「イオンモール岡山」開業まで、あと1ヶ月! いろんな動きがるね!

「イオンモール岡山」開業は、楽しみ! しかし、課題はあるね!


イオンモール 岡山.jpg
Okayama Prefecture ion Mall in Okayama "Tokyu Hands" opened - and recommended the Setouchi of charm

Tokyu Hands is December 5, to practice the Okayama-ion Mall directly operated stores in Okayama "Tokyu Hands Okayama store".

○ Introducing the Setouchi attractive to outside the prefecture

This shop is located in a good place also access from Okayama Station is the central station of Okayama Prefecture. Commuting and school the way home, a holiday I have environment where families can enjoy the shopping feel free to, aims to create stores, such as is also supported to users from other prefectures, with the city.

In addition, including the product development that stocked the center popular products of Tokyu Hands, Setouchi the charm of Okayama Prefecture unique that has been nurtured in the background is full, this shop also a plan to deploy their own products and corner.

As its own corner Okayama shop, and established the "Setouchi recommendation". Medium to Okayama Prefecture is a cross point of Shikoku, we propose a "Setouchi of appeal" to the user to visit from outside the prefecture, a commodity like also to local users get to the more prosperous rediscover living the good of the local , same store staff is recommended in each corner.

In "Life recommendation (LIFE RED)", plus a little bit of change in the daily life, and implement the suggestions for enjoying the local, to enjoy life. Every time it decided the theme in "mono", "thing", "person", "place", we propose products or information you can feel the happiness in their lives in the Seto Inland Sea, the enjoyment of the journey.

In addition, "healthy" to the year theme, proposed such as the every season Shikoku of ingredients and seasonings, kitchen tools medium "gourmet recommendation (GOURMET YELLOW)", "olive oil" of Setouchi material "oranges" and "lemon" "bamboo" align the skin care products that are based on such "local hot spring water," "Beauty recommendation (BEAUTY GREEN)", to center the bag and accessories using local materials of Okayama Prefecture, such as Kurashiki canvas, the refined products in addition was "style recommended (STYLE BLUE)", the most popular of masking tape in Japan (Masute), Kamoikakoshi marked the beginning of the boom: Focusing on the "mt" brand of (headquarters Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture), and masking I deploy the like were plenty stocks tape "mass Te Discovery".

Opening land, Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, Kita-ku, Shimoishii 1-2-1 ion Mall Okayama fourth floor. Shop area, about 2,200 square meters. Business hours, 10:00 to 21:00.






「ライフリコメンド(LIFE RED)」では、日々の暮らしに少しの変化を加え、地元を楽しむ、暮らしを楽しむための提案を実施。毎回「モノ」「コト」「ヒト」「バショ」でテーマを決め、瀬戸内での暮らしの中で幸せを感じられる商品や情報、旅の楽しみ方を提案する。

そのほか、「ヘルシー」を通年のテーマに、中四国の食材・調味料・キッチンツールなどをシーズンごとに提案する「グルメリコメンド(GOURMET YELLOW)」、瀬戸内素材の「オリーブオイル」「みかん」「レモン」「竹」「地元温泉水」などをベースにしたスキンケア商品をそろえる「ビューティリコメンド(BEAUTY GREEN)」、倉敷帆布など岡山県の地元素材を使用したバッグや小物を中心に、洗練された商品を加えた「スタイルリコメンド(STYLE BLUE)」、日本中で大人気のマスキングテープ(マステ)の、ブームのはじまりとなったカモ井加工紙(本社:岡山県倉敷市)の「mt」ブランドを中心に、マスキングテープをふんだんに取り揃えた「マステディスカバリー」などを展開する。

出店地は、岡山県岡山市北区下石井1-2-1 イオンモール岡山4階。店舗面積は、約2,200平方メートル。営業時間は、10時~21時。
イオンモールに高島屋?! 他社施設に初テナント 岡山
The Takashimaya to Aeon Mall? ! The first tenant to another company facility Okayama

Okayama Takashimaya (Okayama city north district) has announced the opening of "Takashimaya Food Maison Okayama shop" to large-scale commercial facilities "Aeon Mall Okayama," which opened at JR Okayama Station south on December 5. Takashimaya is that the first time to opening the tenant to other distributors of the management to facility. Okayama Tanaka, Ryoji president of Takashimaya was commented that "I want to contribute to the bustle creation of the entire city of Okayama."

Takashimaya Food Maison Okayama shop is on the theme "Everyone's Depachika", image the underground food section of a department store. In western Japan's first store openings, divided about 1900 m2 floor space in five areas, to expand luxury food and cafes, fresh food, sweets such as 31 brands.

Bakery cafe "Fauchon" and Yokohama Chinatown Chinese delicatessen "Chongqing Hotel GIFT & DELI" such as department store's first 10 brand of other Chugoku's first two brands, I align the Okayama Prefecture's first 7 brand. First year sales target of 20 billion yen.

