県立図書館 来館者9年連続全国一「岡山県立図書館」(岡山市北区丸の内)

県立図書館 来館者9年連続全国一「岡山県立図書館」(岡山市北区丸の内)

Ninth consecutive year nationwide one prefectural library visitors

The 22nd, Okayama Prefectural Library (Okayama, Kita-ku Marunouchi) announced number of visitors in 2013, personal loan number of books has become the first place in the prefectural libraries nationwide. National top nine consecutive years.
I was counting on the basis of the investigation of the Japan Library Association (Tokyo, Japan). Was decreased as compared to 12 in fiscal it was record high, but the number of visitors is the 1,051,432 people 13 fiscal year, which is higher than about 130 006 thousand Yamanashi second place. Personal loan of books in 1,428,739 books, were many about 50 million books from Osaka in the 2-position.
Prefectural library has been "such as good transportation and convenience that library is rich by purchasing about 70% of the new book books have been evaluated," he said.
Purchase books number of books also lead for the fourth consecutive year at 50,402 books. Difference of Tokyo in the 2-position was about 8,000 books. In addition, materials budget in second place in the 100 000 000 75,350,001 thousand yen collection of books # 7 in 1,206,854 books, annual opening dates became the 12th in 303 days.
Prefectural Library opened in September 04. I topped the 10 million visitors the fastest prefectural library in May this year. You are planning a commemorative Festa such as quiz rally lectures and September 23 to October 5 this year of 10 anniversary.
県立図書館 来館者9年連続全国一

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<イオンモール岡山>12月5日に開業 (発表)『西の旗艦店』


8月23日付け 山陽新聞が詳しい!(7割が県内初出店 がいい! )


「2014年上半期 全国人気の街ランキング」(不動産・住宅情報サイト『HOME'S』を運営するネクスト)によれば、



モール東側の地区と結ぶ歩道橋新設したことは、高く評価できる。できれば、旧ビブレの建物に「大型書店」「フィットネス・スポーツクラブと山系・海系・陸系店舗」「(高齢者向け)文化教室(イオンスマホの体験)」「イオン、商業施設に従業員向け保育所 社外にも開放」等のようなものがあるとうれしい。(イオンモールに不足の「コミュニティ作り」を期待したい。)


(表町商店街、奉還町商店街、岡山駅前商店街の3つと考えられるが、1つは、なかった。 )


<イオンモール岡山>12月5日に開業 専門店356店、7割が県内初出店 /岡山
356 stores opened shop, 70% of the prefecture's first store opening / Okayama 5 days December

Commercial complex under construction in JR Okayama Station before "Aeon Mall Okayama" For (Kita Shimoishii 1), the 22nd, Aeon Mall (Chiba City) a press conference in North Ward, and has announced that it will be opened on December 5 . It is scheduled to about 70% of the 356 stores specialty stores in the prefecture first appearance shop, put a force on the development of local products around the 65 store brand prefecture. It is defined as "flagship store in western Japan", it is expected to attract 20 million people a year or more.

Aeon Mall Okayama (about 250,000 square meters total) 8 floors above ground and two floors underground. I provided (11 screen, 2000 seats) and cinema complex, multi-purpose hall (600 seats). Trade area to the entire prefecture (about 1.9 million people), coming from the Shikoku district also into view.

Concept of the Mall "haremachi (Haremachi)". Companies that aim "to stimulate the five senses, town to make the future of Okayama" and to enter in the new format stores also stand out. Clothing for global expansion "Zara" and "H & M", of household goods shop which is the prefecture's first appeared, such as "Tokyu Hands". The companies in the prefecture, and cross-company of clothing, such as Sakiya create to store openings. "One of the features of the flagship store is local color" as, to experience the manufacturing of the prefecture through such works of local artists "Haremachi Zone 365" is also provided. "Takashimaya Food Maison" is deployed at the grocery.

