<フィッシュ・ワンGP>舌ビラメ使い、県漁連が準V /岡山  岡山県漁連・ゲタの「ソール&チップス」がフィッシュ-1準グランプリ

<フィッシュ・ワンGP>舌ビラメ使い、県漁連が準V /岡山

Use tongue Birame, prefecture fishing ream quasi-V / Okayama

In "Fish One Grand Prix" had Zengyoren of two days in Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market, Okayama Prefecture fishing ream has issued "sole & Chips" (fritters and fries of tongue Birame) (photo) is chosen to quasi Grand Prix was. In dishes made with tongue Birame (Geta) a lot of catches in winter in the prefecture, county fishing Ren you are and want to lead to increased consumption award.

Is narrowed down to 6 dishes in examination of recipes gathered from across the country Ryoren-fishing cooperatives, and popular vote the five of goods. "Saul & Chips" was British the "Fish & Chips" to hint. Turn off the tongue Birame that was five sheets wholesale to the appropriate size, fried it with the clothing plus the beer is two sheets. Also, the fried potatoes sprinkled with glue of the prefecture production, and eat it with the tartar sauce that was added to the prefecture production yellow leek.

Saul, was multiplied by the "sole" of the meaning of the shoe sole was reminded from Geta, the "soul" of the meaning of soul. Prefecture fishing Ren are referred to as "the good taste of the prefecture production tongue Birame, than the idea that was to Yokomoji in Japanese often was fresh." Future, I will be sold at such events venue. Inquiry Doryoren (086, 262, 4443)
<フィッシュ・ワンGP>舌ビラメ使い、県漁連が準V /岡山




"Saul & Chips" Fish -1 Runner Okayama Prefecture Ryoren-Geta

In the year to compete in the idea dishes made with fish "Fish -1 Grand Prix" (Zengyoren sponsored), "Saul & Chips" of Okayama Prefecture Ryoren using Geta was shining in quasi Grand Prix. Doryoren is, that promote the development to a new Chi-gyo cuisine to bounce it.

Geta the local name of the sole. In the undertow fishing is thriving prefecture, catch also that most class at about 300 tons annually. This sole & Chips was devised as "(Geta is) one of the most familiar fish in Okayama people based on boiled. Do not taste in more light sensation without elegant white habit" (Morishita Rintoshi director).

Cooking method, but to fritter the wholesale fillets and fried in oil, batter is beaten in the beer in order to give a sense of crispy, the tartar sauce and put it carved yellow leek of specialty. The garnish of fried potato I was flavored sprinkled the prefecture production streaks blue glue.

The Grand Prix at this year is the second time, Doryoren the entry in "Pride Fish" category to the material the ground fish that each district is proud of. Narrowed down five organizations in the document review from subscribing in a nationwide 21 organizations, in this review, which was held in Tokyo Tsukiji market in November 2,'s a alfonsin of Shizuoka Prefecture, followed by rice with green tea, I won the high votes.

Future, marine products direct sales offices of direct management "Der ~ Chia ~" In addition you are considering a demonstration sale during the event at (Kurashiki Kojima), to find the menu of is also giving away the recipe in the prefecture each fishery cooperatives. Morishita director "following the black sea bream and sea bass, and even attempted in Hamo, children of the fish away, when you are connected to the fish of the price stable supply" are talking to.






イオン従業員が認知症対応学ぶ /岡山県・イオンモール岡山に東急ハンズがオープン--瀬戸内の魅力を紹介

イオン従業員が認知症対応学ぶ /岡山県・イオンモール岡山に東急ハンズがオープン--瀬戸内の魅力を紹介
イオン なかなかいいね! 

(高齢者や子供にやさしい街、子供らが学びの体験スペース があるといいな!)

東急ハンズ は、よく 神戸の三の宮まで行っていた! できて、うれしい!
Ion employees learn corresponding dementia

Large commercial facilities and Aeon Mall Okayama (Okayama city north district Shimoishii) to super ion Okayama store employee 10 days to move that ahead of the opening of business on December 5, aims to improve services to the elderly, Doshikita ward I participated in the dementia supporter training course that was held at the Marunouchi of Okayama civic Hall.
Distribution checkmate ion (Chiba City) and Okayama City signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with such as elderly persons and persons with disabilities support in March this year. Both on the basis of the agreement was the first planning.
Before the 600 employees, Matsuoka Hiroaki director from Okayama City Public Health Center is commentary about dementia. Suddenly or start the food in the store, whereabouts introduces unknown to become the or to cases in DVD, hurt "you can shoplifting in the store, the important. Self-esteem able to hear the story is not yelled even saw a scene that or eat or drink lest, it was to want to support "at a slow tone.
Ion Okayama shop Kawamoto Yoshiyuki store manager "In the course aims to stores that can be enjoyed throughout the day, to help want the experience that we have learned today," he said. In Okayama ion mall with the West's largest scale, attracting customers of about 20 million people a year are expected.

