夏休みの自由研究 てんまや水族館入場者2万人突破(岡山市北区表町・天満屋岡山店)

夏休みの自由研究 てんまや水族館入場者2万人突破(岡山市北区表町・天満屋岡山店)
20,000 people topped Tenmaya aquarium visitors

Admission, Kita-ku, Okayama Table Town, "The World of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the sea" Tenmaya Aquarium studying at parents and children Tenmaya Okayama shop 6 Kaiashikawa (latitude) are open in the hall (San'yohoso, San'yoshinbunsha sponsored) of the 13th, who has topped 20,000 people.
Tokinaga Mei-chan attending Okayama Municipal kindergarten 20,000 th (5). Mei-chan Yasui Akira chief of same store sales promotion team special events representative from (28), was received with (7) Yu-wa's second grade sister, memorabilia, such as a ruler illustrations and dolphin picture book has been drawn it was willing to "I was surprised, but I'm glad to get gifts. looking forward to see the various fish," he said.
About 70 types, such as crab Nisegoishiutsubo boasts one of the world's largest with more than 10 kg body weight and "Australian King Club", about 1-2 m length is large set the venue. In addition to feel up close world of colorful sea, it is possible to directly touch sea urchins and sea cucumbers in a touching pool, and is popular among children.
Up to 25 day session. (Until the 5:00 on the last day) 10:00 to 18:00. ¥ 800 junior high school students or more, admission is 600 yen 3 years old - elementary school.




Give me footbridge appeared in Okayama City Hall muscle

The early morning of the 13th, the bridge of about 50 meters overall length appeared in the City Hall of muscle before large-scale commercial facilities and Aeon Mall Okayama with the aim of opening of November, construction proceeds of (Okayama city north district Shimoishii). To facilitate the traffic and car shopper that is 20 million more than a year, it's bridge girder of the footbridge ion mall management company (Chiba City) is to develop with the permission of Okayama. Future, and established a part, such as roof, to complete in early November.
The early morning of the 12th midnight to 11 days the contractor has installed a bridge girder in two nights-long early in the morning on the 13th - midnight the same day. Is performed on one side lane minutes to overnight, was carried out in the western lane close to the mall ion Okayama dawn on the 13th to 12 midnight daily. While the projector shines, lifting (about 15 meters in length, about 5 meters wide, about 40 tons weight) the bridge girder iron in large crane, move slowly. Was bolted on the east side girder for adjusting to the worker while pulling a rope tied to the bridge girders, resulting in a height of about 6 meters above the ground and set at the previous night and piers.
Appearance of the work visit from passerby. Said, "sight is not seen again" is (49) = city = company employee man named came to see Following the eve, it was captured by the camera.
Pedestrian bridge connecting the east and west city hall muscle and second floor Aeon Mall Okayama. In addition to the stairs leading to the sidewalk of the same muscle on both sides, (1 each groups east and west) Elevator, providing up-only escalator the (same), and the corridor by providing a roof on top of the bridge girder, users avoid getting wet in the rain.

「イオンモール岡山」を契機に、 岡山市街地全体 に活気を!

<岡山市>今秋イオンモール開業前、社会実験断念 県警が交通渋滞懸念 /岡山
路面電車の駅乗り入れで4検討案 岡山市、高架化や地下で接続も/イオン整備、歩道橋の架設本格化

岡山駅前商店街 木曜マルシェ  (イオンモール岡山の共存への模索  OHK、テレビせとうちのニュースに)


岡山駅前商店街「桃太郎市」( 毎月第2日曜 )

イオン開店前に交通量調査実施 今日と来月1日 岡山 (ももちゃりとアプリと割引連携を・・・)

商店街で土曜夜市楽しもう (夏恒例の「土曜夜市」が岡山市中心部の3商店街) 「妖怪ウォッチ」のもんげーの街 岡山

イオン渋滞対策で交通量調査へ  「大型商業施設・イオンモール岡山」

<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ (地域活性化 岡山に「もんげー神社」をつくろう!)


