岡山近郊 8月中の花火大会で臨時列車運行(2日・岡山駅)(3日・宇野駅)(3日・津山駅)(9日・熊山駅)(13日・日生駅)(16日・和気駅)など/8月2日花火は4千発打ち上げ

岡山近郊 8月中の花火大会で臨時列車運行(2日・岡山駅)(3日・宇野駅)(3日・津山駅)(9日・熊山駅)(13日・日生駅)(16日・和気駅)など /8月2日花火は4千発打ち上げ
A fireworks display during the month of August special train operation (the 2nd and Okayama Station) (the 3rd Uno Station) (3 day, Tsuyama Station) (the 9th-Kumayama Station) (the 13th Nissei Station) (the 16th-sum such as Kieki)

2 to 16, to match the fireworks of eight to be held in Okayama, in the Bingo area, JR West Okayama branch to navigate the special train a total of 25 Sanyo, Seto, Hakubi, etc. Akosen.
▽ Okayamamomotaroumatsuri summer evening fireworks display (the 2nd and Okayama Station)
▽ Tamano Festival fireworks display (the 3rd Uno Station)
▽ Tsuyama summer evening language festival IN Yoshii Great Fireworks (3 day, Tsuyama Station)
▽ Akaiwa fireworks (the 9th-Kumayama Station)
▽ The Festa fireworks Is doing Miharayassamatsuri (the 10th-Itozaki Station)
▽ Nissei Minato Festival fireworks display (the 13th Nissei Station)
▽ Fukuyama summer festival Ashida River fireworks display (the 15th Fukuyama Station)
▽ sum TEXT STAMP Festival (the 16th-Waki station).
Timetable will be posted at every station. Sales Section us (086-225-1170).





Test lights fantastic garden, the light source Karasu-jo Township

The 31st, test lighting line before the Okayama Korakuen to direct light in the summer night as "fantasy garden" of Okayama Castle "Okayama castle town story ~ summer ~ Karasu-jo light sources Township" is the opening to the 1st we, both the venue was decorated in mysterious. 1 month held to unify the time from this year. To promote the migratory up to or tie in the band of light the path connecting both, Aiming a synergistic effect.
Sequentially lighting (light emitting diode) light LED 7 時半 afternoon and about 100 Candles (Okayama Korakuen attractive Improvement Committee sponsored, Okayama, San'yoshinbunsha jointly) in fantasy garden. Pond of the swamp and trees, such as song water was illuminated in gold.
Pond west of the swamp in the "welcome area", to set up a bamboo lantern that illuminates the feet by candlelight wavering. Officials had to check the position and angle of the lighting.
The Opening Ceremony know 19:15 one day. I will parade the park in the hands of children from the City Central Elementary School has put a small light bulb in the balloon "Light Balloon". I also accepts day participation of arrival 100 pairs limited.
(Admission Dough 9:00) until 21:30 Cayenne time during the period. In addition to a variety of events such as the starlit sky observation concerts and, there is also a beer garden.
400 yen for adults, entrance fee is 65 years of age or older elementary and junior high school students and 140 yen. The free if admission yukata to 5 pm or later every Friday. Korakuen us (086-272-1148). ◇
The (Executive Committee to make Okayama City, Okayama Convention & Tourism Bureau, in San'yoshinbunsha) Karasu-jo light source Township, around a road connecting the Korakuen south gate and Okayama Castle castle tower, lantern of using the incandescent lamp or LED, I was placed the lights of about 350, such as Andon. The decoration of the wind chimes about 130 pieces to the moon bridge in the middle, and also directed the cool atmosphere.
Lights 19:00 to 9:30 from the 1st. Students (city-cho, Kita-ku, boatman) China Design Academy is to produce a "Geoglyphs of light" at 7 pm to 9 pm of 12 to 16. To show off in the daily a picture on the theme of the beauties of nature, such as "hots button (button)," which are arranged a candle of about two thousand, such as the castle tower square in front, representing the button and women in kimono.
Castle tower required admission fee (adult 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 120 yen) is. Okayama Castle office us (086-225-2096).

神庭の滝、3日まで夜間ライトアップ 屋台も開設 岡山

Light up the night stalls also opened Okayama Jinbanotaki, up to 3 days

Waterfall scenic spot-Kanba (birch) of the country (Maniwa) is lit up at night to 1 to 3. Strip the duration of stalls such as yakisoba and draft beer are also opened, dreams of children of the same municipal Katsuyama Small has been marked is also decorated.

Jinbanotaki 20 meters wide by 110 meters drop. Cool feeling and a fantastic atmosphere of waterfalls that fall daring the (cliff) cliff cliff has become attractive. Light up the entrance fee free (admission until the 9:00) up to the 9:30 from 19:00. Rain stopped.

Katsuyama Tourism Association inquiry (electric) 0867-44-2120.
神庭の滝、3日まで夜間ライトアップ 屋台も開設 岡山



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