mr. Yamada.

In the meeting, a statement such as the following on the security policy of the Abe administration has also been adopted. You do not have is singled out, but that this is also in mind the left-wing media, including the Asahi Shimbun's clear.

"It reports that malicious intentional and relentless (obsessively) ensued news organizations just as some of the well-known, but the effect was small surprisingly"

This "was not" comfort women "forced entrainment", "fictional " (Katsuoka Hiroshitsugi Author), and (Matsuki KuniShun Author) was also lined up to book sales office meeting venue Waki.

When it comes near midday, the voice of the oration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the national memorial service for the war dead of government-sponsored, which has been held in the Nippon Budokan has been shed in the precincts.

"At the expense of everyone precious of war dead, now, we enjoy the peace, there is prosperity. I will never forget, even for an a moment that the"

"It probably was the case even .69 years ago Semi Shigure has wrapped, the hills of Japan"

When it comes to noon, 1 minute of silence (silent prayer) is performed at Yasukuni precinct, the buzz has turned into silence in a moment, only semi Shigure remained.

Then, the following words that Kono at that time, was the House of Representatives chairman memorial service of 2006 was mentioned has crossed my head.

"We must not obscure the responsibility of the leaders of the time who led the war"

When you must not obscure the responsibility of Kono, who led the Kono discourse, chopped to mind again.
終戦の日の靖国に朝日と河野氏批判続出 「慰安婦問題は捏造」





















「特攻を美化してはだめ」 元隊員ら、戦争知らない若者に警鐘

Original members from "useless to glorify suicide", warning to young people who do not know war

Original pilot, Kanbe, Yutaka [AFP = current affairs] kamikaze pilots (91), was supposed to have died 70 years ago.

Suicide attacks that characterized the Japanese show the Second World War (World War II) the end, the relentless tenacity to victory. It was saved from Kanbe's same fate as members of the thousands who died is, it was Japan's surrender in August 15, 1945.

But Kanbe who overlaid the old, began to feel the dying again, and drift to the right of the political Shinzo Abe at (Shinzo Abe) regime, recent movies that glorify suicide corps is, of war from the younger generation of Japan you are worried that it might be of shows that horror is lost.

Kanbe's former Navy pilot, talked about young people who have been ordered to bring down the aircraft to vessels of the Allies "That can not agree Nante be. Beautification Shoukinosatadehanai after all," he said.

"Japan will be war if accustomed to just such of Abe like. To be honest, I'm dying, but the future of Japan is worried"

Kamikaze pilot, was a hero in Japan during the war. Self-sacrifice of their being carried out under the name of the country and (Emperor Hirohito) Showa Emperor adorned one side of the newspaper.

End of the war, kamikaze pilots was formed in a desperate effort to try to prevent the victory of the Allies. That said was shot down before the majority of the commando reaches the target, strategy about 4000 people were killed, was Furueagara soldiers enemy.

■ "I Nageu~tsu life for the family and country"

There are no official statistics about the number of survivors of the kamikaze pilots. Commando not been described almost textbook of modern, was carried out faded from the memory of the people.

But, it was a film adaptation of the best-selling novel the same name, "0 Eternal (The Eternal Zero)" is a hit at the beginning of this year, it was revived in the memory of people commando.

Story of the movie, those Navy pilot who had refused to suicide because they made ​​a promise to come home alive to his wife, of choosing suicide entrusted care of the family to comrades eventually.

Nakamura Tsurugi who attend the University of Tokyo (18) said "I admire the kamikaze pilot. They Nageu~tsu life for the family and country," and watching movies after. "I think commando is cool. Thing to blame the mission they're wrong"

Kagawa and structure's original kamikaze pilot (89) does not show a little interest in these discussions.

Deny is, sight of the pilot fellow that went lost their lives in vain, Kagawa-san, does not leave the head still now able to make a referee in good and evil of suicide. Kagawa's turn did not come at last.

"Kamikaze pilot who survived we can not determine Toka was bad Toka was correct it. But put a voice to the Spirit even now Do not bad", and "gone kill only differents while remembering the face of the guys"

This year, the registration application to the storage heritage of the United Nations the suicide note of kamikaze pilots, Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Kyushu City, bought a rebound from South Korea and China. Also, to force a change of constitutional interpretation that allows the right of collective self-defense exercise in July, Prime Minister Abe sparked the voice of outcry in the country.

There is no doubt that for Mr. Kagawa, suicide was a mistake. But as to whether should be limited to the role of self-defense only purely military forces of Japan, until there not sure.

