甲子園騒然!星野さんが来た!!虎にエール「がんばって欲しい」(岡山 倉敷出身)

甲子園騒然!星野さんが来た!!虎にエール「がんばって欲しい」(岡山 倉敷出身)

● 阪神 1 - 2 ソフトバンク ○
<10月26日 甲子園>

○ 阪神 6 - 2 ソフトバンク ●
<10月25日 甲子園>
11 years ago fierce fight has risen to mind. Tiger vs hawk -. To burn the Holy Land, Tosho is back. To play ball was approaching to 2 hours, 16:00 too. Himself drove the car, Mr. Hoshino was rushed to the Koshien in suits.

"I think that the kana meet the king's, came. Because Ms. Wang has always tie, today and I also. And then, Ms. Wang was no tie (laughs)"

Exactly surprise visit. The Holy Land that crowded in the Japan Series, I was even more confused. And by pulling the swarming reporters, first to third base bench back of SOFTBANK king team chairman of the original. Own retirement of the report. Further served as a coach in Rakuten supervision era, decisive Yoshinori Sato Softbank joining the cabinet from next season (60), for Yasutomo Suzuki (55), was carried out, such as "invited thanks" in person.

"Baseball field of the atmosphere, the Japan Series Are Nice. I mon was not been so relaxed last year."

Last year that led to the Rakuten Japan was desperate. And '11 before -. Mortal combat with Daiei (now Softbank). 3 wins 4 3 races undefeated in the defeated but Koshien in losses. "Uchibenkei series" and it has been said, still in the overcrowded tiger party to deliver the best of the victory, it was hot in the Kansai region. Sucking a unique series of air, and narrowed as if in the eyes remember.

Heading to greetings also to the Hanshin of Sakai owners, in the parties cafeteria Minamikyudan president and swampy Affairs Department work participation et al visited one after another. Sankei Sports dedicating critic of Emoto Takenori Mr. and Kawafuji Kozo OB chairman, Tomoaki Kanemoto both his colleagues chatting. Take off the uniform that referred to as "combat uniform", but was freed from pressure, baseball's blood pulsing in the body, tiger blood was aching even hate.

"Today Matsuda was good. I was throwing a good ball. That can be used"

The match lost Hanshin 1-2, in one win and one loss. Still I was squinting nine times 1 innings to pitching of 20-year-old right arm, which was kept to a scoreless.

"From the climax series, I want you'll. Do not be worried about. Good luck is much Hanshin game are watching on TV."

Although Holy Land winning streak had, Japan possibilities for the first time in '29 is still enough. The victory in Hakata following that could not be himself -. With great high expectations, and continue to send the hot line of sight.

★ Autumn C visit undecided

As far as this season, Hoshino, who left the supervision of Rakuten, who served four years. It has been seen as take important positions of optimism the future, meeting with Mikitani owner's undecided. In autumn camp that takes place in Kurashiki in November, but plans to go also serves as Aisatsumawari to the officials, it was said, "because my schedule has not been decided. Still what time go Wakaran".











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