イオン、2500台の臨時駐車場 本当に大丈夫か? 

商店街の魅力高め、イオンに対抗 (イオン VS 商店街・天満屋) (イオン VS セブン&アイ)

マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)


「岡山ビブレ」 から 「イオンモール岡山」へ

<岡山ビブレ>35年の歴史に幕 類似の店舗間競争激化 ( 明日 )

天満屋ストアどうなる? 岡山県が地盤の天満屋ストアなどM&A戦略 (セブン&アイが買収・出資)

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超? のニュースがあったが・・。イオンの戦略は・・ 岡山にどう影響? 以下の記事

岡山 山陽マルナカの挑戦 デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携   デジタルサイネージとは・・

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超 県警調査、店側想定は3割未満
格安スマホ、真の実力を検証 ネットのヘビーユーザーにはNG、通話料はドコモ並みで割高
The NG to heavy users of verification net, call charges are expensive DoCoMo par with the ability cheap smartphone, true

Cheap smartphones and "LCC smartphone" This (smartphone) is released from such as Bic Camera and ions, are you attracted topic, likely to break stronghold of the leading carriers of weakness High Price maintain and reason "cheap smartphone, a popular Website article The? It is as you have to tell any ".

LCC smartphone that sold from April 4 ions are in the set and SIM card of Japan Communications of LG Electronics "Nexus 4" is reasonable that 2980 yen per month to meet all basic cost terminal fee, data communications, voice communications popular in price, sold out after another in various places As soon as released in 8000 units limited.

Bic Camera is set sold by April 14 SIM card and Internet Initiative Japan is one mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) of (IIJ) 3G compatible devices of Kovu~ia made ​​a "FleaPhone CP-F03a" so as to follow , provided in 2830 yen per month less than the ion while 1,000 limited. This is what is limited to 200kbps and use in communication speed is 14.4Mbps if up to the amount of communication 1GB a month, when it exceeds the capacity of 1GB.

At first glance, the price is it cheaper likely rise is referee's fan to dominant Bic Camera in communication speed surface, but since the smartphone has become a set of inferior dive specs surface than the ion, LCC smartphone of the two companies' s impression about the same.

Whatever the case may be, besides the Bic Camera and ions, EDION of electronics stores and K-Opticom of Kansai Electric Power system communication company has entered, Yodobashi Camera Because even become entry plan, is LCC smartphone market are you booming of it is fact.

● video playback is impossible
That monthly charges may apply 7000 yen more than just the basic fee is the most conventional of the smartphone, LCC smartphone but they get wiped away beautifully its weak points, but there are also disadvantages, of course. Many of the people there interested in LCC smartphone but that are hesitant, you probably have felt in the neck that much slower and 200kbps around communication speed probably. Boasts a maximum 150Mbps reception if LTE of the three major carriers, communication speed is 1/750 and if simple calculation. And I have ended up with an order of magnitude literally.

In fact, from the users of LCC smartphone, harsh voice is raised on the Internet.

". Streaming playback dozen minute wait is impossible to open the video a few minutes"
"It took more than 10 seconds if you try to open the image size is large LINE"
"We wait in the room for about 5-8 seconds even just open the top page of the Amazon and YouTube in the first place"
"You had better thought of the site nowadays it is videos and images are fitted and not seen crispy is good"

If you want to see a smooth large videos and images in the net again, it seems the situation better LCC smartphone was avoided is that of good.

● people who want to use the net, Do not buy the absolute?
Mikami Hiroshi of IT journalist, repute as follows: LCC smartphone.

I think the sales method of combining the communication SIM to smartphone of type drop was released in about "two years ago, and Na was thinking well., But there were many trader that sells only SIM card cheap even until now , and it is necessary to prepare yourself Sumaho of (state contract information is not recorded) White ROM, sill I was high enough to prohibitively easy to require some knowledge in that case. however, on the contrary, you do not have a smartphone until now, it is suitable what to layer ignorant to the net relationship. was impressed with this idea. However, this LCC smartphone is Nii as "popular" or "after another sold out" well it is Ionsumaho to crack, but I think that there are aspects of coverage preceding the first place because is not a small-scale sales of 8000 units "(Mr. Mikami)

So I wonder if say LCC Sumaho seen fittingly, from Mr. Mikami and recommended?

