ファジ、J1昇格へ望みつなぐ 「子供たちに夢を」 サッカーJ2のファジアーノ岡山

ファジ、J1昇格へ望みつなぐ 「子供たちに夢を」

ファジ、J1昇格へ望みつなぐ 「子供たちに夢を」


Fuzzy, connect hope to J1 promoted "the dream to the children."

Fajiano Okayama is the 9th of soccer J2, defeated Yokohama FC 2-0 in Yokohama. I raised the ranking to ninth place in the nine games the first time in the win. The remaining 2 were points behind sixth place and 4 in the game, and were connected barely hope to advance J1 promotion playoffs (3-6 position). Total score is 14 wins, 15 draws and 11 losses. Fajiano Okayama 2-0 Yokohama first half 1-0 second half 1-0 Fajiano Okayama 14 wins, 15 draws and 11 losses (57) Yokohama 13 wins 13 draws and 14 losses (52)
[Evaluation] Fajiano while seized the initiative in Yokohama FC, when hear the opportunity of counterattack with tenacious defense to center the DF Goto et al., First half 38 minutes, FW Oshitani scored from the middle chute, opened the scoring. Also did not change the deployment to be chased by defensive second half, when outperform in such good save of GK Nakabayashi, second half 34 minutes, Oshitani scored calmly one-to-one with the GK, it took an additional point.
Fajiano the next section of the 15th, to play against Kumamoto of 14 place in Kanko Stadium of Okayama City.
ファジ、J1昇格へ望みつなぐ 「子供たちに夢を」



羽生 悲劇の銀に反応さまざま =「田中刑事(倉敷芸術科学大) (中国杯 出場)」

羽生 悲劇の銀に反応さまざま 「田中刑事(倉敷芸術科学大)」

Different reaction to the silver of Hanyu tragedy "Keiji Tanaka (Kurashiki Arts and Sciences University)"

In GP Series Round 3 - Cup of China figure skating, Kanako Murakami about the hub was played while clash in the practice of acting immediately before the free (Chukyo Univ) is "was really surprised at the 9th you open overnight. But the acting and then, it was talking to still strong Na and I thought "the surprise and Pepper.

Men's Keiji Tanaka (Kurashiki Arts and Sciences University) also "It was a sight never seen. Spirit force that do even in that situation is awesome," was the exclamation.

The AP distributed the article of the accident along with the discourse of "going to get sick with .2 people would get to state, such as whiplash that can occur in a car collision if accustomed to tomorrow" of supervising author coach a hub. CBC Sports (Canada) is "Nasty (unpleasant, violent)" to the adjective "Scary (horrible)" of the AP using the term, NBC (US) also reported this pattern with the video.

In addition, on such of the general fan Twitter Internet While there were numerous voice that "was impressed", also was pointed out that "deadly" for that was acting while not subject to detailed examination.
羽生 悲劇の銀に反応さまざま 「田中刑事(倉敷芸術科学大)」








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