路面電車の駅乗り入れで4検討案 岡山市、高架化や地下で接続も/イオン整備、歩道橋の架設本格化

路面電車の駅乗り入れで4検討案 岡山市、高架化や地下で接続も

どうなる? 岡山駅周辺がかわる! 路面電車の駅乗り入れ / イオン整備、歩道橋の架設本格化
4 consider draft Okayama, also connected by underground and elevation of the station fly tram

The 8th, for the fly to JR Okayama Station East Exit Square tram running in the city center, Okayama showed consider proposals of four patterns. After hearing the opinions from other businesses and from academics, to narrow down to one proposed in 2014 during fiscal.

The elevation of from the front "plane fly" Tomah ▽ same potential to be stretching the line from a stop Okayama electric current, and connects the east and west walkway on the second floor of the station "elevated fly" 4 proposal, underground from the front stop ▽ same potential the dive in, be newly established Dentoma on land adjacent to the underground city "underground fly" not fly to the station square the ▽ tram, to enhance the convenience and connected by a pedestrian passage stop Okayama electricity and east-west walkway of the station "pedestrian deck installation ". I made ​​it clear at the first meeting research study group that was opened in the city of (Chair Abe Hiroshi Okayama Univ Vice President).

Investigation Study Group is organized in 11 people representatives of residents associations operators tram, bus, taxi, or local business community. Personnel such as police also participate as observers. "Impact on the surrounding traffic varies depending on the pattern., It is necessary to base the safety, consider a variety of perspectives, such as activation cost, convenience, whole town", including the landing and taxi "bus in the first meeting, opinion, such as "should continue to discuss with a view to the future of the entire station plaza came out.

14 fiscal year, the city opened two times after, the research study group. It plans to present a draft concrete, including the laying of track and route maintenance costs next time.

Anticipation of the opening of large-scale commercial facilities and Aeon Mall Okayama, which is scheduled for November in the same Ekinan, fly to Okayama Station East Exit Square streetcar, expressed their intention of study at a regular City Council in December last year Omori Masao mayor were. The policy package of Downtown Revitalization shown in the initial budget 2002, the city has incorporate the research and study of the fly.
路面電車の駅乗り入れで4検討案 岡山市、高架化や地下で接続も





Ion maintenance, erection earnest of footbridge

Towards the opening of large-scale commercial facilities and Aeon Mall Okayama, which is scheduled for November at JR Okayama Station south, erection construction of a pedestrian bridge that connects the east and west city hall muscle and the second floor the same mall earnest from 10 day and night. It is expected to bridge girder is applied to the road over to the 13th.
(Chiba City) is based on the road law distribution major ion mall that opened the same mall, and to develop with the permission of Okayama. After installing the bridge girder, (each 1 groups east and west) Elevator and stairs leading to the sidewalk of the city hall muscle, it may be provided escalator up dedicated (same), corridor attach the roof on top of the bridge girder so that the user does not rain I or building a. Scheduled for completion in early November.
Corridor part is about 50 meters long, footbridge about 6 meters above the ground, about 4 m road width. In addition to connecting to the second floor of ion Mall Okayama, can be up and down from the sidewalk of the city hall muscle on both sides.
City Hall muscle conducted a traffic regulation depending on the progress of construction. Few days, one side lane becomes fully closed to traffic to 5:30 ~ 10:30 pm next intermittently until the end of October, to pass only vehicle of southward in lane one to remain.

岡山駅前商店街 木曜マルシェ  (イオンモール岡山の共存への模索  OHK、テレビせとうちのニュースに)

岡山駅前商店街「桃太郎市」( 毎月第2日曜 )

岡山駅前商店街で「桃太郎市」(震災移住者が食べ物など販売) =初の桃太郎市にぎわう 岡山駅前商店街





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