It is not the "recommended. It does not buy to not use. They are not suitable for people who want to use normally the net in the smartphone at least. People who want to enjoy the videos can assert that it should not be bought I absolutely. the point communication speed is 200kbps before and after taking too noticeable, but (except Kakehodai) actually call charge at 21 yen 30 seconds, it's the same as an expensive call charges LTE smartphone such as NTT DoCoMo has issued. I think 420 yen because it takes if you talk 10 minutes, a person that a lot of calls, monthly fee is consuming enough to not be able to feel the cheapness of the basic fee "

And thus that is, that does not lend itself well to people who want to use the Internet and crispy, even the person who put the phone frequently.

● evolution and expected aim of ion
Sonaruto, Bic ions and, I doubt it depicts a blueprint on how profitable heck.

For those who are using Garake still have shunned smartphone until now. Probably in anticipation that there is plenty of demand "Still, might be just right. And does not require an internet or mobile phone too much, especially So if you how to use that simplistic you can interact with the message function of LINE and family and friends. Perhaps than optimal, and such to incoming dedicated almost as a phone, you can feel the height of the cost performance in elderly you should "(same)

Mikami said, staring at and is there reason ions were embarked.

Is not higher still is Garake possession rate as it goes if you go to "local, but ion is a major chain that store expansion all over the country, elderly and housewives of. Rural its brand power is rooted in each region it is impressive because it had a market that can appeal to a layer, approach to such light users that hit well in practice "

On the other hand, Mikami says that it is to come in handy as a smartphone of the second unit of the people who are mastering the Barbary Sumaho normal current.

As we will be using the line of DoCoMo call environment is in place most if SIM "Japanese communication, smartphone of the first unit is human KDDI and Softbank Mobile that (au), you are currently using I think style as insurance when you can not use the smartphone, that have in the sub LCC smartphone that can be used by DoCoMo line also with ants "

Finally, LCC smartphone or going to become what the standing position in the telecommunications industry future, I had expected.

At the moment, there is no impact to the extent Okoseru price competition involving DoCoMo, au, Softbank "Unfortunately. However, competition in the LCC Sumaho each other because there taking place already, it's going to overheat more and more in the future or would not be. that ions me to demonstrate that communication SIM image of enthusiasts was strong until now also, that sell even light users layer if to set the discount terminal is large, a variety of companies in the future I think There is a coming entered. those of level communication capacity and communication speed is improved competition if Moriagare, called kana used to much better also because you will come out, I there a genre future is fun "

It's what you'll be up and specifications service in the future, I want you to open the air hole of the price collapse in the Japanese mobile phone market by all means.
格安スマホ、真の実力を検証 ネットのヘビーユーザーにはNG、通話料はドコモ並みで割高

 “LCCスマホ”こと格安スマートフォン(スマホ)がイオンやビックカメラなどから発売され、話題を集めているのは、当サイト記事『格安スマホ、人気の理由と弱点 高価格維持の大手キャリアの牙城崩す可能性は?』でもお伝えした通りだ。

 イオンが日本通信のSIMカードとLGエレクトロニクスの「Nexus 4」をセットにして4月4日より販売したLCCスマホは、端末料金、データ通信、音声通信の基本コストすべて合わせて月額2980円というリーズナブルな価格で人気を集め、8000台限定で発売するやいなや各地で売り切れが続出。

 追随するようにビックカメラが、仮想移動体通信事業者(MVNO)のひとつであるインターネットイニシアティブ(IIJ)のSIMカードとコヴィア製の3G対応機「FleaPhone CP-F03a」を4月14日よりセット販売し、1000台限定ながらイオンを下回る月額2830円で提供。こちらは月に通信量1GBまでであれば通信速度が14.4Mbpsで使え、1GBの容量を超えると200kbpsに制限されるというもの。




















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