Aeon Mall Okayama (8 basement second floor above ground, floor space 90,002 one thousand square meters), which opened in Okayama Takashimaya south about 200 meters of the West's largest shopping mall. About 400 stores, TV stations and cinemas, it becomes enters complex facilities such as cultural facilities. The annual number of visitors is the 2 million people, conflicts with existing commercial facilities, a large impact on the trade area of the flow of people is expected.

President Tanaka also "bring the bustle of the city due to a large ability to attract customers is a lot of coming town's, and a big opportunity for the overall development Okayama" and analysis. Okayama Takashimaya may provide a "products and services of the department store unique" in the opening of the hood Maison, to enhance the migration of shoppers from the mall, that aims to attract customers up.

イオンモールに高島屋?! 他社施設に初テナント 岡山


 タカシマヤフードメゾン岡山店は「みんなの デパチカ」がテーマで、デパートの地下食料品売り場をイメージ。西日本初の出店で、売り場面積約1900平方メートルを5つのエリアに分け、高級食品やカフェ、生鮮食品、スイーツなど31ブランドを展開する。

 ベーカリーカフェ「フォション」や横浜中華街の中華総菜「重慶飯店 GIFT&DELI」など百貨店初の10ブランドのほか中国地方初の2ブランド、岡山県初の7ブランドなどをそろえる。初年度売り上げ目標は20億円。


Begin end of year holiday season in Okayama prefecture department store

Turn off the top of Okayama prefecture of department stores, Okayama shop Tenmaya (Okayama) and the same Kurashiki shop (Kurashiki) is the 5th, has opened a gift center of the end of year. Okayama Takashimaya (Okayama) will start to accept 6 days, also shopping season begins toward the middle of this month with other local each store. On competition with such as Internet shopping is growing year by year, is also consumption tax hike this year, or free shipping each, I have come up with features to expand the specialties of the region.
Tenmaya Okayama store is provided with a center to 6 Kaiashikawa Hall, are on display about 2700 points, such as ham and beer. The glare progress and increase in small households of aging, was aligned 80-point increase 30% from the previous year the assortment of side dishes such as that in small portions pack. Kurashiki stores side by side about 1 thousand points, put a force on the selling of local products such as miso marinated in the Seto Inland Sea production Spanish mackerel (¥ 5,400).
Tenmaya the first time conducted a free shipping service this year in all stores. In the majority of products subject except such as gift certificates or gift cards, shipping charges also its burden on the cool flight and distant. To counteract the supermarkets and online sales of a national chain that has come up with free shipping from a few years ago.
Some November is accepted with a 10% discount to the target 150 points. Okayama shop is also that you have the 51 days to extend the 9th the period from the previous year, it is assumed that "aims to sales of 900 million 95 million yen year-on-year increase of 5%".
Okayama Takashimaya to start accepting from six days, and exhibited about 700 points on the 8th floor of the special area, plans to expand the space from later this month that the order increases to 1 · 5 times. Up to 30 days to a maximum 15% discount to target about 1200 points as "early bird".
Same store Setouchi coast seven prefectures of specialty products total about gift catalog a collection of 150 points "Setouchi Guru Tour" (3780-11340 yen) for the first time prepared by the end of year the. "In every year of the gift to a distant acquaintance from, people that you want to add a change in the area of unique goods many, you want to capture the demand" and strategize.
In addition, Tsuyama shop Tenmaya (Tsuyama) and Fukuyama shop (Fukuyama-shi) is the 12th, Mitsukoshi Takamatsu (Takamatsu) to open the gift center 14 days.
Shopping season of the peak is expected to early December from late this month. Each store is expected to average unit price and 4100 - about 4500 yen, the same level as the previous year.

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世界遺産モン・サン・ミッシェルの“ふわふわオムレツ”が西日本初進出。年間2千万人の集客を見込む新商業施設「イオンモール岡山」に 『ラ・メール・プラール イオンモール岡山店』が12月5日オープン。

「食の楽しさをダイナミックにクリエイトする」をコンセプトに、関東・関西でレストラン・バーなどを248店舗(受託運営店舗含む)経営する株式会社ダイナック(本社:東京都新宿区新宿1-8-1、代表取締役社長:若杉 和正)は、2014年12月5日(金)、岡山県岡山市にオープンする大型商業施設『イオンモール岡山』に「ラ・メール・プラール イオンモール岡山店」を出店することを発表した。


飲食店は4階のフードコートと6階~7階のレストランフロアを中心に全66店舗が出店し、西日本初出店や新業態、岡山県の地元企業による出店など、バラエティーに富んだ飲食店が揃っている。6~7階の大規模なレストラン街は、中国四国地方最大級の店舗数となる全39店舗が出店。その中でも注目を集めているのが、西日本初出店となる同社の「ラ・メール・プラール イオンモール岡山店」である。「ラ・メール・プラール」の魅力を日本国内に広めるには最適な話題のスポットだと考え、この度「イオンモール岡山」への出店を決めたとの事。同店はこの先も4号店・5号店の展開を予定している。