"There shall be ever again suicide. But peace is not a free", "can not keep peace without defense. Felt Prime Minister Abe as too hurry a little also, but I can understand what you are doing," said Mr. Kagawa said.

■ "This is not a movie"

The 15th, which became the turning point of the '69 war, politicians in Japan was carried out visits to Yasukuni Shrine annual. Veterans of about two million people have been enshrined in Yasukuni Shrine. Kamikaze pilots are also included among them, but that top executives of the Japanese Empire who were convicted as war criminals are also enshrined has angered China and South Korea.

The visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in December last year, it is deprecated from neighboring countries, Prime Minister Abe has received a warning from the United States government. Yasukuni Shrine of Prime Minister Abe means patriotism for supporters, but critics say it's further evidence that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has trifle a historical perspective a revisionist.

Attempts to glorify the past Japan has performed a war that's out of register, Asano Akinori's original commando (85) said. It is scheduled to be spent in the privacy of one's home, to mourn the people who did not return the anniversary of the end of the war.

Asano-san, was a member of the forces of aviation suicide weapons notorious named "Cherry Blossom". It was a bomb flying rather than Ohka of 6 meters overall length and aircraft. The aircraft was equipped enough to reach the enemy ship, a rocket engine that has only a short time.

I think there was no option for nonsense. Us that "can not" question why that "Did must die and volunteered to" "suicide. This is not a movie. It can not be understood by young people today. Asano told now just a "just pray for peace.
「特攻を美化してはだめ」 元隊員ら、戦争知らない若者に警鐘


 第2次世界大戦(World War II)末期、勝利への執ようなねばりをみせる日本を特徴付けた自殺攻撃。死んでいった数千人の隊員と同じ運命からカンベさんを救ったのは、1945年8月15日の日本の降伏だった。

 だが歳を重ね、再び死期を感じるようになったカンベさんは、安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)政権下での政治の右傾化や、神風特攻隊を美化する最近の映画が、日本の若い世代から戦争の恐ろしさが失われたことを示しているのではないかと不安を感じている。



 神風パイロットは、戦時下の日本で英雄だった。昭和天皇(Emperor Hirohito)と国の名の下で行われる彼らの自己犠牲は新聞の一面を飾った。




 だが、同名のベストセラー小説を映画化した『永遠の0(The Eternal Zero)』は今年の初めにヒットを記録し、特攻隊の記憶を人々によみがえらせた。















「人肉食」も…旧日本軍のインド人捕虜への残虐行為、印紙報道 その背景とは

Atrocities to the Indian prisoners of war ... Imperial Japanese Army also "cannibalism", Background and stamp coverage

Japan and India, have established friendly relations for a long time. However, the Second World War at that time, India is a British colony, it had belonged to the Allied side. There was also that Japan and the army of this India, was the Axis powers, was sprinkled with war. At this time, the Japanese army captured as prisoners of war, letters daily newspaper in India, "Times of India" is told in detail, the atrocities that were carried out against the Indian soldiers.

[And inhumane acts against the Indian army officers and men that Japanese troops were prisoners]
February 15, 1942, Japan was allowed to fall to Singapore was a British at that time. At this time, 40,000 officers and men, British Indian Army (British Indian Army) became prisoners of the Japanese army. About 30,000 people, joined the Indian National Army, which aims to independence of India against the British domination of them. Upon the establishment of this army, and moved the Japanese military play a central role.

However, "Times of India" says 10 000 people who refused to enlist, and, fated to torture in the concentration camps of the Japanese military. Treatment of Indian prisoners of war in the camp, was something inhuman. A overwork, poor food, unremitting assault. And tell article that prisoners are targeted for target practice alive, and had many times.

Article says even when it is transported by ship, is to cram in the cabin as there is no place to sleep, not given to satisfy the food and water, a person that many, dead before you get to the destination.

[By officers from the British Indian Army, the testimony of the cannibalism of the Japanese Army]
Article tell "But what in all the atrocities the Japanese army went, and someone with a horror most, is that they were cannibalism," he said.

Officer of British Indian forces to accusation like this. In the village of "Suaid, to visit the Indian prison camp periodically, every time, surgeon of the Japanese army, was singled out most healthy those who. Their Sha us, ostensibly taken away in that order to fulfill the mission was, but there was no going back they never ". I argue not only Indian prisoners, even local people of New Guinea also killed, the Japanese army, and had been eating further.

