投馬国有力地? 吉備の歴史探る/岡山市

投馬国有力地? 吉備の歴史探る/岡山市
Location superpower-To-ba-koku that are to be had in the Yayoi era (Tsumakoku) is assumed that it was the ancient millet, the 6th, "Archaeology of the projected horse country" special exhibition that introduce the excavated parts of the era Okayama I began with the city buried cultural center of community-acquired Ward Amihama. Until March 27 next year.
According to the Center, To-ba-koku has been marked to be present in the middle leading to the Yamatai from China Chinese history statement on a "Gikokorozashi Wajin transfer". If you have taken a Yamatai Kinai theory, ancient millet many archaeological sites have been excavated that are considered influential land.
The venue, will be exhibited about 190 points earthenware, such as ornaments around the excavated goods from the ruins of the city. Hairpin made ​​special instrument board (Kita Mitsu Hiraokanishi), bone and turtles pots, animals that have been excavated in (such as the south) south ruins Hiraokanishi ruins painted in reddish-brown surface, were subjected to a brilliant pattern , pomander jade (jade) and (jewels) are lined up.
Hasegawa Ichiei director of the Center speak as "I want you to an opportunity while imagine lifestyles of the people of the time, to know about investment horse country".
9:00 to 16:30. Closed Sundays and public holidays. Admission is free. Query the Center (086-270-5066).
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眺望楽しんで ライブカメラを設置(岡山 井原市)

眺望楽しんで ライブカメラを設置(岡山 井原市)
If you'll let enjoy the view city starry sky park from (city Bisei town out) located on a hill most Ibara Bisei district, set up a live camera Bisei cho Tourism Association (Sakagawa Toshio Chairman), publish videos on the homepage of the association I began.
The maintenance on the roof of the observation building, live camera can be selected in three directions east, north, southeast on the home page. I was placed Pelorus of granite made ​​to introduce the place name is also visible (diameter 65 cm). The project cost a total of 1.84 million yen.
Park, renovation is the astronomical observation facilities and old Bisei waterway Observatory of the Japan Coast Guard. I can be performed, such as astronomical observation in the reflecting telescope of 60 cm diameter.
Majestic views from 513 meters above sea level is popular, beautiful hills spreads also the direction of one. East enjoy the sunrise and city Soja, Okayama district, Shikoku and Seto Ohashi Bridge can be expected southeast. North that seem to Daisen in Tottori Prefecture, conditions permitting.
Sakagawa chairman had said, "get to know the beauty of the location of Bisei video of the live camera, you want to connect to the increase in tourists," he said.
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