そして、2013年6月21日に、当社が初めて海外飲食ブランドとライセンス契約を締結し、オープンさせた「ラ・メール・プラール 横浜みなとみらい店」(※2)は大きな話題となり、連日大行列ができる人気店となっている。行列のきっかけとなった看板メニューの『伝統のオムレツ』は、開店から1年4ヶ月で累計12万食を売り上げる驚異の大ヒットを記録している。

(※1)日本1号店 2011年8月 東京・有楽町(運営は同社と異なる)
日本2号店 2013年6月 横浜・みなとみらい(運営は同社)

(※2) 「横浜みなとみらい店」に関するリリース(2013年4月22日・5月28日配信)。



また、利用客の9割を女性が占める「ラ・メール・プラール」だが、ニーズにも対応できるよう、メニュー数を32品から41品に増やした。『牛肉のステーキ フォアグラとマデラワインのソース』や『牛ホホ肉の赤ワイン煮』など牛肉を使用した食べ応えのあるメイン料理や本格的なフレンチが堪能できるコース料理など、オムレツ以外のメニューも充実させている。

■『伝統のオムレツ』(フライドポテト/パン付) 1,990円



店名:ラ・メール・プラール イオンモール岡山店
http://www.gnavi.co.jp/?notyet (11月15日頃公開予定)
所在地:岡山県岡山市北区下石井1丁目2番1号 イオンモール岡山7F
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中国・四国エリアの「紅葉スポット」ランキング1位は? 岡山は?

中国・四国エリアの「紅葉スポット」ランキング1位は? 岡山は?

ついに紅葉シーズンが到来。今年の予定はお決まりですか? 日本全国にはさまざまな紅葉スポットが点在しています。そこで、中国・四国エリアで行ってみたい紅葉スポットについて皆さんに聞いてみました。


6位 白滝公園/愛媛県大洲市
7位 蒜山高原/岡山県真庭市
7位 祖谷渓谷/徳島県三好市
9位 寒霞渓/香川県小豆島町
10位 三郎の滝/広島県府中市

ウオームビズ 岡山でも本格開始
The full-scale start in Uomubizu Okayama

Reduce the heating use of workplace and home by the ingenuity of such layering "Uomubizu" is the 4th of Renkyuake, began in earnest. Ministry of the Environment has proposed since 2005 as part of the winter of global warming, it is this time in 10 seasons. Until the end of March next year.
Uomubizu not feel the chill in the air, even at room temperature is 20 degrees at the time of the heating, aim a life style that spend comfortable. Black vest wearing Yoshio Environment Minister Mochizuki that faces the cabinet meeting, "it's 10th year milestone. In the approval of the people of everyone, it is possible to suppress the equivalent of power consumption" at a press conference said.
Earnest start Okayama Prefecture from 4 days "Uomubizu Citizens Movement". Male staff tie in the prefectural government, Tocho in suits. Appearance of staff to office wearing a wool sweater and vest were also observed.
Okayama City, called on all staff in Cho-nai LAN to the building of the heating set to 19 degrees or less. To mind the best and cardigan wearing, you are asked to devise such as layering on a cold day.
Okayama Prefecture has put a worm share spot 89 locations in the prefecture to the home page.
Ministry of the Environment is a warm function underwear and knit cardigan, rug has been effective, and that you take the food and drink that the body is warm, simple gymnastics also recommended. According to the ministry, awareness of Uomubizu it is aimed and 71 · 6%, 94 · 9% of the Cool Biz (both 2001) lower than, the widespread use.
ウオームビズ 岡山でも本格開始

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1-2 seater Okayama and Okayama University, which aims to spread of ultra-compact electric vehicle (EV) is the 5th, open the symposium with the same Otsu Island campus as the first series of joint research (city Kita-ku Tsushimanaka), I talked the introduction of benefits and utilization measures. There is also a test-ride event of ultra-small EV, officials have confirmed the like goodness of maneuverability.
Symposium, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Tokuyama Hideo Waza監 (city-born) to promote the spread of ultra-small EV, the city of Omori Masao mayor keynote. Tokuyama skills audit was pointed out that "public transportation or private car, can break away from such a well-balanced thing to combine excessive automobile dependence bicycle". Omori mayor said, "sure want what happens is positioned ultra-compact EV in the citywide transportation system" describes the idea of a demonstration in the city center during the 2014 fiscal year.
After this, sprinkled Araki Katsufuku president of the university, the Kajiya Shunsuke regional development committee chairman from five of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives Okayama, to expand the panel discussion. Car sharing citizens to interoperate with the city center, there was a proposal, such as the use of in farm work at the periphery. Araki Vice President is "to bring together the wisdom of researchers, you want to think of the Tsukaimichi appropriate to Okayama" was stressed. Local economic man, students about 150 people were heard.
Prior to the symposium, there is also a test-ride event of ultra-compact EV in the same campus, Omori mayor said, "more than expected in maneuverability is handed, but easily could be driving. Likely to be utilized in a small area and sightseeing road".
Ultra-small EV is the text to move a short distance of about 5 km, experiments for the introduction throughout the country have been deployed. The support of the Ministry of the Environment is Tsuyama City in the prefecture, and is working on a demonstration experiment. Okayama and Okayama October, had expressed that to embark on joint research.
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