Okazaki bilinear president of Aeon Mall told expected to ". Companies in the prefecture you want a city can boast also want you to make a special shop is not in the whole country," said at a news conference. On the other hand, was "to scrutinize the. Traffic volume that are supported by such footbridge new connecting with the district of the Mall east side, you want to consider additional measures," said the traffic congestion measures of Okayama city associated with the practice.

<イオンモール岡山>12月5日に開業 専門店356店、7割が県内初出店 /岡山




The open 5 days Aeon Mall Okayama, western Japan December of the largest

The 22nd, and Aeon Mall (Chiba City) has announced that it will open on December 5 this year shopping center in western Japan's largest construction proceeds at JR Okayama Station south of Okayama, Kita-ku, the "Aeon Mall Okayama". Huge complex of cultural facilities and television stations, such as cinema enters the beginning of the store about 400. Okazaki bilinear president of the company said the aspirations "in Okayama is a crosspoint China, Shikoku, if deployed as flagship mall that seems to" shop of our own "to local people," he said.

The same day, President Okazaki et al met in the city, I have an overview. Concept is "haremachi (Haremachi) - wait to make my future."

Facility (about 250,000 square meters floor area) 2 storey 8 floors above ground, sales floor area of ​​about 92,000 square meters. Is placed - ornaments and fashion, miscellaneous goods relationship that also includes such foreign brands to ▽ 1 ~ 4 floor eateries relationship grocery ▽ 4,6,7 floor on the first floor.

Shop number is 356 shops, of which 238 stores in the prefecture first appearance shop, first opened in the mid-Shikoku also called number. It is 7:00 to 22:00 in the ion body business hours.

Also, the large space of the atrium with the "Future Square" is 1-4 floors, and spaces of rest by placing about 1050 seats around. I provide green spaces to "Halle gusset Garden" is on the fifth floor center.

OHK Okayamahoso will transfer the broadcast function, Opened open type studio "Milne" on the fifth floor to floor 5 and 6. I will There is also a movie theater multi-purpose hall with 600 seats and "Okayama future Hall" in the same floor.








The whole picture clearly of Aeon Mall Okayama

The 22nd, Aeon Mall (Chiba City) held a press conference at the hotel in Okayama city, I announced an overall outline large shopping center to open in the city, Kita-ku, Shimoishii on December 5 of "Aeon Mall Okayama". Specialty store of 356, including 238 stores in Okayama prefecture first appearance shop tenants.
Aeon Mall Okayama under construction south of JR Okayama Station, on the site of the old Hayashibara, about 250,000 square meters of floor area 8 floors above ground and two floors underground. Ion Okayama shop super (tentative name), the sub-nuclear Kaku-ten store "Takashimaya
Food Maison Okayama store "," Tokyu Hands "(Okayama first opened), 3 stores of" ion Cinema Okayama ".
The floor of the shopping center, the fashion "in Tite Zasutoa", of goods "AWESOME STORE (Awesome store, etc.)" is Chushikoku first store openings fourth floor from the first floor facilities configuration. I a 11 screen, about 2000 seats cinema complex food court, on the fifth floor is "ion Cinema Okayama" on the fourth floor. 6,7 floor becomes (39 stores) restaurant district.
Place about 1050 seats table, chair of the large space atrium through the fourth floor from the first floor to the "future Square". The 7th floor from the fifth floor outdoor oasis space with a green "haremachi
I provided the Garden (Haremachi Garden) ".
Number of employees in the entire mall is about 4000 people. Parking accommodates 2,500. I will be the grand opening to 10:00 December 5.