Officer while the other accused in this way. Of the 300 people who went to (camp) Wewak, doctor of Japanese eaten .19 who was able to only 50 people out from there along with the "I -. Tsumisa to Lieutenant, 3, . liver. Japanese people to make a small force of four, was the am sending out of the camp on some errand one person Indians killed him immediately, was to eat the flesh of his body , the muscles of the buttocks, thigh, lower leg, arm is cut, it was to be cooked. "

[The testimony also other, that there is evidence]
In the article, support for the allegations of these have not been told, but that there are a variety of testimony as well. Moreover, it is reported to the war crimes investigation committee that the Allies were established, they had been carried out as sworn testimony. Based on the testimony, and his Japanese officer several people were put on trial. Guilty are sentenced by cannibalism, article cites, the name of the officer that was hanged. Japanese who sued, so I was always denied these accusations.

(Mr. current article tell Japanese historians in 1992, Tanaka Toshiyuki Mr., and found against Allied prisoners of war and other Indians, including cannibalism, unequivocal evidence of atrocities of the Japanese army , Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University Professor). What the evidence about what things, the article does not mention. Mr., in 1997 - was published in English a book called "disaster hidden war crimes of the Japanese in World War II." In the book, ruling that under the Allies that, appealed to the means of cannibalism when the stored food has vanished as soon as the Japanese army that has been refuted. It's seems claim cannibalism is carried out under the supervision of senior officers, and with, has been recognized as a means of representation of the power.

[Tried both of the re-evaluation of the British Indian Army]
In this way, many of the atrocities the Japanese military has made to prisoners of British Indian army, are listed in the article. However, the aim of the article, seems not only to uncover the outrageous first time the Japanese army.

In India, as the presence that contributed to independence from the United Kingdom, Indian National Army, are special view. Because after the war, the United Kingdom is going to Sabako in court the Indian National Army officers and soldiers, antipathy to the United Kingdom exploded, momentum for independence has increased at a stretch. Then, India achieved independence in August 15, 1947.

On the other hand, evaluation of the British Indian Army seems poor. According to the article, when the nationalists of India talks about the second World War, all the way, and that has been portrayed as a clash of the evil British Empire and the Indian National Army. In its composition, British Indian Army's villain of the hand of the United Kingdom. However, the British Indian Army officers and men, even when subjected to torture become a prisoner of the Japanese army, that it has continued to defend the loyalty, that's bravery worthy of attention, the article says.

Not just for British Indian army, article, trying to capture as Indian general, this bravery, fortitude. In fact, rather than loyalty to the United Kingdom, loyalty shown Anglo-Indian soldiers also, was meant for the troops belonging superiors siblings and, of their own. And, we talk and this loyalty, and strong identity as Indian people is tied, and, might have not let Taenuka difficulties of all sorts them. And you are alluding to what this identity is, and might have been rocked dominated by the UK, also in the British Indian Army, there was a place to contribute independently.

In citing this article form, international business news site "International Business Times" and (British version), of Bangladesh "Daily Star" is picked up. Centered on cannibalism, by focusing on the inhumanity of war crimes Japanese troops went, the former is reportedly excerpts. The latter is reportedly the only thing of cannibalism almost.
「人肉食」も…旧日本軍のインド人捕虜への残虐行為、印紙報道 その背景とは














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夏休みの自由研究 てんまや水族館入場者2万人突破(岡山市北区表町・天満屋岡山店)

夏休みの自由研究 てんまや水族館入場者2万人突破(岡山市北区表町・天満屋岡山店)
20,000 people topped Tenmaya aquarium visitors

Admission, Kita-ku, Okayama Table Town, "The World of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the sea" Tenmaya Aquarium studying at parents and children Tenmaya Okayama shop 6 Kaiashikawa (latitude) are open in the hall (San'yohoso, San'yoshinbunsha sponsored) of the 13th, who has topped 20,000 people.
Tokinaga Mei-chan attending Okayama Municipal kindergarten 20,000 th (5). Mei-chan Yasui Akira chief of same store sales promotion team special events representative from (28), was received with (7) Yu-wa's second grade sister, memorabilia, such as a ruler illustrations and dolphin picture book has been drawn it was willing to "I was surprised, but I'm glad to get gifts. looking forward to see the various fish," he said.
About 70 types, such as crab Nisegoishiutsubo boasts one of the world's largest with more than 10 kg body weight and "Australian King Club", about 1-2 m length is large set the venue. In addition to feel up close world of colorful sea, it is possible to directly touch sea urchins and sea cucumbers in a touching pool, and is popular among children.
Up to 25 day session. (Until the 5:00 on the last day) 10:00 to 18:00. ¥ 800 junior high school students or more, admission is 600 yen 3 years old - elementary school.





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