イオンモール岡山 約2,000席の県内最大級シネコン「イオンシネマ岡山」登場/12月5日オープン!西日本最大級・初出店238店舗

イオンモール岡山 約2,000席の県内最大級シネコン「イオンシネマ岡山」登場/12月5日オープン!西日本最大


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イオンモール岡山 12月5日オープン!西日本最大級・初出店238店舗
Aeon Mall Okayama December 5 open! 238 West's largest store, first opened

I've found that ion mall Okayama shop the West's largest grand opening to Okayama Station on December 5, 2014. It seems to have a bit late because it was scheduled to open in November at the time of March this year

Stores Okayama first occurrence shop (65 store local businesses Okayama out) 238 stores the tenant! It is a new feeling the wind is likely to blow in Okayama.

Concept of ion mall Okayama shop "haremachi (Haremachi)".

Fashion goods, such as men's and women's shoes, bags and jewelry accessories about 70 stores. And that will be "overwhelming fashion zone that need to go shopping to Kansai and Tokyo is eliminated."

◆ The Okayama first opening from abroad H & M, ZARA, etc.

Aeon Mall Okayama huge building of seven floors above ground from the second floor basement of Okayama Station directly. (By floor concept contents. As we showed you earlier)

Casual brand many exhibitors, H & M, ZARA, CHARLES & KEITH Okayama first landed in from overseas. Also, the most impressive is that "carrier fashion" is many stocks.

There is also a store that image to target working women, to propose a fashionable business scene is opened, many will likely be a shopping mall vibe of adults.

In addition to the main studio television station in Okayama, OHK Okayamahoso of (Fuji TV series) is to be transferred to the fifth floor of Aeon Mall Okayama, in the restaurant district 7th floor multi-purpose hall with a 600-seat theater-type seats, from the fifth floor open-top garden (elements of healing, such as open-air oasis space) is also plenty.

Ion Okayama cinema with 11 screens (more screens 4DX specifications seat moves also the first landing), a comprehensive facility that would complete anything such as food, such as Takashimaya department that enters is born in Okayama. Okayama Station before is going to be busy, especially the New Year's holiday.
イオンモール岡山 12月5日オープン!西日本最大級・初出店238店舗







カジュアルブランドが多数出展し、海外発ではH&M、ZARA、CHARLES&KEITH も岡山初上陸。また、印象的なのは「キャリアファッション」が多く取り揃えられる点。




In Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, the prefecture's largest cinema complex of about 2,000 seats "ion Cinema Okayama" appeared

Ion Entertainment (http://www.aeoncinema.com/company/) 5 December Large Commercial Facilities in "Aeon Mall Okayama", cinema complex which has 11 screen most prefecture, about 2,000 seats "Ion Cinema Okayama I want to open a ".

○ cinema complex in Okayama Prefecture largest birth

The facility, cinema complex in Okayama Prefecture largest with 11 screen most prefecture, about 2,000 seats.

The same theater that will be the first opening to the Okayama Prefecture, and the state-of-the-art equipment and the three systems. In addition to the video that is powerful in the giant screen-filling front wall, "ULTIRA (Urutira)" (No. 7 screen) is, to create a three-dimensional sound by the speaker high-spec of JBL video and audio equipment for the company's original.

"DOLBY ATMOS (Dolby Atmos)" (7 No. screen), it is emitted from each speaker the acoustic elements independent, realistic movement of sound latest cinema sound system. In addition, it is equipped with "D-BOX (D box)" (16 seats 6th screen, 20 seats No. 7 screen), and that draw to the world of the movie the audience seats that move in conjunction with the scene of the movie.

To provide a taste multiple variations, the original popcorn made ​​in the store and use the cone is not a genetically modified staff with an in-house license in the food shop of the hotel. In addition, hot dogs and nachos commitment, such as the optimal assortment goods to Today's entertainment. In beverages, and that assort many was the beginning of hyaluronic acid jelly into the "flavor soda", a popular commodity. The location, Okayama, Kita-ku, Shimoishii 1-2-1.


イオンエンターテイメント( http://www.aeoncinema.com/company/ )は12月5日、大型複合型商業施設「イオンモール岡山」に、県内最多11スクリーン、約2,000席を有するシネマコンプレックス「イオンシネマ岡山」をオープンする。




最新シネマ音響システム「DOLBY ATMOS(ドルビーアトモス)」(7番スクリーン)は、独立した音響要素を各スピーカーから発し、音の動きをリアルに再現。さらに、映画のシーンと連動して動く座席「D-BOX(ディーボックス)」(6番スクリーン16席、7番スクリーン20席)を備え、観客を映画の世界へ引き込むという。

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