 施設構成は1階から4階がショッピング中心のフロアで、ファッションの「ティテ イン ザストア」、雑貨の「AWESOME STORE(オーサム・ストア)」などが中四国初出店。4階にフードコート、5階のシネマコンプレックス「イオンシネマ岡山」は11スクリーン、約2000席を備える。6、7階はレストラン街(39店舗)となる。

7割 238店舗が県内初出店
70% of 238 stores is the prefecture's first store opening

The 22nd, shop Overview (SC) "Aeon Mall Okayama" (Okayama city north district Shimoishii, December 5 open) of a large shopping center being built on the JR Okayama Station south of ion distribution's largest (Chiba City) I announced. About 70% of the 356 stores specialty stores in Okayama Prefecture first appearance shop, local businesses account for nearly 20%. I aim to attract 20 million people a year in the SC in western Japan's largest with a cinema complex and restaurant district of large (cinema complex), multi-purpose hall.
Prefecture first appearance store 238 stores. Tokyu Hands of major household goods, fashion chains of the world's largest "ZARA" and "H & M" into.
Local bias 65 stores. I will provide a store of new business Cross Company (apparel), Sakiya Create (same), Tomiya Corporation (Jewelry & Watch), peer Thirty etc. (eating and drinking). Hours of specialty stores 10:00 to 21:00.
Restaurant district that consists of 39 shop is called "the largest West", cinema complex a total of about 2,000 seats in the 11 screen. Also be provided space to experience the manufacturing of Okayama studio Okayamahoso (OHK) and multi-purpose hall (about 600 seats), and jeans.
Number of employees in the entire facility is about 4,000. Has not been published sales targets, but it is assumed that the scale of more than Aeon Mall Kurashiki that are more than 40 billion yen per year (Kurashiki Mizue).
There is a briefing in Okayama city this day, as a flagship store "and" "West, Okazaki bilinear president of Chiba management company Ion Mall will make the future of Okayama and, together with local companies I was talking to a pair ".

Aeon Mall Okayama
And develop a second floor 8th floor and underground steel ground to about 40 006 one thousand square meters of land that was purchased from the former Hayashibara that was bankrupt. Sales floor area of ​​about 92,000 square meters. West the largest in the company's floor space, both the number of stores. Multi-storey car park of the hotel accommodates 2,500.

7割 238店舗が県内初出店


イオン、駅前に続々 人口の都心回帰に対応、出店強化
It corresponds to the regression of the downtown population after another ion, in front of the station, store openings strengthening

Recently, ion, which has been opened in the suburbs of central regional cities have focused on opening large malls such as the front of the station to the city center. Against the background of the city, such as regression of the population, I'm trying to grab a wide range of customer base.

In the boulevard of Okayama and hotels department stores lined, construction of "Aeon Mall Okayama" is progressing. It is a prime location that directly underground from JR Okayama Station. Open is scheduled to December 5. I expected the attendance of 20 million people a year.

Suburban are often 2-3 story, but here's 8-story for the site is narrow in front of the station. Initial investment is higher than the suburban.

イオン、駅前に続々 人口の都心回帰に対応、出店強化




イオン、商業施設に従業員向け保育所 社外にも開放(全国)
Ion and commercial facilities for employees nursery outside open (nationwide)

To large-scale commercial facility, which operates nationwide, ion retail giant, to introduce a private nursery for employees. It is thought that from that employees of many women, including the part, leading to securing excellent human resources who are interested in creating an environment that able to work longer as relieved to entrust infants.

Ions did not have the nursery of their own until now. In addition to the holiday attendance and weekends, sometimes working hours are over at midnight, trouble had come out when you leave your child in the nursery of private sales colleagues to work in a commercial facility.

In order to solve these troubles, to open a nursery of its own furnished for children up to 22:00 seven days a week.

イオン、商業施設に従業員向け保育所 社外にも開放(全国)




地方都市は「ほどほどパラダイス」になった! 地方の若者におけるイオンモールの存在感
Local city became a "moderate Paradise"! Presence of ion mall in young local

Shopping mall on the outskirts is not a hangout of downstream family now. It was turned into a power spot that meet the needs of all the layers, from the elderly to young people surging one after another. "Ion mall" What is particularly popular, but "LaLaport". As huge and evolution of commercial facilities, congregate there "Ionisuto" "Ra-rapota" are growing.

