<SNSと生きる>トラブルゼロを目指して いじめ防ぐ情報モラル 総社西中、授業でスマホ有効活用 /岡山

<SNSと生きる>トラブルゼロを目指して いじめ防ぐ情報モラル 総社西中、授業でスマホ有効活用 /岡山

Information Ethics Soja Nishinaka to prevent bullying Aiming trouble zero, Sumaho effective utilization / Okayama in the classroom

Soja West Junior High School (Soja Station 1), in cooperation with (Saitama) KDDI Research Institute, I have focused on information ethics education utilizing smartphone. The lending to students smartphone that can be used in school limitation, to interact freely with the communication app in the classroom. Tell how to use the smartphone to help society as well as the correct use of the Internet social networking site (SNS), such as the communication means at the time of disaster.

In response that you have around the SNS, problems such as bullying are one after another, from May this year, the school has been working on information moral education of their own, such as lectures by employees mobile phone giant KDDI of (Tokyo). Class using the smartphone to start in July. 4 hours each of opening up to November 8 sophomore class.

In lesson two years H set was in the 10th of this month, in the smartphone that was distributed, I was using a communication application where there is a conversation function. Where it divided into team of 3-4 people, was the shiritori game, the students realize the advantages of information transmission using the app and it "can be exchanged be separated." On the other hand, had a brainstorm opinion "that the speech content may remain, the speaker can be seen is, both good and bad at the same time" or.

Subsequently, it was made ​​a provisional travel plan by using the application. Han was conversation and squeeze theme budget destination, and transportation had been able to make smooth the plan based on the wishes of each student. Tsuka-mura HareFutoshi kun (13) had said, "how to put together a sentence has been difficult, but you can always check the app is what you were talking about was convenient," he said.

Last Lecture is ahead in November. Said, "because some students have a smartphone already, you want to teach the usage and knowledge that lead to everyday life," said (39) Murayama Shun homeroom teacher.

Customs of evil "and" smartphone is but. Has Makarito~tsu "Now Mishima Hiroshi-ro Professor of Mid-modern Faculty of Education in detail the problem that you over the SNS, is cooperating with the information moral education of the school (social psychology) , I pointed out the school is to regulate across the board with the "not good. It was said that "Rather, such as can consult to only trusted friends,. Schools SNS can also be a means of bullying resolution should convey to the student a valid method of utilizing smartphone aggressively," he said.
<SNSと生きる>トラブルゼロを目指して いじめ防ぐ情報モラル 総社西中、授業でスマホ有効活用 /岡山








Cafe Terrace citizens open type (nicknamed · J Terrace) was completed Okayama Otsu Island campus (Okayama city north district Tsushimanaka), the 17th, the opening ceremony has been performed. (About 570 m2) is characterized by large roof the image of a soft cloud, "people gather, where the dialogue is born" concept. I start a business from the 18th.
The construction in the lawn of about 4100 square meters and parking site of the Faculty of Agriculture building south. Is provided cafe space of glass (40 seats) under the large roof, was directing the open space. I open at 7 am to 11 pm except on Sundays and public holidays.
"SANAA (Sanaa)" design unit of Ryue Nishizawa and Kazuyo Sejima's's architect. FUKUTAKE Junko Fukutake Education and Culture Foundation Vice President donated about ¥ 200 million project cost. Nicknamed named after the initials of FUKUTAKE Vice President.
About 70 people officials attended the ceremony. After the ribbon cutting, Morita Kiyoshi President "get free to use students and faculty, to citizens, to aim at an open university", FUKUTAKE Vice President is asked to the various ways to the people of "many, it, "he said want you to make a new encounter.
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