「備中松山城」(岡山県高梁市)「ビチュマチュ」   全国2000城を訪れた 第一人者の「一番好きな城」は・・?

全国2000城を訪れた 第一人者の「一番好きな城」は・・? 「備中松山城」(岡山県高梁市)「ビチュマチュ」

[New Kansai Emi-dan] Shiga Prefectural Univ. Professor Nakai Hitoshi Mr.

- Where is this until the guru of the castle study visited the 2 thousand things Castle "favorite castle"

And though it is difficult to determine the Nakai "best", of the Tokugawa period "Osaka (Osaka) castle" is good. First of all, excellent Ishigaki you do not budge 400 years. Most of the castle has been repaired many times the stone wall was broken up by an earthquake, but here you do not have it. And because it was built in the will to Tokugawa of the world "world Fushin (civil engineering work by the instruction of the shogunate)", feudal lords desperately. To compete as to Hakobikomi a large stone, "I am faithful is to shogunate" to the shogun Hidetada back then I was making display and. Moat of scale also impressive. Without it likely to reach the castle and even shot a gun, it is a defense posture of impregnable reminiscent as "Ninen Yeah After how offense". However, gun from the castle even though I will not reach the enemy.

- Investigation of the experience of Osaka Castle

Time of Nakai junior high school, entered the collection of favorite castle called "Japan castle Friends", I was or investigate the stamp of feudal lords from carved in stone wall of Osaka Castle is a magic to adults. Got the permission of Osaka City, I while down by ropes Ishigaki.

- It is the origin of the castle research

Nakai Yes. And, there was also in my youth itself. To high school was the practice location of the kendo club, and also had spent sabot me a lesson, and even had a date, I was Osaka Castle.

- And that the "best" of such memories also including

When anything other than Osaka Castle Nakai, built to the highest place in the existing castle tower fortress of "Bicchu Matsuyama Castle" (Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture) I like also. Parody the aerial city ruins, Machu Picchu and Bicchu Matsuyama of world heritage I call "Bichumachu". A castle Gasteria armstrongii (Gasteria armstrongii) mountain consists of some of the mountain, there is castle tower Komatsuyama. And, in large Matsuyama of its further back, in size, such as 25 m pool, I have a reservoir of water Manman To praise the masonry.

- Why pond in such a place

According to the book of Nakai Edo era, the pond has a roof, it seems to have to clean the surface of the water, such as fallen leaves and put out the boat. You think I've been to ensure the drinking water in preparation for war. This pond is not very well known by now, you arrive until the tower to climb the mountain road, where people go most. Nothing in the mountains no, sight suddenly pool appears is fantastic.

- Yamashiro is also interesting

Another Nakai Well prized possession. "Saekishiro" (Oita Prefecture Saiki) also sounds good. The early modern period of the Fortress, but I often there is a prototype case in Southern and Northern Dynasties and the Warring States period, the fortress that was built after "Sekigaharanotatakai" Would not this alone. I gush interested in new construction has been history in the mountain with no history. In just 20,000 stone small castle that Han was built of, but has not been much attention also to the experts.

- Future, any relationship to the castle

To know in junior high school and in Nakai nationwide castle is 30000-40000 there, was appalled (appalled). "All I come every day without work life is not seen," said. Although castle study was progress here 20-30 years and the mystery of unexplained are numerous. To the castle to come out a such application problem "Why has laid the earthworks in a place like this." "Why did not cut the moat here", warlords the "little missing" Do not ever thought this guy "is recalled that was involved in construction when the time you unlock the mystery of bliss while I think Teru-yan ". In the past, I've been allowed to appalled to figure of 30,000 to 40,000, and I've been immersed in happiness and "Thank you for leaving a lot of fun" by now.



 中井 「一番」を決めるのは難しいけれど、徳川期の「大阪(大坂)城」はいい。まず、400年間びくともしていない立派な石垣。たいていの城は地震で崩れたりして石垣を何度も修理していますが、ここはそれがない。徳川の世になり「天下普請(幕府の命令による土木工事)」で築かれたので、諸大名は必死。争うように大きな石を運び込み、当時の将軍・秀忠に「私は幕府に忠実です」と意思表示したんです。堀の規模も見事。鉄砲を撃っても城内へ届きそうになく、「どうやって攻めたらええねん」と思わせる鉄壁の防御態勢です。ただし、城内からの鉄砲も敵に届かないでしょうけどね。


 中井 中学の頃、「日本古城友の会」という城好きの集まりに入り、大人に交じって大阪城の石垣に刻まれた大名らの刻印を調査したりしたんです。大阪市の許可をもらい、石垣をロープで下りながらね。


 中井 はい。それに、あそこは私の青春時代そのものでもありました。高校時代は剣道部の練習場所だったし、授業をサボって過ごしていたのも、デートをしたのも、大阪城だったなあ。


 中井 大阪城以外だと、現存天守の中で最も高い場所に建つ山城の「備中松山城」(岡山県高梁市)も好き。世界遺産の空中都市遺跡・マチュピチュと備中松山をもじり「ビチュマチュ」と呼んでいます。城郭のある臥牛(がぎゅう)山はいくつかの山からなり、天守があるのは小松山。そして、そのさらに奥の大松山に、25メートルプールのような大きさで、水を満々とたたえた石積みの貯水池があるんです。


 中井 江戸時代の書物によると、池には屋根があり、舟を出して水面の落ち葉などを掃除していたらしい。戦に備えて飲料水を確保していたんだと思いますよ。今ではこの池はあまり知られておらず、山道を登って天守までたどり着き、そこで帰る人がほとんど。何もない山中に、突如プールが出現する光景は幻想的ですよ。


 中井 それなら取って置きをもう一つ。「佐伯城」(大分県佐伯市)もいいですね。近世の山城は、南北朝時代や戦国期に原型があるケースが多いんですが、「関ケ原の戦い」後に築かれた山城はこれだけではないでしょうか。歴史のない山に新築された経緯に興味が湧くんです。わずか2万石の藩が築いた小さな城で、専門家にもあまり着目されていません。


 中井 全国には城が3万~4万あると中学時代に知り、愕然(がくぜん)としました。「一生働かずに毎日訪れても全ては見られない」と。城郭研究はここ20~30年で進歩しましたが、未解明の謎は無数にある。「なぜ土塁をこんな所に築いたか」「どうしてここに堀を切らなかったか」など応用問題を出してくる城郭に対し、築造に携わった武将を想起して「こいつ考えたな」「ちょっと抜けてるやん」と思いながら謎を解き明かす時間が至福のとき。昔は、3万~4万という数字に愕然とさせられましたが、今では「楽しみをたくさん残してくれてありがとう」と幸せに浸っているんですよ。
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