Do people go to the mall to what Fascinated? I analyzed in five consecutive days the background of the popular shopping mall. Abe Shin-dai's sociologist, first day, hear the relationship between the ion Mall and local young people.

"Spend ion mall leisure" half of the young people

- In the "young people confined to local", Mr. Abe Shin-dai has discussed the relationship of Aeon Mall and local young people. How did you focus on there?

Along with the seniors in college in Okayama, I began research on values ​​of young people, but I was aware of the magnitude of the presence occupied by the Aeon Mall in the young people of the region at that time.

When asked "Where leisure time" to young people, half answered "Aeon Mall". Now that we have investigated in Okayama, this refers to the Aeon Mall Kurashiki. If you include a leisure complex and shopping center of the mall other than ion, three in four people had spent in "place ionically" indeed.

- It really mean? Leisure facilities because less, where you only go ion mall that, no.

No, when viewed from Tokyo, it looks Aeon Mall only as projects with Dawn, but ion Mall ones in the center, as it were castle tower. It's a castle town image such as that spread around it.

When I listen to their stories, for example, somewhere one hour from the house, go to the Aeon Mall in the car over a period of 2 hours, until go there, enjoy the drive, and also, to shop at Aeon Mall eating rice to go to the family restaurant, and resting in place, such as the gazebo in the middle, go to the round One, and ..., commercial facilities combine several depending on the GEO, a large commercial area of one has been formed.

In the 2000s from the late 1990s, commercial facilities could one after another in the region. Is there a place that shopping center also towards the countryside pretty, but it was a shop or not shining much to small. The finished in such shops, daily life goes on ion mall on the weekend. Consumption in their life, there is a ranking of various commercial facility, it is located in the vertex, it is not an ion Mall.

- Vertex. If you go to Aeon Mall certainly, shopping also meals to be able to, movies seen, all day, you can enjoy.

Well, It is something like Disneyland. I did not notice that a native of Gifu, and came out to Tokyo for college in 1995, the local has changed really. There are several huge shopping mall in Gifu now, but it was not yet at that time. Rural changed dramatically over the last few years in Tokyo is me, I had left behind only Tokyo.

"Comfortable regional cities in moderation" was able to

- You can move one after another commercial facilities, life in the car it is because the center.

It does not talk about the car without. It is the premise of the consumer life of young people in local, but it is motor metallization. Shopping street of provincial been lost by this.

Young people will go a couple or family, friends and the Aeon Mall. Recently, as has been referred to as a "Yankee reduction", family and fellow local loves young local, human relationships with parents and friends is very dense.

On the other hand, if you have become very lean, such as the shopping street of old, annoying little relationship was no longer involved with the local community. For young people, it's to enhance the attractiveness of rural areas.

Once was a long time ago, it was only two of the "big city exciting" and "boring local", there is "a pleasant provincial city in moderation" in the meantime now. Countryside about not inconvenient, metropolis as not squalid. Local city became was balanced in the "moderate Paradise".

Not interested in the people of the region, local young people has become in a location that is not going to even Shopping Arcade, or disappeared. Once you go out riding in the car with my family and good friends, it will be go to a comfortable place that is not much different city.

- I can urban and rural "cherry pick".

If you look at something youth movie 1970's and 80's, have been tied to human relations of old-fashioned, in bondage full, of that country of the region was the place where suffocating very for young people. That you throw away the local, it means freedom from bondage, and go out to the big cities, interesting relationships and exciting was waiting a lot of the big cities.

By the motor metallization local, it is I was able to "country without fetters" now. What human relations in the countryside with no bondage, only family and friends. And location Aeon Mall basis is applied, local city is now a terribly comfortable place.

Anxiety ...... of lukewarm water also "mild Yankee"

- There is no need to discard the local anymore, going out to the big city.

Recently, Harada kun Hakuhodo is saying "mild Yankee", it is so at all. I think a little more, "hard Yankee" and had been living in bondage, but because there is no bondage is mild Yankee, slightly, it might be reflected unreliable when viewed from the adults. It's not because ravenously than guys going out in the city. These, place a lukewarm manner that is of that was able to region, it is a situation of 2000 or later.

