「天空の城」各地でPR合戦 兵庫・竹田城が火付け役 「備中松山城(岡山県高梁市)」

「天空の城」各地でPR合戦 兵庫・竹田城が火付け役 「備中松山城(岡山県高梁市)」
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備中松山城 岡山県 雲海.png
Firebrand is PR battle Hyogo Takeda castle in various locations, "Castle in the Sky"

Last year, tourists who visited Takeda Castle Ruins of Hyogo Prefecture Asago called "Castle in the Sky" to look stone wall to float above the clouds broke 50 million people. There is a feeling that has become a major pilgrimage site of the castle fans across the country, but in fact castle peek face from the sea of ​​clouds is not uncommon. PR move to the castle of the local and "continue to Takeda white" has become active.

Yamashiro is Takedashiro and was built in the Muromachi period. I got to the abandoned castle in the Edo period. Ishigaki is just remain on top, but in the thick sea of ​​clouds covering the mountains, fall under the spell of people unending landscape fantastic ruins of a castle towering aloof.

Popularity is further enhanced from around 2010 and been featured in the media, it was also the location of the movie starring TakakuraKen's "to you."

In addition, visitors Bitchu Matsuyama Castle even (Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture) has increased. Japan's three Oyama Castle was built on the basis of the fort of the Kamakura period. Figure floating in the clouds for a long time has been known, but the tourists to 50 000 people more than in 2001 from about 40,003 thousand people of 12 year. Local tourism organizations spurs to PR to be "enjoying the beauty of the fortress there is a tower."

Landscape Yamashiro has been surrounded by the sea of ​​clouds as reminiscent of popular animated film director Hayao Miyazaki the "Castle in the Sky", the nickname of the "Castle in the Sky" was widespread, such as the Internet. It is to be able to see the early morning of a sunny day well from autumn to winter that temperature difference between day and night is likely to be large, morning mist to occur at a lower position.

According Senda Yoshihiro president of Naradai to (castle archeology), there is about 20,000 locations nationwide Yamashiro. It has been pointed out, "If you like to develop the castle around so that it can be seen even from a distance of local efforts, should there are other places that are seen the same scene," he said.

Also local governments were lined up anew just as "Castle in the Sky what our white" backdrop. Kumano City, Mie Prefecture is offering as a castle that is wrapped in clouds from May this year Akagi castle ruins stand on a gentle hill (the city). Query flood photos from local photographers are posted in the newspaper. City personnel emphasize the charm "scene that spread to settlements. Under eyes you want Ayakari the popularity of Takeda Castle original landscape of Japan," he said.

Also, Fukui Prefecture Ono City also start the PR as the "Castle in the Sky" in Fukui Echizen Ono Castle (city). The running in big cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya tracks wrote on the vehicle body as "castle-Echizen Ono Castle in the Sky" along with the photo, it aims to improve visibility.
「天空の城」各地でPR合戦 兵庫・竹田城が火付け役








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