14 to 16, gracefully dancing Matsuyama (Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture) "Bitchu Takahashi Matsuyama dance"

14 to 16, one of the three major dance prefecture "Bitchu Takahashi Matsuyama dance" (San'yoshinbunsha sponsored) will be held in JR Bitchutakahashi Station Boulevard Takahashi city center. The proud tradition from the early Edo period, knitting show the graceful dance dancers yukata differentially.
The dancing ground surrounds the Ondo tower, spacious, Matsuyama dance dances alternately Yatosa fast-paced dance. There is a 40 minute contest from 19:00 each day, about 1960 people 55 organizations dance ream workplace and children, local units compete for beauty. Visitors also can join after the end, it will continue until the 11:00.
Give 'em "three 輦 (Ren) dance bill" a sash clip ornament 200 people first arrival as a new project, participated in the three days yukata. I do also fireworks on the final day. "How (Shigumi) dance" (the 15th, and Sakae shopping district) that (the 14th, Ondo tower), samurai children Ondo is danced in Jochu, (same, Takahashigawa), a summer tea party Shoryonagashi events related to, (16 day, there is an international hotel and Takahashi).
During, and vehicle traffic prohibited Meanwhile venue whole area implementation = Figure traffic regulation of traffic. I provide a free parking space Takahashi elementary school, bellflower green space, and Takahashi comprehensive Cultural Center.
Light rain or shine. City Tourism Association us (0866 21 0461).

 小雨決行。問い合わせは市観光協会(0866 21 0461)。


How to play in the park, Notes commentary (Okayama)

When Engaging Our play park for children, Okayama made ​​handbook that summarizes how to play in the park, as of the accident or injury to the "play outside notes". It is distributed free of charge, such as parenting support groups and citizens of the child-rearing generation.
40 pages in A5 size color. You have configured in Chapter 8 illustrated "seed of play", how to play specific explained that the element of play to stimulate the imagination of children is jammed, such as "play outside recipe" in the park.
The "play outside recipe", and featured in photo and text 14 cases made ​​with rope and wooden boards "rickshaw", and "bed of fallen leaves," which was laid by collecting fallen leaves. In the chapter of "dangerous and play", as an example, such as playing with fire, you're commentary for both the risk of a good risk, must be avoided even if the connection experience to the growth of the child unless moderation.
Edited (same Kume) is commissioned by the city of the NPO-city children center, which operates playground for children to "play Okayama Park" Children's Forest at (Kita Gakunan town). City garden city Promotion Division call for "Leveraging. Handbook place of learning that children packed a wide variety of experience through play, park Try going out in the park in the family," he said.
Handbook is being distributed in the same division. It is also published in the city website. Same division query (086 803 1395).

 ハンドブックは同課で配布中。市ホームページでも公開している。問い合わせは同課(086 803 1395)。
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