Just to get along with parents and friends, go to the Aeon Mall, young children of today, it looks that way is enjoying Nuruku the life of the current, but also felt anxiety about the future.

In the background, there is a low level of income. Were surveyed about job satisfaction, the median annual income of single people is 2000000-2490000 yen. It is the young people who are engaged in the service industry primarily, but not less than 3 million yen again, life is tough and even the region. The reason for the parasite to home to get along with the parents, it is one of the wisdom to live. Household income, including the single people that live with their parents, even parental income from is 6 million yen or more, and can not live easily in alone, but you can live if with their parents.

However, it is characterized by satisfaction of revenue side is only low they, satisfaction is high strangely and with humans and rewarding relationship. In particular, a person because the other party in the case of service industry, it is easy rewarding. There is where it covers the dissatisfaction of revenue side. It is the so-called "exploitation of challenging". In other words, the parents support the monetary, young local has supported challenging the mentally.

But, in the absence only human relationships with family and friends, this earlier, when Toka wonder could parenting have been married, care of the parent is required, anywhere but do not know Nante care facilities, okay by myself alone I feel the anxiety and wonder such.

Mall does not remain only in Tokyo

- I have found that the current "moderate Paradise" is not persistent.

Well, yes. Withdrawn and sponsors only the portion of consumption from the mall, was the giant is Aeon Mall. Place to live as a place of consumption is integral to, where if you buy things, shopping street of the past, had been produced there also of community life at the same time. That's was the strength of the mall, but because ion mall that had gone missing community of life with the sponge from there, it is not only in the consumer anymore. So, anxiety as consumers are not very large.

Family is supported now, but considering the after parents died, it must be made ​​scrupulously communities elsewhere too. Consciousness with a hook such a sense of insecurity, to create a new human relations towards more eye area, and let's create a community steadily also born.

- There was a close relationship than Mall shopping center.

Than mall (laughs).

- Just enjoy to go by car to the mall now. It is urban.

It is a cosmopolitan Speaking of urban, but more of the city has also remained mall than the local recently. Tokyo alone has become to feel pre-modern in Japan. For example, there is a shopping street in Jinbocho and Azabu Juban of the middle of Tokyo, and I'm leaving the good old downtown in Arakawa-ku and Kita-ku. Feel hard Yankee basis will prefer people of downtown Tokyo. Not only in downtown Tokyo anymore in Japan during hard Yankee. Such like seeing if you go to Tabata and Nishinippori (laughs).

Grandpa lives much locally, or to your Bachangai, those that region have been visualized. On the contrary, prefer my parents' home, local hard to see. Better in Tokyo have remaining dense human relations, the children of rural enough without knowing the area, I do not know only Aeon Mall. Such reversal phenomenon has occurred.

Tokyo can not motor metallization population density is too high, it will because I did not make the ion mall without a land.

- Currently, Abe's lives in Australia as the University of Western Australia Visiting Fellow, but shopping mall circumstances there is?

There are only shopping mall in Australia. Travel by car is the center, and the United States and Australia but it is so.

- People of Australia or probably are feeling anxiety, or whether comfortable.

Would be comfortable. The difference with Japan, it is that there is a church. There is a culture of the community to do something activities gathered in the church at all. Location is felt by may not be a church Separately, that is not it? Do I make it come together somewhere anyway.

In the case of Japan, the temple I'm not playing much like that function. I think that there is a point in the future Japan should be consulted.