Okayama Prefecture ion Mall Tokyu Hands is open to Okayama - introduce the Setouchi of charm

Tokyu Hands is December 5, which opened a directly operated stores "Tokyu Hands Okayama shop" to Aeon Mall Okayama.

○ to outside the prefecture, recommending the Setouchi of charm (recommended)

This shop is also access from Okayama Station is the central station of the province well, commuting or school way back, creating an environment that allows shopping feel free to Family layer holiday, the shop building, which is also patronized to visit people from other prefectures that aim. In addition, including product development, which stocked mainly popular products of Tokyu Hands, Setouchi the full charm of Okayama Prefecture unique that has been nurtured in the background, it is scheduled to deploy its own products and corner Okayama shop.

To Okayama store own corner "Setouchi recommendation" In coming to a store's from outside the prefecture, and proposed a "Setouchi of charm" of Okayama Prefecture is a cross point of Shikoku medium. Rediscover also good local to local users, commodity Okayama shop staff, such as I be further enriches the daily lives is recommended at each corner.

In "Life recommendation (LIFE RED)", plus a little bit of change in the daily life, and implement the suggestions for enjoying the local, to enjoy life. Every time it decided the theme in "mono", "thing", "person", "place", goods and information happiness is felt in the lives of at Setouchi, we propose a fun how the journey.

"Gourmet recommendation (GOURMET YELLOW)" is, proposed a "healthy" in the year of the theme, such as the per season mid-Shikoku ingredients, seasonings and kitchen tools. I want to introduce the coffee-related shop house roasting of many Okayama unique coffee beans and commitment of the instrument.

In "Beauty recommendation (BEAUTY GREEN)", I want to be beautiful, towards woman named Tai beautiful Idei, "olive oil" of Setouchi material "oranges", "lemon", "bamboo" the skin care products that are based on such "local hot spring water" were aligned. "Style recommendation (STYLE BLUE)" is, to center the bag and accessories using local materials of Okayama Prefecture, such as Kurashiki canvas, is adding a sophisticated goods.

In "Mass Te Discovery", the popular masking tape in Japan (Masute), Kamoikakoshi marked the beginning of the boom: Focusing on the "mt" brand of (headquarters Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture), and stocks a lot of masking tape I introduce Te. The proposed various arrangements ways not only assortment. And that to propose a new hint of originality overflowing Masute.

Opening land, Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, Kita-ku, Shimoishii 1-2-1 ion Mall Okayama fourth floor. Shop area, about 2,200 square meters. Business hours, 10:00 to 21:00.

※ information like hours of operation, types of things at the time of publication





「ライフリコメンド(LIFE RED)」では、日々の暮らしに少しの変化を加え、地元を楽しむ、暮らしを楽しむための提案を実施。毎回「モノ」「コト」「ヒト」「バショ」でテーマを決め、瀬戸内での暮らしの中で幸せが感じられる商品や情報、旅の楽しみかたを提案する。

「グルメリコメンド(GOURMET YELLOW)」は、「ヘルシー」を通年のテーマに、中四国の食材・調味料・キッチンツールなどをシーズンごとに提案。コーヒー関連の店が多い岡山ならではの自家焙煎コーヒー豆とこだわりの器具を紹介する。

「ビューティリコメンド(BEAUTY GREEN)」では、きれいになりたい、きれいでいたいという女性へ向け、瀬戸内素材の「オリーブオイル」「みかん」「レモン」「竹」「地元温泉水」などをベースにしたスキンケア商品をそろえた。「スタイルリコメンド(STYLE BLUE)」は、倉敷帆布など岡山県の地元素材を使用したバッグや小物を中心に、洗練された商品を加えている。


出店地は、岡山県岡山市北区下石井1-2-1 イオンモール岡山4階。店舗面積は、約2,200平方メートル。営業時間は、10時~21時。

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