夏の行楽、「虫」に気をつけて スズメバチ、マダニ、ガの幼虫…(60代男性がマダニ感染症)

夏の行楽、「虫」に気をつけて スズメバチ、マダニ、ガの幼虫…(60代男性がマダニ感染症)

夏の行楽、「虫」に気をつけて スズメバチ、マダニ、ガの幼虫…(60代男性がマダニ感染症)
Wasp larvae, ticks, moth has been careful holidaymakers summer, the "insects" ...

To enter the hills and fields, such as mountain climbing and camping, opportunity to touch naturally there are many summer. You want to enjoy rock out, but is necessary to be careful, "insects". There are also insects that can cause inflammation to touch, or to develop infection by bites. I heard an expert you need to pay attention to any point. (Sasaki poem)

◆ I reduce exposure of the skin

"Insect that requires attention mainly in the forest is the hornet larvae, ticks, moth". Miyuki SumiTadashi Itami City Museum of Insects of (Itami, Hyogo) curator researcher points out that term.

Vespa mandarinia japonica Many inhabit the wooded area. The pain violently Once stung, to cause such as abdominal pain and headache. To cause an allergic reaction when stung many times, leading to death in the worst case.

Nest is greatest, the increasing aggressiveness It's autumn, summer and strive to build nests also we need to be careful. Vespa mandarinia japonica is attacked for making a nest in the ground, and step on it by mistake, but the bee guards come intimidated before that. If you see a Vespa mandarinia japonica flying in one animal, either wait to pass, slip away. This is because there is a property of gradually towards what is moving. SumiTadashi's "You have threatened to issue a ticking sound approaches. Please do take the distance in that case," he said.

Note also ticks activities become active in the spring - autumn. It enters into the clothes, biting the soft part of the skin of the human body such as the abdomen or side, and suck the blood. In recent years, mainly in western Japan, cases of infection to severe febrile thrombocytopenia syndrome by being bitten by a tick, death has occurred. Cause inflammation Touching hair larvae Chadokuga also with poison.

To avoid damage from insects such, "reducing the exposure of the skin such as clothes" measures basic (SumiTadashi's). Wear long sleeves, long pants, and sandals are not allowed. It is possible that such lacerations and rash by plants also avoided by covering the skin. In the case of wasps, come chasing you think the beast black ones, without Na forget hat that covers the hair. In order to avoid the invasion, sow a washcloth or towel on the neck also good in the case of ticks. Such as spray of insect repellent is also valid, but "because it is sensitive to smell, you may also be subject to attack on the contrary is too attached, such as wasps" (SumiTadashi san).

◆ It must also be noted in overseas travel

It is necessary to pay attention to the insects that transmit an infectious disease that does not exist in Japan in overseas travel. Infection cases are often dengue and malaria mosquitoes. According to Mr. Toshiharu Ehira Osaka Quarantine Station of (Osaka City Minato-ku) quarantine health department, because there is no immunity, risk becomes higher travelers from non-endemic areas such as Japan. Tropical Asia and Latin America, and Africa, the occurrence of dengue fever and malaria are widely distributed in subtropical regions. In recent years, domestic infection cases that have been confirmed in Greece and South Korea, which has been successfully conquered malaria.

Ehira's To prevent infection, "addition to refrain from exposure of the skin, mosquito coils. Might be good is also useful to use the agent insect repellent active ingredient DEET such as (DEET) are included," he said. The property, to confirm screen door with a solid is not installed. In order to work in the daytime, mosquitoes that nocturnal, dengue to pay particular attention to outdoor activities of that time period in the country of occurrence example mosquitoes that transmit malaria.

Ehira's calling "malaria dengue fever also symptoms will appear in a few days after infection. Would you like to consult a quarantine station in the airport after returning home, abnormal comes out, I want you to visit a medical institution to tell the travel destination," said there.

■ Use limiting agent insect repellent to the "Deet" children

DEET to be effective as a component of the anti-insect agent that is used for skin for (DEET), Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is a limit on the use of children from safety. The ministry, 1-3 times a day 12 years ▽ 2 years of age or once a day 2 years ▽ 6 months or more that is not used for infants less than 6 months - is set to. You are encouraged to read a note, to be used under the guidance and supervision of an adult when using.

Tick ​​infection 60 Young Men

The 8th, Okayama announced 60 Young Men living (Bizen, Akaiwa, Wake-cho) in Okayama Prefecture Bizen health center east 備支 jurisdiction within, and was infected with severe febrile thrombocytopenia syndrome ticks is mediated (SFTS). Confirmation of infection in the same prefecture fourth person.
According to Okayama, there were symptoms such as diarrhea and fever of 38 degrees stand men, but it is getting better now. That there is a possibility that bites in ticks when you cut the grass in a rice field near his home in late July, was infected.
The 1st of this month, and admitted to hospital in the city, men were hospitalized. Because the symptoms that there is a trace ticks like stabbed a total of two places on the left thigh and left shoulder, SFTS infection and a decrease in platelet suspected was also seen, the hospital will contact the city health department. Virus has been confirmed by blood tests (Tokyo) National Institute of Infectious Diseases.
According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 86 people were infected so far in Japan, confirm the death of 30 people out. 80s women have died in July last year in the prefecture.
Because the activity becomes active from spring to autumn, the city Health Department has said "I want to strive to prevent and avoid the exposure of the skin when it enters the hills and fields, such as body wash in the shower immediately after coming home" ticks.
夏の行楽、「虫」に気をつけて スズメバチ、マダニ、ガの幼虫…












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