- As a way for the future of the shopping mall, "community building" You will probably prove to be the keyword.
地方都市は「ほどほどパラダイス」になった! 地方の若者におけるイオンモールの存在感


 人々は何に魅せられてショッピングモールに行くのか? 人気ショッピングモールの背景を5日連続で分析する。1日目は、社会学者の阿部真大さんに、地方の若者とイオンモールの関係を伺う。














































<岡山市>今秋イオンモール開業前、社会実験断念 県警が交通渋滞懸念 /岡山
路面電車の駅乗り入れで4検討案 岡山市、高架化や地下で接続も/イオン整備、歩道橋の架設本格化

岡山駅前商店街 木曜マルシェ  (イオンモール岡山の共存への模索  OHK、テレビせとうちのニュースに)


岡山駅前商店街「桃太郎市」( 毎月第2日曜 )

イオン開店前に交通量調査実施 今日と来月1日 岡山 (ももちゃりとアプリと割引連携を・・・)

商店街で土曜夜市楽しもう (夏恒例の「土曜夜市」が岡山市中心部の3商店街) 「妖怪ウォッチ」のもんげーの街 岡山

イオン渋滞対策で交通量調査へ  「大型商業施設・イオンモール岡山」

<妖怪ウォッチ>「もんげー」復権 岡山弁から全国へ (地域活性化 岡山に「もんげー神社」をつくろう!)


イオン、2500台の臨時駐車場 本当に大丈夫か? 

商店街の魅力高め、イオンに対抗 (イオン VS 商店街・天満屋) (イオン VS セブン&アイ)

マルナカ VS 天満屋ストア (イオン VS セブン&アイHD の地域戦か)


<岡山ビブレ>35年の歴史に幕 類似の店舗間競争激化 ( 明日 )

天満屋ストアどうなる? 岡山県が地盤の天満屋ストアなどM&A戦略 (セブン&アイが買収・出資)

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超? のニュースがあったが・・。イオンの戦略は・・ 岡山にどう影響? 以下の記事

岡山 山陽マルナカの挑戦 デジタルサイネージの情報発信でスーパーや放送局、通信など連携   デジタルサイネージとは・・

イオン岡山「車で来店」7割超 県警調査、店側想定は3割未満
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吉備線LRT化 2段階で素案提示(岡山 -総社間)

吉備線LRT化 2段階で素案提示(岡山 -総社間)
Draft presented in Kibisen LRT into two stages

The tour of the LRT JR Kibisen the (next-generation tram) initiative, the 22nd, Omori Masao Okayama mayor, Kataoka Soichi Soja mayor, Manabe Seikokorozashi JR West president held talks in Okayama City Hall. Agreed policy is divided into two stages, "Current Status and Issues of the wayside," "operating body, expense, and operation planning" of the plan draft to the basis for discussion, including the pros and cons of implementation, is presented by the end of the year.
The consultation was the top of the three organizations involved in Kibisen of LRT is aligned the first time. After talking for about 40 minutes in private, I explained at a press conference.
According to the description, around September and October, draft plan on Current Status and Issues of wayside plans shown in November and December around operating body, costs, such as operating plan. Draft-making, agreed that Nakamura KeiJiro Okayama Regional Director of the company and both the mayor and the "top meeting", to promote working group by practitioners work together. Also be provided opportunities to hear the opinions from officials and citizens representative experts, national and prefecture.
Mayors showed recognition "is also linked to urban development along the railway, continue with the research" and.
Incorporating the changes from the current situation, such as time zone changes and the number of the operation by the LRT of the benefits associated with the introduction, draft plan shows a disadvantage. Both the mayor has said "I want to promote the business of citizen consensus (agreement) is obtained."
Kibisen 20 - 4 km connecting a single wire between the Okayama Soja. 2003, JR West announced the LRT initiative of Kibisen Toyamakosen with Toyama. LRT · Toyama Light Rail in the country's first opened in '06 in Toyamakosen.
吉備線LRT化 2段階で素案提示

 吉備線は岡山 -総社間を単線で結ぶ20・4キロ。JR西日本は2003年、富山港線(富山市)とともに吉備線のLRT化構想を公表した。富山港線では06年に国内初のLRT・富山ライトレールが開業した。
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・マイブログの【設定】 > 【広告設定】 より、「60日間更新が無い場合」 の 「広告を表示しない」にチェックを入れて保存する。