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◇ the ID distinguish self-defense

Free calls and e-mail application that can be used in smart phones "LINE (​​line)." It is popular with young generation can interact more quickly than mail, such information can be shared in a group. But, and crimes committed by "incorrect login" to be taken over to a third party account, trouble among users is also one after another. Will be introduced with two portions and the reality of crime via the Internet social networking site, including the line, the prevention of damage Trouble was sprinkled with experts.

"Could you help me in the nearby convenience store, to buy a prepaid card of WebMoney". Mid-June, company employee male Kita (26) under the message was received in the line from high school classmates. You are instructed to ask what to do, "I bought two cards of 30,000 yen worth" or "Please send by taking a photo of the card number who bought". Men were suspicious a telephone directly to the classmate. I noticed a message by an unauthorized login.

Classmate hijacked the account also, that has been scrambling to keep up. Is an incorrect message has been sent to most of the approximately 200 people friend who has registered, phone inquiry flooded. And apologize and "Excuse bother", was forced to change to a different account. Was to reveal the wrath and "requires time settings such as re-registration. Friend was the place to be to perpetrators of fraud while do not know," he said.

According to the line headquarters (Tokyo), June 14, damage by illegal login grasp the 303 cases in the whole country. Damage has occurred also in the prefecture. WebMoney, can buy goods without a prepaid electronic money on the Internet only, indicating, for example, personal information. Therefore, in such as Shiga and Osaka, incidents with swallow the message by an unauthorized login, and actually sent the card number that you have purchased, meet the fraud also have occurred.

From the fact that damage has occurred SNS (Social Networking Service) or the like "mixi", information flows out from one of the external site the victim is using, I have the same set a password and ID that there is a possibility that other sites have also been attacked. Line has called "also cumbersome, would like to ask you to change to the ID and password that is different from the other services," he said.


■ words

◇ LINE (​​Line)

Service phone and email can be free with whom you have registered. Rates of packet communication charges other than not applied to take advantage of the Internet access. In addition to being displayed on the screen in the form of a balloon, and Toriaeru quickly contact, e-mail can see the other party even whether read. Conversation function that created a specific group also popular. As of June this year, the number of registered users is about 400 million 70 million people worldwide, about 52 million people in the country.

Aiming trouble zero / under "Information Ethics Education" Delivery of teaching / Okayama

◇ the correct knowledge of each other

Internet social networking site, including "LINE (​​Line)" free phone calls and e-mail application in (SNS), not just the crime, trouble between users are also serious. (Tokyo) April line, in collaboration with the University, I embarked on information moral development of teaching materials for elementary and junior high school students. "I think their own children," the appropriate way of communication on the net that is that important. And sat in on classes catering was a junior high school in the prefecture on July 10, and followed the information ethics education in the forefront.

In line, conversation or function by a particular group, the recipient has read the mail, there is a function that is displayed as "read" is also on the screen of the sender. But, trouble or are excluded from the members to consider the feed in that reply does not come hand is being "ignored" or "read ignored", while you do not know, do not put in a group, such as "Remove line" occurs. There are also examples that developed in the incident and bullying.

Response to this situation, along with the Shizuoka, line have been developing information ethics education. It is scheduled to while checking the feel with the outreach classes in elementary and junior high schools around the country, to make a moral teaching material information by the end of this fiscal year.

July 10, Okayama Municipal Junior High School in Hosen (Minami-ku Toshinden), I sat in on classes that target the approximately 290 people sophomore. In one class, Yantian Shingo lecturer of the Faculty of Education Shizuoka guidance. It has a smart phone or mobile phone, most of about 30 students, was the answer to "know" and "that was used is," he said also about the line.

In class, to question the perception of the word "serious", "pace" and "unique". Words that you feel it's disgusting is said to explain that it varies from person to person, and called "in words no offense by themselves, be careful opponent is either not a nasty thought," he said. Also, put as an example conversation within the group of the line, and also discuss the "disgusting act" and "the topic of their leaves at the place where there is no known" went etc. bet a "is published the photograph". Shiota lecturer told to be "trying to use to think the feelings of the other party always original. Odd one out of trouble."

Yuta Kobayashi-kun (14) looked back classes to be "learned the fear of writing on the net." Because you are not using the line is usually, that there also when it comes to worry as "than no longer keep up with the conversation around". Mr. Kobayashi said, "even. Mail to talk and meet with direct opponent as much as possible, that the important thing is, want to choose words in consideration of the position of the other party," he said.

Shiota lecturer told "to. Children to convey the idea with a letter on the net, the expression of each other misleading to not see, I want to use it with the correct knowledge," he said.

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